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Succulent Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to dive into a world of intricate patterns and calming designs with these 20 succulent coloring pages, free for you to download and print! These pages are perfect for anyone who loves these resilient, beautiful plants and enjoys the tranquility that comes with coloring.

This collection features a variety of succulent designs, from detailed close-ups of individual plants to arrangements in cute pots and whimsical gardens. Each page offers a unique artistic journey, allowing you to play with colors and envision your dream succulent garden!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Succulent Coloring Pages

Succulents are unique and fascinating, and many youngsters like to color them.

Try these easy, inexpensive crafts if your child is looking for something to do with all those finished pages.

1. Make a Windowsill Scene

Many people decorate window sills with succulents, but you don’t need to have the real thing!

Have the youngsters start this fun craft by fashioning decorative containers from simple poster boards about the size of tin cans.

Fill them with tissue paper or ordinary packing paper. Then, once the succulents are colored and cut out, they can be secured inside with tape or staples.

Place these cute containers on a windowsill where they’ll look surprisingly real!

2. Decorate a Terrarium

If you have succulents growing in a terrarium, let your youngster decorate it with all those finished coloring pages.

This craft works particularly well with pages featuring a variety of succulents that can be cut out separately.

Glue these to the terrarium’s surface in any pattern desired. 

Place a sheet of glassine over the work or seal it with acrylic spray for a fancy terrarium!

3. Design a Unique Keyholder

Begin this adorable craft with a rectangular piece of corkboard and a simple strip of stiff paper.

Fold the stiff paper in an arc, making a tab on either end so that it can be glued to the corkboard. The idea is to make it look like a small flowerpot is attached to the corkboard.

Underneath, screw in a simple hook to hang keys. Let the child fill the “flowerpot” with cutouts from the coloring pages.

Staple or tape them just inside the rim so it looks like an overflowing container of succulents!

4. Decorate a Bedroom Wall

If your child likes succulents, why not let the youngster decorate his or her bedroom wall decal-style?

Have the youngster color as many succulents as desired, sealing them in contact paper and cutting them out when finished.

Then, non-damaging wall putty can be used to display them on the wall in any interesting pattern the child comes up with. 

Don’t forget to decorate the bedroom door as well!

5. A Beautiful Succulent Wreath

All youngsters love this fun craft, and it begins with twisting a piece of ordinary brown packing paper into a wreath shape. 

Then, spray paint the wreath with light green craft paint and add dark green glitter to make it fancy.

When the cutouts are colored and sealed in contact paper or glassine, glue them to the wreath in an attractive pattern using super glue.

Give the wreath one coat of acrylic spray, and you have a lovely ornament for the front door or a kitchen wall!

6. Make a Unique Seed Container

If you have a little green thumb in your family, let him or her make a unique container to store plant seeds.

An empty coffee can works perfectly for this craft, but any inexpensive container will do. 

When the succulent coloring page is finished, trim it to size so that it can be used to laminate the coffee can.

Let the child add green glitter, fancy toothpicks, puffy paint, or craft gems to embellish the succulents, and you’ll have the prettiest seed container in town.

7. Create a One-of-a-Kind Handprint Poster

Start this craft by having the youngster make a handprint with green fingerpaint on a white poster board.

A cutout from the finished succulent coloring page should be glued just underneath the handprint. This makes it look like the succulent has grown extra pod stems.

To make it more fun, add red craft flowers to the tops of the “stems,” making it look like the succulents are in full bloom!

Display this one-of-a-kind artwork anywhere.

8. Make a Funny Recipe Card

All youngsters like to play occasional gags, and if you have a jokester in your family, he or she will love this craft.

Position a rectangular-shaped piece of craft paper horizontally, and have the child glue the finished coloring page to the left side.

On the other side at the top, write “Succulent Soup” in green puffy paint.

The youngster can then write out a funny “recipe” for the fictitious Succulent Soup. The funnier, the better. Hang this hilarious craft on the kitchen wall.

9. Succulents for Sale

To make this cute craft, all you’ll need are succulent coloring pages, some ordinary twine, and brown packing paper.

Once the youngster has colored five or six succulents, they should be carefully cut out, and each one placed in a triangle of brown packing paper, folding the ends to meet in the middle.

Add a bow of brown twine to the front, and then glue these cute little packages to a colorful piece of poster board, all in a row.

The youngster can use a black marker to add the “price” of each succulent for an adorable poster.

10. Smiling Succulents

Cute garden decorations can be made with succulent coloring pages, and those with faces or eyes are ideal for this craft.

Once the succulents are colored, they should be glued to cardboard and carefully cut out.

Add wiggle eyes and attach each cutout to a craft stick or wooden knitting needle.

Place these smiling succulents in a garden, flower arrangement, or anywhere desired.

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