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Reindeer Templates (Free PDF Printables)

Embrace the enchanting spirit of the frosty North Pole with these 42 reindeer templates that are all free to download and print! The potential uses for these printables are only bound by your imagination, making them perfect for crafting, sewing, baking, coloring, decorating, and ornaments, to name a few!

Included in this collection is a broad variety of reindeer templates in diverse styles, shapes, and intended uses. It features simple reindeer outlines, reindeer stencils, templates with detailed reindeers (antlers, hooves, fur, etc.), reindeer ornaments, build your own reindeer, and so much more!

Reindeer Templates Featured Image

To use any of these free templates, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF templates are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Reindeer Templates

Here are some fantastic, inexpensive crafts to do with reindeer templates, including something for every age group.

1. A Funny Welcome Message

This craft has a comical twist and begins with a full-page, blank reindeer face template.

Turn this into a funny face with oversized wiggle eyes and a giant red pom-pom for its nose.

Place a thin coat of glue on the antlers, and sprinkle white or blue glitter on them to depict frost.

In the background, draw a text bubble with a black marker and write, “Baby, it’s Cold Outside!” Then, underneath, write “Welcome!” for a cute front door welcome sign.

2. Make a Unique Keepsake  

This simple craft is ideal as a classroom activity. Give the students tin lids from ordinary glass jars and let them paint them their favorite color.

Next, fold a piece of holiday ribbon in half, glue the ends together, and then glue the ribbon to the inside wall of the lid’s rim.

Once the paint is dry on the top, add a small reindeer template, color it, and carefully glue a bright piece of yarn around it as a “frame.” 

Hang this adorable Christmas keepsake anywhere!

3. Reindeer Party Favor Bags

If your youngster has a birthday around the holidays or you’re planning a Christmas party, these fantastic party favor bags are perfect.

Use reindeer antlers and nose templates, and keep in mind these can be colored in whacky shades for fun. 

Decorate the party bags by gluing the nose to the center of the bag, and the antlers to the inside corners, sticking up diagonally.

Add funny wiggle eyes, and write each child’s name on the bag with a marker or puffy paint.

4. A Hilarious Headband

Begin this craft by making a simple headband from ordinary cardboard, then print a build-your-own-reindeer template.

When the parts are colored and cut out, add the antlers to the back of the headband so they’ll stick up behind the child’s head.

Place the nose in the band’s center and the two ears on the sides.

Finally, tape the eyes at the headband’s bottom edge so they come down just far enough to cover the child’s eyes for a hilarious reindeer hat!

5. Gift Delivery

Using a full-face reindeer, let the child color and decorate it however desired, and set it aside.

Next, with ordinary construction paper, small packages, and presents should be cut out and decorated with curling ribbon and glitter.

Place these on the reindeer’s head between the two antlers as if the antlers are holding the pile of presents!

Display this cute artwork anywhere.

6. Under the Mistletoe

A reindeer with mistletoe is perfect for this craft. You also need an ordinary empty coffee can, spray-painted green or red, and some real or artificial plants.

Once the reindeer is colored, two heart-shaped stickers should be added as eyes. It should then be cut out and glued to the front of the coffee can.

Add some artificial or real mistletoe, and hang this cute mistletoe reindeer in the doorway for Christmas!

7. Christmas Cake Topper

Chibi reindeer are ideal for this craft, and larger sizes can be used to decorate a cake, while smaller sizes are perfect for matching cupcake toppers.

Once the reindeer are decorated as desired and cut out, they should be sealed in contact paper and craft glue used to attach popsicle sticks or toothpicks to the back sides. 

The best part about these cute dessert toppers is that they can be wiped off and used multiple times!

8. Create an Original Reindeer Centerpiece

A blank full-face template works best for this craft. Begin with a cardboard half-gallon milk container and paper it with ordinary brown packing paper, using small dots of Elmer’s glue.

Spray the round lid with red paint and a layer of red glitter.

Decorate and cut out the face, make a hole for the nose, and push the cutout down over the red cap. The cap will emerge as the reindeer’s nose.

Set the container on the table and fill it with Christmas flowers or other decorations for a funny reindeer centerpiece.

9. Reindeer Crossing

This craft will look adorable under the Christmas tree. Begin with a square piece of foam, approximately 6” x 6”. This should be painted green or red.

Next, using a galloping reindeer template, trace the reindeer onto a red piece of construction paper and cut it out.

Glue it to a white background cut in the shape of a parking sign. Using black marker or paint, write, “Reindeer Crossing.”

Glue the sign to a craft stick and push it into the styrofoam square. Place this adorable decoration under the tree.

10. Reindeer Jelly Jars

Use 4-ounce quilted jelly jars or ordinary 4-ounce glass jars for this cute craft. 

Fill the containers with Christmas candy, red and green pom-poms, or other tiny holiday decorations

Using two small nose and antlers templates, color and cut out the pieces and glue them to opposite sides of the jar to make a uniform pattern.

Make sure to center the noses and glue the antlers at the top. Add funny wiggle eyes for delightful holiday decorations that can be used as gifts!

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