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Tank Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready for some high-powered action with these 22 tank coloring pages that are entirely free to download or print! If you’re on the lookout for a military-themed and exciting activity for your students or kids featuring these powerful machines, then these printables are just what you need.

Some of the many tank designs and elements I drew include modern battle tanks, vintage tanks from World Wars, US tanks, German tanks, armored vehicles, tank crew members, tanks in action, and many more! These printables are perfect for young ones (and adults, too, of course!) who are big fans of tanks and looking for a fun and creative activity.

Tank Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, you can click on any of the below images or links. This will then open the PDF on a new page, which can then be downloaded or printed. You can also save these PDFs for digital coloring on an iPad or iPhone!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Tank Coloring Pages

Children have loads of fun seeing how realistic they can make their tank coloring pages.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

1. An Easy Paper Tank

Using empty cardboard from paper towels, wrapping paper, or bathroom tissue, it’s easy to create a tank. 

For example, several rolls cut to the appropriate size from wrapping paper cardboard can be used to create the tank’s hull, and a small cardboard box makes a perfect turret.

A paper towel cardboard is attached to the gun, and the entire ensemble can be laminated with all those finished coloring pages!

2. Make a “Human” Tank

For this funny craft, use three empty bathroom tissue cardboards to create a tank hull and laminate it with one of the finished coloring pages.

A small craft box becomes the turret, and the gun can be made from a simple paper roll.

Next, use red puffy paint to create a funny mouth, add comical wiggle eyes, pieces of black pipe cleaner for fuzzy eyebrows, and a big, red craft pom-pom for a nose.

A paper hat completes this hilarious craft.

3. Protect Treasures in a Tank

If your youngster likes to hoard personal items, a treasure box can be made with those finished coloring pages.

Give the child an ordinary shoebox, which can be laminated with the finished pages or the parts cut out separately and attached like decals.

Then, cut a hole in one end to accommodate a paper towel cardboard, which becomes the tank’s “gun.”

A  warning not to open the box can be written with black puffy paint, and your child has a formidable treasure box.

4. Classroom Fun With Tanks

This engaging classroom activity is fun for all children. They should begin by coloring their tanks, gluing them to cardboard, and cutting them out.

The tank guns should be reinforced with craft sticks attached to wood or Krazy glue.

Then, the youngsters can paste their tanks together like a pinwheel, using wood glue to connect the craft sticks.

This makes an exciting and unusual ornament that can be displayed on a wall or hung from the ceiling.

5. A Fun Label for the Back of a Chair

All youngsters will like this easy classroom activity. 

When each child has colored a tank, it should be cut out and glued to a piece of construction paper in the youngster’s favorite color.

Underneath the tank, each child can write his or her name and seal the ensemble in glassine.

Using non-damaging tape, each child can affix the artwork to the back of his or her chair for a fun decoration for the rest of the school year.

6. Create a Decorative Hanging Ornament

For this adorable craft, your child should color a tank, glue it to thick cardboard, and cut it out.

A hole should be punched at the top, and a pipe cleaner should be used to attach it to the middle of a wire hanger. 

Red puffy paint can make it look like the cannon is firing, and red streamers can be tied to the bottom of the hanger to make this craft extra fancy.

The hanger’s natural shape provides a perfect way to display the craft!

7. Make an Interesting Calendar

For this craft, glue the entire coloring page to a piece of corkboard and add a coat of acrylic spray to the surface.

Next, give your youngster several pieces of colorful construction paper to make small calendar squares numbered one through thirty-one.

These should be sealed in glassine and tiny holes punched in the top for the thread.

A pushpin can then be positioned at the end of the tank’s cannon, and each day, the child can change the date for a fun way to learn the days of the month.

8. A Signature Door Sign

To make a cute door sign, give the youngster a large piece of poster board in white or black.

When the tank is colored and cut out, invisible glue can be used to paste it to the center of the poster board. 

The child should then trace and cut out his or her first initial from bright-colored paper and place it directly under the tank’s gun as if it is hanging there.

This fun sign can be hung on the child’s bedroom door.

9. Dress up an Old Lamp

If you have an old lamp that needs some pizazz, let your child decorate it with a tank coloring page.

This is easily accomplished by cutting out the tanks like decals and attaching them to the lamp in any pattern your child comes up with! 

They can even be used to decorate the lampshade or hung from the shade with yarn. 

This craft is limited only by your youngster’s imagination, and he or she is sure to love the new lamp.  

10.  Add Flair to a Helmet

If your child has a toy army helmet or uses a sports or bike helmet, why not decorate it with tanks?

This craft works best when several tanks are colored and cut out, and attached as decals to the helmet’s surface with craft glue.

The child can make any design or pattern he or she wishes, and when the artwork is sealed with acrylic spray, the youngster will love this brand-new helmet! 

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