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Sumikko Gurashi Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Snuggle into your coziest corner with these 20 delightful Sumikko Gurashi coloring pages that are yours to download and print completely for free! With these sheets, you can dive into the endearing world of these quirky characters, embracing the tales and bonds of Sumikko Gurashi and their friends.

Included below are many adorable illustrations that showcase the Sumikko Gurashi family in various poses, scenarios, and heart-tugging moments, from sharing a picnic to snuggling up during wintertime. Also, you will find many beloved characters, including Tokage, Tonkatsu, and Neko, to name a few!

To color any of these pages, click on any of the below links or pictures to open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you will then have the option to download or print, all for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Sumikko Gurashi Coloring Pages

Sumikko Gurashi’s characters are adorable, and it’s not surprising that youngsters enjoy coloring them.

Here are some inexpensive, engaging crafts your child can do with the finished coloring pages.

1. Dress Up Old Ping-Pong Paddles

Sumikko Gurashi characters are the perfect size and shape for adding pizzazz to old ping-pong paddles.

This is easily accomplished by measuring the paddle’s surface and trimming the finished coloring page to that size.

Use craft glue for the best results, and make sure to seal the artwork in acrylic spray.

For extra fun, cut some strips from other finished pages and laminate the handles as well!

2. Make a Funny Crown

This easy craft is a big winner with all youngsters and requires four cutouts from finished Sumikko Gurashi coloring pages.

The cutouts should be glued at spaced intervals around an ordinary strip of cardboard, with the youngster’s favorite cutout at the front.

Now, the child can add “gems” to each Sumikko Gurashi character, placing them directly in the cutout’s center.

The gems can be anything from big, colorful pom-poms to craft gems or even big, shiny buttons. It’s only limited by the youngster’s imagination!

3. Design a Sumikko Gurashi Clock

This hilarious craft should be completed with a full-size Sumikko Gurashi cut out from the finished page. 

Laminate the cutout to a circular piece of cardstock and draw the numbers around its circumference. Trace and cut out two “hands” for the clock from construction paper.

These should be affixed to the cutout’s center with a paper fastener. Glue funny wiggle eyes to the end of each clock hand.

This makes it look like Sumikko Gurashi’s eyes are traveling around to look at the time. Display this silly clock anywhere!

4. Sumikko Gurashi Trivet

This craft makes a great classroom activity for youngsters who want a gift for mom or dad.

Give each child a square piece of corkboard. Invisible glue should be used to attach a Sumikko Gurashi character to its surface after it’s colored and cut out.

Several coats of acrylic spray should be used to seal the artwork. 

It can be displayed on the kitchen wall or even used to hold room-temperature serving dishes or plates.

5. Make an Original Doorstop

All children will enjoy making this adorable doorstop, and the best part is that it will really work!

Using an ordinary doorstop from a discount store, have the youngster color some cutouts from the Sumikko Gurashi coloring pages.

Then, color another Sumikko Gurashi character, reinforce it with cardboard, and glue it to one side of the doorstop.

When the narrow end is slid under the door, it looks like the Sumikko Gurashi character is holding the door!

6. Sumikko Gurashi Bubbles

All youngsters have heard of bubble tea, so why not let the Sumikko Gurashi character be the bubble?

When the figure is colored and cut out, glue it around the front of the cup with invisible glue. Another cutout should be used to laminate the straw.

Then, cut small circles from colorful construction paper and decorate the rest of the cup.

Use this cute craft to store pencils, markers, crayons, or anything you like.

7. An Adorable Classroom Craft

For this fun craft, fill a shallow box with tissue paper or cotton batting. The idea is to make it look like a pet bed.

Once the youngsters have colored and cut out their favorite Sumikko Gurashi characters, small craft sticks should be attached to their backs.

It’s not necessary to laminate them with stiffer paper since you want them on the light side.

Using rubber cement or krazy glue, the cutouts should be attached to the “bedding” as if they are all taking a nap in Fido’s bed. Display this adorable craft in the classroom!

8. Make a Unique Decoration

To make this fun decoration, let the youngsters color four or five of their favorite  Sumikko Gurashi characters and cut them out.

They can be made to sparkle with glitter or shiny paint if the children desire. Then, have the youngsters string them onto a piece of yarn vertically.

Pom-poms can be added to the bottom of the yarn, and this unique decoration can be hung in a doorway or window.

9. Sumikko Gurashi Solar System

Welcome to planet Sumikko Gurashi! To make this innovative craft, have the youngsters work in groups to create a “solar system” from their Sumikko Gurashi cutouts.

They can be colored to depict the planets they’re representing. 

The cutouts can then be glued to a black piece of poster board in the same positions as the planets in the solar system.

Youngsters can decorate the rest of their posters with stars, comets, or anything else they choose.

10. Sumikko Gurashi Kitchen Decor 

If you have an old pot or kettle you want to recycle into a planter or flowerpot, let the youngster decorate it with Sumikko Gurashi cutouts.

Using several cutouts from the finished pages, have the child “connect” the characters with leaves and flowers.

This is accomplished by drawing these items with craft paint in between the Sumikko Gurashi cutouts.

The best part is that this craft can be as plain or fancy as the child desires.

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