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Stephen Curry Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Fasten your laces and get ready to score with these 18 exhilarating Steph Curry coloring pages that are all free to download or print! Stephen Curry is recognized globally for his incredible skills on the basketball court, setting records, and revolutionizing the game with his remarkable shooting range.

For this series, we celebrate Steph Curry, showcasing him in action, including his signature three-point shots, his game-changing passes, Steph’s Golden State Warriors jersey, plus many more! Whether in a classroom or at home, these pages are sure to bring tons of fun to Steph Curry and basketball fans!

Stephen Curry Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many sheets as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Steph Curry Coloring Pages

If your child loves basketball, then Steph Curry is a great coloring page choice.

When those finished pages start piling up, try these affordable craft ideas.

1. Dunk Shot

Give your youngster a large paper cup to laminate with a Steph Curry coloring page.

A piece of embroidery thread should be pushed down through a tiny hole in the cup’s bottom. A button tied on the end will keep it in place. 

Tie the other end of the thread to an orange craft pom-pom decorated with puffy black paint to look like a basket. 

The child can have fun tossing the ball in the air and trying to catch it in the paper cup “hoop.”

2. Make a Steph Curry Magnet

To make a great Steph Curry magnet, have the youngster draw a basketball hoop design on the outside of a plain white paper cup.

Next, the child should cut out a backboard for the “hoop” and add a craft magnet to its back. 

The surface of the backboard should be laminated with the Steph Curry cutout from the finished coloring page.

When the cup is glued to the backboard and the magnet hung on a refrigerator, the cup can be used to hold pens and pencils.

3. Have a Hoopy Birthday

To make this great birthday card, have the youngster draw and cut out basketballs in three sizes, from small to large. 

A basketball hoop should be drawn at the top right corner of a white piece of construction paper. When Steph is colored and cut out, glue him to the bottom left of the page.

Position the basketballs in between, from biggest to smallest, to depict Steph making the shot.

Finish up with “Hoopy Birthday” in puffy paint for a great birthday card!

4. A Cute Classroom Banner

For this engaging classroom craft, give each child an ordinary piece of white poster board on which to trace and color a basketball.

Orange finger paint is perfect since tiny dots from little fingertips create a realistic basketball surface. When dry, a black marker can be used to create basketball stripes. 

Cut the basketballs out and laminate the opposite side with Steph Curry cutouts from the finished pages. 

When these are strung together, they make a terrific, colorful classroom banner.

5. Dunk the Trash

If your child’s room has a garbage can that’s frequently forgotten about, this craft is the remedy!

From ordinary cardboard, have the youngster cut out a “backdrop” for the basketball hoop, which of course, is the garbage can.

Laminate the backboard with the Steph Curry cutout from the finished coloring page. The can itself can be decorated to look like a basketball hoop!

This fun craft will definitely motivate your child to get the trash in the can and not on the floor!

6. Unique Party Favor Bags

All Steph Curry fans enjoy these interesting party favor bags.

Ordinary, plain white bags with twine handles are perfect for this craft. On one side, have the youngsters draw a jersey with Steph’s famous number 30 in its center.

A Steph Curry cut-out from the finished page can then be glued to the bag’s opposite side.

Acrylic spray added to the surface keeps these unique bags in good shape for quite some time.

7. Basketball King and Queen

All youngsters enjoy wearing crowns, and if your children are basketball fans, they will love this easy craft.

Cut a base for the crown from white posterboard, making sure it’s approximately four inches high. 

A Black marker can be used to decorate it like a basketball net. A basketball should be drawn, cut out, and glued to the crown’s base, in the middle.

Finally, glue a cutout of Steph Curry from the coloring page to the basketball center for a terrific crown.

8. A Fancy Steph Curry Frame

Youngsters who idolize Steph Curry will enjoy having a framed picture of him on a bureau or nightstand.

Have the youngster cut a rectangle from black construction paper and glue it to thin cardboard, with a large oval cut in the center. 

When Steph is colored and cut out, he should be glued to a piece of white poster board and the “frame” glued over the top. 

Black, white, and orange pom-poms are ideal for creating a textured border around the frame, and it’s ready to display anywhere!

9. It’s Basketball Time

For this fun craft, Steph should be cut from the finished coloring page, with his arms cut out separately and reattached with paper fasteners.

Next, the youngster should cut 12 small “basketballs” from orange construction paper and number them 1 to 12 with a black marker.

These should be glued around the circumference of an ordinary paper plate and the Steph Curry cutout glued in the center.

With puffy paint, write “It’s Basketball Time,”  and use Steph’s arms as the clock’s hands! 

10. Make a Designer Basketball

When basketballs wear out, they become dull and lackluster, so why not let your youngster decal them Steph Curry style?

Once the child has cut out the Curry characters from those finished pages, use craft glue or carpenter’s glue to affix them to the surface of the old basketball.

Make sure to get enough glue around the outer edges of the cutouts; any extra can be easily scraped away with a popsicle stick.

Use several coats of acrylic spray to seal the artwork, and your child will have a brand-new basketball.

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