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Sheep Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Woolly wonders and gentle grazers grace these 24 sheep coloring pages, available for you to download and print at no cost. This collection celebrates the most endearing side of the animal world, showcasing a range of fluffy, curly-horned, and playful lamb companions.

These pages feature some of nature’s most irresistibly adorable sheep, from frolicking lambs and curious ewes to majestic rams and shaggy sheepdog herders. Whether young or old, this series of pages is sure to provides ton of fun!

Sheep Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use these coloring pages, click on any of the below pictures or links. Once opened, you can then freely download or print the high-resolution PDFs as many times as you want!

All these PDF pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Sheep Coloring Pages

Keep reading this article for different types of crafts you can do with my sheep-themed coloring pages, including projects for classrooms, keepsakes for families, and other similar activities!

1. Create a Farm Animal Banner

A picture banner is a great addition to a classroom, especially if it can be used for educational purposes. This type of banner would be a great way to teach kids about different types of farm animals.

You could also use other animal coloring pages to create an alphabetical banner with each letter corresponding to a different animal, teaching kids about letters and animals at the same time.

To get your students involved, I recommend getting the kids to color the sheets for this banner, which may pique their interest in the subject more. 

2. Make a “Counting Sheep” Game

If your kids or young students are learning how to count, using a visual aid like our sheep coloring pages is a great way to teach them about groups of numbers.

To make a counting sheep game, print off, color, and paste my sheep coloring sheets onto card stock (or index cards if you change the size denominations).

To play, choose different groups of each sheep, hold them up, and get your kids to count how many sheep they see.

3. Sheep-Themed Story Book

If you’re teaching your students about animals in class, or your kids are animal lovers, a great way to utilize these coloring sheets is to make a themed storybook.

To make the book, download and print multiple copies of the above sheets (about 5-10 pages for each student), and have the kids color them in, setting one aside for the book cover.

Next, fold large pieces of colored craft paper in half to use as the book covers, staple the coloring pages into the crease, and paste the leftover sheep page on the front.

After binding the book, either paste index cards on the pages or have the kids write their story at the bottom of each page.

Make it more educational by having the kids include real facts about sheep, and give points for creativity!

Finally, have the students present their stories to the class, or if you’re a parent, this book will make a great keepsake.

4. Sheep-Themed Story/Research Board

This project is similar to the storybook project above. However, instead of binding multiple sheep coloring pages together, each student will only need one coloring page.

Print out enough copies for each student, then have them select their favorite sheep picture, and get them to color it in. 

Using poster board or a large sheet of colored craft paper, fold it in half to make a crease, and paste the sheep picture onto one side of the board, leaving the other side blank.

Next, have the kids either write a story about a sheep or facts about sheep onto line-ruled paper and paste them onto the other side of the board.

After completing the project, have the kids present their stories/research in front of the class. Give points for creativity and accuracy!

5. Sheep/Animal Coloring Book

Another fun project you can do as a family or class is to make coloring books.

To begin, print multiple coloring pages (I recommend about 30-50 pages per book) and bind them together with staples or a hole punch and fastener. 

Next, use a piece of poster board or card stock to make the book covers. Fold it in half to make a crease, and staple the pages into the book.

Set aside a coloring sheet to paste on the front cover, and have the kids color it in.

This is a great project for families to make together, or as an art class assignment.

6. Make a Personalized Journal/Sketchbook Cover

If your kids enjoy writing or drawing, try jazzing up their journal or sketchbook with one of my sheep-themed coloring sheets. This is great for kids who love animals!

Print out one of my sheep illustrations, get your kid to color it in, and paste it to the cover of the book using Modge Podge glue.

This will add a cute personal touch to your kids books, making them great keepsakes!

7. Animal Themed Scrapbook

If you’re putting together a baby picture scrapbook, or a similar theme, my sheep coloring pages would be a great addition to your ephemera and stationery!

I recommend using these pages for the page layout background, or cutting out the sheep silhouettes and using them as decorations alongside stickers and other ephemera.

8. Sheep Mobile

If you’re looking for different ways to decorate your nursery, try making a mobile out of our sheep illustrations for your baby’s crib.

Select your favorite coloring pages, print them, and color them in. Next, paste the sheets onto card stock and cut out the silhouettes of the sheep.

Afterward, tie your sheep cut-outs to long pieces of string or embroidery thread, and tie them to a circular or hexagonal wooden frame/ embroidery hoop.

After securing the sheep, tie strings above each sheep tie, and secure them together to form a cone-like shape.

Tie your mobile to a mobile holder, and you’re done!

9. Framed Sheep Coloring Page 

Another great way to decorate a nursery or kids room is to frame one of my sheep coloring pages!

After coloring in the sheet, choose a frame that fits your kid’s bedroom decor, frame the picture, and hang it in a prominent spot in their room.

10. Make a Farm Sign

If you live on a farm, try making a cute sign for your driveway or gate with my sheep coloring pages.

Next, trace the image onto a wooden sign using a white box, and color it in using house or furniture paint.

Add a cute saying or greeting, and then cover the sign in wood oil to weatherproof it. Finally, hang the sign at your entry!

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