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Swan Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Glide into the world of majestic birds with these 20 swan coloring pages that are all free for you to download and print! With every page, the elegance and poise of swans come to life, showcasing their sleek silhouettes and the serene waters they inhabit.

The collection includes various swan scenes, from pairs of swans forming heart shapes with their necks to baby cygnets nestled safely by their parents. Perfect for bird enthusiasts or those who appreciate the ballet-like beauty of swans, these pages are sure to provide hours of peaceful coloring!

To begin coloring any of the below sheets, you can click on any of the images or links, which will open the PDF in a new tab. Once opened, you are free to download or print any of these pages! You can also save them to a smart device for coloring digitally too!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Swan Coloring Pages

Here are 10 affordable, exciting, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Feathery Swans

To make feathery swans, you will need crafting feathers; though, it’s up to you whether you use all white, like a traditional swan, or different colors.

Starting at the butt of the swan, glue the feather down. As you work, you’ll layer the feathers so that the next line overlaps slightly on top of the last line.

Do this until you reach the neck of the swan, then build your way up to the head. You can place some feathers on the head and color in the beak.

9. Tissue Paper Swans

For this craft, you will need tissue paper – in whatever colors you want to use, whether that’s simple white or blue, green, pink, yellow, etc.

You’re going to cut the tissue paper into smaller squares and pinch from the middle, twist a bit, and bunch the rest.

You can then use the pinched part to glue down the tissue paper square onto the page and whatever swan picture you have opted to use.

Repeat this until you have filled in the body of the swan, then color in the rest of the picture!

8. Paper Loop Swans

For this craft, you will need to use one of our swan pictures where the body is prominent – Large Regal Swan With Detailed Feathers, for example, or even Kawaii Swan For Preschoolers.

You’ll then cut up white paper into one-inch-wide strips (you can turn a piece of computer paper sideways, and the length will be perfect).

Loop the paper strips and staple them to hold; then place them, staple-side down, in rows across the swan’s body.

This will create a “feather” effect that is textually different than actual feathers but still interesting and appealing.

7. Cotton Ball Swans

This craft is perfect for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners or toddlers who are still working on their pincer grasp.

You’re going to print off the swan picture you want to use and have the kids dip cotton balls into the glue and then place them on the illustration.

The idea is that they’ll fill up the swan with cotton balls, creating a plumage texture in the process.

6. Swan Table Centerpieces

For your next dinner party, create this swan centerpiece with our illustrations.

You’ll need tissue paper in different shades of blue and green; you’re going to cut it into circles to create a “pond,” as well as lily pads and flowers.

Then you can print and cut out some of our swan pictures – perhaps adding plumage in the form of feathers? – and glue them down onto the tissue paper surface.

5. Swan Masks

You can make masquerade-style swan masks by printing out two of the same pictures – I like Large Regal Swan With Detailed Feathers for this, and cardstock is best.

(It’s helpful if, before you print, you mirror the image in a word processor document and print that out.)

Cut out the swans and put them head-to-head and breast-to-breast, then glue where the two cut-outs meet.

You’re going to cut slits into the swans’ chests for your eyes and then cut a slit on either side of the birds and run string through.

This will be used to tie the mask into place behind your head.

4. Swan Hoop Decorations

You can use an actual embroidery hoop for this craft or create your own by cutting out the flat part of a paper plate and leaving the textured circle.

You’ll print out two of the same swan pictures. For the first page, you’ll cut it down so that it will fit inside the hoop or circle. Color it in and then glue it into place.

For the second, you’ll cut out the swan, color as you see fit, and place it over the swan on the first picture. Add a little piece of folded paper behind the cut-out and glue it to the page.

The 3D effect adds interest to the hooped picture.

3. Suncatchers

You can create some really beautiful swan suncatchers with our pictures, like Twin Swans In Front Of Flower Mandala or Swan Mandala.

If you’re really crafty, you can take the time to print these out onto transparency paper and then fill in all the little spaces with differently colored tissue paper.

Then you can poke a hole in the top of the wing or the swan’s head, tie off a piece of string, and use that to hang the suncatcher in a sunny window.

2. Flowery Swan Decorations

Get some flat crafting flowers from your local craft store or online and embellish our swan pictures with them.

You can create flowery patterns on the swans directly or embellish the ponds they’re swimming over or the backdrop.

Then frame your beautiful and colorful creation and set it on a coffee table or hang it on a wall.

1. Valentines

Swans are for lovers, so some of our pictures would make perfect DIY valentines for the ones you love!

There are Swans Forming Heart With Their Heads or Two Adult Swans Swimming, among others.

You can digitally add text, like “We’re two birds of a feather” or “Be our swan and only,” print it out and color it in.

Shrink the picture down to a half-page or a quarter-page and then fold, or you can leave the page whole and roll it up like a scroll, then tie a red ribbon around it!

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