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Sloth Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 sloth coloring pages (illustrated by yours truly) that are all free to download or print! For this series, I drew many types and styles of sloths, including cute baby ones, Kawaii-themed sloths, detailed realistic sloths, smiling sloths, and many more!

If you or your young ones(s) have an obsession with these adorably cute animals, then these printables are sure to provide plenty of entertainment. While these pages make for a great crafty activity, they can also double as party decorations, wallpaper, banners for an animal-themed party, and even scrapbooking!

sloth coloring pages featured image

To use any of these pages, click on a picture or link to open the PDF on a new page. Once opened, you can then free print or download as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to do with Sloth Coloring Pages

It’s not surprising that a sloth is a popular animal for kids to color. What could be cuter?

If you’re wondering how to use those sloth coloring pages after they’re finished, though, the ten ideas outlined below will keep you going for a while!

1. Design Keychains

For this idea, buy some clear plastic keychains and remove the plain paper from inside the laminate. Replace this with sections of the sloth coloring page for instantly adorable keychains.

You can also do this craft from scratch, by simply laminating sections of the sloth coloring page and using a small hole punch to make room for a piece of twine or yarn.

Either way, it’s a fun and easy craft for a group or one child.

2. Create a Storybook

This enjoyable classroom or at-home activity is simple and easy and helps promote teamwork. 

When each child is finished with his or her sloth coloring page, staple the pages together with blank pages in between each one. 

Have each child come up with a line or two to create a story as the pages go on. There is no need to get fancy, the whole point is to have fun.

3. Give Your Sloth Something to Hang Onto

For this great craft, all you need is the cardboard from inside a roll of paper towels. Use green markers to decorate the cardboard with leaves or simply color it solid green.

When the sloth coloring page is finished, cut it out and attach it to the cardboard with glue.

The goal is to make it appear as if the sloth is climbing or hanging from the “branch.”

4. Create an Oddly Shaped Gift Bag

You can make a great gift bag out of a few sloth coloring pages. The shape will be somewhat like the shape of a book, but will make a great bag to put a light gift item in.

In fact, this size gift bag is perfect for things like comic books or colored pencils. Just make sure to reinforce the bottom with cardboard and strong tape!

5. Line a Small Drawer in a Plastic Organizer

Almost every classroom or bedroom has plastic organizers featuring drawers in which crayons, craft supplies, or other small items are kept.

To preserve the coloring sheets in a fun way, use them to line these drawers!

The children will enjoy seeing their artwork preserved, and you’ll have a liner for each drawer that will last a long time!

6. Design an Original Postcard

Postcards are one of the easiest things for children to make as a craft, and what could be cuter than one featuring a sloth? 

Once the pages are colored, use a ruler to trace the shape of a postcard on the back of the page and carefully cut it out.

Paste it onto poster board or thin cardboard, and draw lines for the recipient’s address and a return address.

7. Make a Fancy Pencil Holder

All that’s needed for this fun and interesting craft is a cylinder-shaped container, such as a Pringles potato chip can.

Once the coloring page is finished, it can be wrapped around the can, with the edges trimmed off for a perfect fit. 

Now, you have a cute fancy pencil holder or a place to keep magic markers, crayons, small craft items, or even artificial flowers!

8. Create a Cute Backdrop for Your Sloth to Call Home

Children will enjoy tapping into their creative side with this coloring page craft. 

Give each child a generous size piece of poster board, and have them decorate it. Make the goal to create something similar to a sloth’s natural environment.

Children can look at pictures or videos to see where these funny creatures actually live and then attach their sloth to the poster. Not only is this creative, but it’s also educational!

9. Design a Fun Gift Bow

It’s easy to make a sloth picture into a bow by cutting the page into medium-size strips, and simply folding them in half and stapling them.

A pom-pom or even some glitter-coated cotton balls can be placed in the middle of the folded “ribbons,” and it looks just like a real gift bow.

If the gift is small enough, use another sloth coloring page to wrap it!

10. Make an Adorable Fan

A wonderful use for a finished sloth coloring page is an adorable fan. This craft is super easy and any child can do it.

Start with a large wood craft stick and stiff cardboard in the shape of a square, but with slightly rounded edges. Trim the edges of the coloring page so that it fits the cardboard.

Glue the coloring page to the cardboard and laminate it, and then use adhesive to affix the craft stick to the cardboard and you have a cute sloth fan!

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