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Superman Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 38 original Superman coloring pages that are entirely free to print or download! I also included many types and versions of Superman, from cute Superman drawings for kids, Superman with The Justice League, Superman with Lois Lane, Superman with Lex Luther, Lego Superman, and tons more!

If you, your young one, or your students are obsessed with superheroes, or Superman, in particular, these printables are sure to keep them engaged and entertained! These coloring templates are also great to have up your sleeve for a rainy day art activity or some super cheap party decorations!

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To use any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF in a new tab. Once opened, you can then freely print, save, or download as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Superman Coloring Pages

Keep reading for fun crafts and projects you can do with my Superman coloring sheets, such as party decorations, DIY paper crafts, scrapbooking, decorating gift boxes, and much more!

1. Superman Party Decorations

Throwing parties can be expensive, especially when they’re themed. So, if you’re throwing your kids a superhero/Superman party and need to save money on decorations, try making some yourself.

These pages could be used as party banners, pictures as posters, or for cutting out the silhouettes of the characters.

For example, you could use the Superman silhouettes to make cake toppers, use them as stickers, decorate gift bags/boxes, or attach them to cups and plates.

2. DIY Comic Book/ Graphic Novel

Another great way to utilize these coloring sheets is to teach your kids how to make their own comic book or graphic novel.

To make the book, have your kids select their favorite coloring pages and print them out.

For a comic book, change the dimensions of the pictures to make them small enough for comic panels (you can print them as-is to make a graphic novel).

Next, have your kid/(s) color in the pictures and arrange them on separate sheets of paper to make the panels and write the dialogue. 

Once complete, fold it in half to make the crease and staple the pages in the fold. Then, paste the front picture to the cover, and you’re done.

This is a fun project for families to do together and will make a great keepsake later on!

3. Superman/Hero Gallery Wall

If your kids want to personalize their room decor a bit more, and they love superheroes, you could use these coloring sheets for this project.

Simply print out the Superman pictures, have your kid(s) color them in, and arrange them strategically on the wall. I recommend purchasing a gallery frame set for a cleaner look.

4. Make Superman Stickers

Stickers are great to use for individualizing laptop and device covers, skateboards, notebooks, and similar items. If you’re looking for larger superhero stickers, try making your own!

Simply print the coloring sheets and cut out the silhouettes of the characters. After coloring them in, make a sticker paste using this method

Finally, place them how you want on your personal items, use them for scrapbooking, or apply them to other papercraft projects. 

5. Scrapbook Decorations

Scrapbook supplies can be pricey, especially if you enjoy a fully decorated page layout. If you’re looking for stickers or ephemera for the pages of your kids, try making your own.

After printing the Superman pictures and coloring them in, you can use the full sheets as backgrounds for the page layout. 

As well, you can cut out the silhouettes of the pictures to make stickers (see above method), and use them as page borders, or use them for small notes!

6. Make Comic Book/ Movie Slip Covers

If you or your kids have a comic book/DVD collection, you can make your own Superman slipcovers to prevent these items from being damaged.

To make a slipcover for a comic book, print two coloring sheets from my collection, color them in, and staple or paste the sides together, leaving the top sides open.

To make a slipcover for a DVD, print out one coloring sheet, color it in, and fold it using this method. 

These slipcovers are not only perfect for preserving your comics/DVDs but will also add a more personal touch to your collection.

7. Personalize School Supplies/Journal/Sketchbook

For notebooks, sketchbooks, and folders, you can print and fill in these Superman coloring sheets, and paste them to the front covers with Modge Podge.

As well, you can cut out the silhouettes of these pages to decorate pencil cases, and locker ornaments, make sticky notes, and other similar supplies!

8. Make a Superman Coloring Book

If you’re looking to save money on toys and crafts, you can try making your own coloring books. 

To make the book cover, follow my above instructions for making a comic book. Otherwise, you could hole-punch the coloring pages and set them in a portfolio. 

If you’re using the comic book cover method, staple the pages together and staple them into the book cover crease. 

Finally, print and color an extra page for the front book cover, and hand it off to your kids!

9. Decorate Storage Boxes

Finding storage boxes that fit your kid’s tastes can be hard sometimes. So, if your kid loves superheroes, try decorating their storage boxes accordingly.

After filling in the Superman sheets, paste them onto the boxes like a collage. You could also purchase or print-out speech bubbles and add dialogue to add to the comic book style.

10. Use on Gift Bags/Boxes

If you’re throwing a superhero or Superman party or attending one, you can dress up your gift bag or box by using these coloring sheets.

You can make and attach stickers (see above method), make a Superman collage on the box, or even include the coloring sheets as part of the gift. 

Superman Coloring Pages Featured Image

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