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Race Car Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 30 original race car coloring pages that are all free to download and print! While we didn’t know much about race cars going into making these, we certainly do now! Thanks to the input from our audience!

With your feedback, we created various illustrations, including Nascar, European-made race cars (Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc.), Formula 1 race cars, vintage race cars, lego race cars, and many more!

To get the most out of these printables, I recommend coloring them alongside a race car-themed event or movie (Nascar, Cars, Formula 1, etc.), which is sure to spark a child’s imagination. Alternatively, the pages can be used as party decorations, banners, book covers, plus many other creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Racecar Coloring Pages

Here are ten creative craft ideas on what you can do with your completed coloring sheet!

1. Racing up a Ramp

This completed craft can be used as a great stand-up ornament. All you need is the finished coloring page, a foam wedge, and some cardboard or poster board.

Anchor the foam wedge to a simple base, like a piece of cardboard cut into a circle or a corkboard square. Color and cut out the racecar, and then tape a toothpick to its back. 

Place the other end of the toothpick somewhere in the foam wedge to make it look like the car is racing up the ramp.

2. Make an Exciting Racetrack Poster

Have the youngsters create a race track with white chalk and black poster board. Puffy paint can be used for stop-and-go lights or racing flags.

Next, have the children color and cut out racecars that display their favorite numbers.

Each child can then add his or her car to the track by gluing it to a thin craft stick, which can then be placed in a small slit cut into the poster paper.

This way, the cars can be repositioned to change the look of the poster at any time.

3. The Winner’s Circle

Have your youngster create a homemade winner’s circle with just a few craft items. Start with a circular piece of craft foam and coat the entire circumference with gold puffy paint or gold glitter.

Color and cut out a race car and attach it to a popsicle stick.

Push the popsicle stick down into the foam firmly, and your child’s car is now in the winner’s circle.

4. Laminate a Skateboard

Skateboards usually lose their shiny finish relatively quickly, and a racecar coloring page is a great item to bring them back to life.

The page should be colored and left in its entirety and then laminated onto the surface of the skateboard with krazy glue or craft glue.

Apply several coats of acrylic spray, and your child’s skateboard has a whole new look!

5. Race to Find the Hidden Words

For this fun game, have the youngsters color their race cars creatively, using patterns like swirls or checkerboard designs.

Then, have them take pencils and “hide” words in the intricate patterns. These can be racing-themed words, or the youngsters can choose other themes.

Then, have them exchange coloring pages with someone else in the class to see how fast they can find each other’s words!

6. Make a Fun Door Sign

All youngsters enjoy making signs for their bedroom doors, and racecars are the perfect choice for this craft.

After the coloring page is finished, the racecar should be laminated with glassine and cut out.

Next, have your youngster draw a large checkered flag on a piece of poster board, with the racecar glued to the center.

Punch two small holes on either side of the poster, which becomes a great sign for the outside or inside of the child’s bedroom door.

7. Happy Birthday Trophy

Using a novelty trophy from a craft store, glue it to a poster board base in your child’s favorite color.

Write the words “Happy Birthday, You’re a Winner” on the posterboard around the circumference of the trophy.

Have your child color a racecar with the age he or she is turning as the racing number, and use it to laminate the base of the trophy for the winner of a birthday centerpiece!

8. Make a Racecar Candle Holder

This easy craft can be done with a candleholder, jar, or any cylindrical container.

Youngsters can color the racecar of their choice and glue it to a piece of thin cardboard. 

The racecar should then be carefully cut out and attached to a tall candleholder or jar. However, it should be attached lengthways!

This creates the illusion that the car is “driving” up the side of the glass. For extra fun, glue a tiny racing flag at the top of the candle holder or jar.

9. Racing Helium Balloons

This craft can easily be turned into a fun game. Have youngsters color and cut out the racing car of their choice, and provide helium balloons to which they can be attached.

Double-faced tape works best for this. Once the cars are secured onto the balloons, the race begins.

Of course, you have to play this game indoors, and it simply involves the children letting go of their balloons and seeing which car “races” to the ceiling the fastest!

10. Parking Lot Races

This craft makes an enjoyable classroom activity and can be used in any game that requires correct answers to advance.

Create a large circle on craft sheet paper and use a ruler to design “parking spaces” in the shape of a circle with a black and white checkered flag in the center.

Have the children color and cut out their racing cars, and designate a parking spot for each one.

Whoever gets his or her answer correct moves the car to the center and onto the racing flag!

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