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Spirit Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 22 Spirit coloring pages that are all free to download and print! First released in 2002, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was a massive hit at the box office, which now has a spin-off animated TV show that girls absolutely love! So, of course, I had to add this series to my site!

For this series, I illustrated some of the most iconic human and horse characters from both the movie and the TV series. These include the horses such as Spirit, Chica Linda, Strider, and Boomerang, and the main cast, Pru, Abigail, Little Creek, Abigail, and Lucky.

Spirit Coloring Pages Featured Image

After the coloring pages have been completed, they can then be used as wall art in a bedroom or classroom, decorations for a nature-themed birthday, a DIY bookcover, scrapbooking cutouts, plus tons of other creative uses.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to do With Spirit Coloring Pages

It’s not surprising that Spirit was a hit on the big screen and on television. Here are some of the best ways to use all those beautiful coloring pages!

1. Make it Personal

Youngsters often consider Spirit a friend, not merely a movie-star mustang, so why not create a “family photo?”

For this engaging craft, have the children draw a border on a square piece of poster board, decorating it with flowers, leaves, or anything they choose to sketch.

When their coloring pages are finished, Spirit can be cut out and glued within the frame to the left or right.

The child can then draw himself or herself next to Spirit for an adorable “family portrait.”

2. Taming the Mane

Spirit is famous for his long, luxurious mane, and this can be a fun item to focus on for a Spirit craft.

Using a coloring page where Spirit has a long flowing mane, let your child color the famous horse and glue it to stiff cardboard.

Next, strings of yarn can be carefully glued inside the lines of Spirit’s mane. 

These can then be embellished with glitter, tiny craft stars, beads, or anything the child desires for an extravagant piece of wall art!

3. Make a Spirit Necklace

Spirit the stallion is perfect for this enjoyable craft and is surprisingly easy to make.

Spirit should be colored and cut from the page, then glued to the side of an empty bathroom tissue cardboard. 

Wiggle eyes and yarn can be added for a face, mane, and tail, and a saddle can be made from colorful construction paper.

When a piece of yarn or string is threaded through the roll, Spirit becomes a fun and unusual necklace!

4. Design a Cute Stick Horse

A coloring page featuring Spirit’s (or any other horse character) head and neck is perfect for this craft, and when finished, it should be glued to thick cardboard.

Another piece of cardboard, traced from the Spirit cut out, should be attached with staples, leaving an opening between the two pieces at the bottom.

Black yarn can be used to create a full mane, and a piece of ribbon is perfect for a bridle.

Next, an empty wrapping paper cardboard should be placed in the opening at the bottom for an adorable stick horse!

5. Turn Spirit Into a Rocking Horse

For this cute activity, use two crescent-shaped pieces of craft wood glued to a simple styrofoam base. The base can be colored any shade the child likes.

When Spirit has been colored, he should be reinforced with cardboard and attached to a small craft stick.

When this is placed in the styrofoam square, it will look as if Spirit has become a rocking horse!

6. Make a Lovely Garden Ornament

Once Spirit is colored (or any other horse character above), they should be glued to a thick piece of cardboard and carefully cut out.

A pipe cleaner can be bent around the neck for bridle, and yarn can be used to create a lifelike mane and tail.

The entire ensemble should then be sealed with several layers of acrylic spray and attached to a long craft stick or knitting needle.

It can be pushed into the soil in the garden for a beautiful decoration.

7. A Smiling Spirit Chain

This fun classroom or at-home craft works best with coloring pages featuring Spirit’s face. 

Give each child a paper or plastic plate, turned upside down, and have them paint or color the plate the same shade they plan to use for Spirit.

When they are finished coloring, their character should be cut out and glued to the bottom of the plate. 

The plates can then be strung together to make a funny chain of smiling horses that will brighten up the room!

8. Adorable Window Decorations

Here is another fun classroom (or at-home) activity that all children will enjoy. Each child should have one-half of an ordinary paper plate to color with brown finger paint.

Once Spirit is colored and cut from the page, he can be used to laminate the paper plate, which will make him sturdy. Make sure to let the paint dry first, though.

Four brown pipe cleaners cut in half can be attached as Spirit’s tail, and black or brown yarn makes a perfect mane.

These adorable ornaments can then be hung in the classroom windows for everyone to see!

9. A Spirited Scene

Children love the story of Spirit and will enjoy creating their own scene for this famous Mustang.

Each child should have a large poster board on which they can draw a freehand scene of a western plain or anything they choose.

Once Spirit is colored, he can be cut from the page and placed anywhere in the scene the child desires for a beautiful poster.

Alternatively, a large swath of sheet paper can be used, on which the children can create a giant mural for the classroom!

10. Make a Spirit Lamp

If you have an old lamp you don’t mind turning over to your child, he or she can make an adorable Spirit lampshade.

Once Spirit is colored, the Mustang can be carefully cut out and glued to the surface of the lampshade. Rubber cement or wood glue works best for this.

When a low-wattage bulb is used, it creates a beautiful Western-style lamp that will almost look store-bought!

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