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10 Fun Activities To Do With This Halloween Countdown

Try these terrific, inexpensive activities to use alongside our live Thanksgiving countdown to November 23, 2023.

1. Daily Gratitude
For each day remaining in the countdown, jot down something you’re grateful for. It could be anything from good health, loving family, to a warm cup of coffee!

2. Thanksgiving Movie Marathon
Each day, watch a movie or TV episode that revolves around Thanksgiving. It will help get everyone in the holiday spirit.

3. Holiday Crafts
Create a new Thanksgiving-themed craft for each day in the countdown. Paper turkeys, homemade cornucopias, and pilgrim hats can all add to your holiday decor.

4. Cooking and Baking
Every day leading up to Thanksgiving, cook or bake something that’s part of your traditional holiday meal. This can spread out the workload and make the actual day less stressful.

5. Read about History
Use each day on the countdown to learn about a different aspect of the First Thanksgiving or the history of the holiday.

6. Family Stories
Each day, share a story about a past family Thanksgiving. This is a great way to keep family history alive and connect with younger members.

7. Daily Deeds
Perform a kind act every day in the countdown to Thanksgiving. It can be something small, like giving a compliment, or larger, like donating to a food bank.

8. Outdoor Activities
Spend some time outdoors each day of the countdown. Whether it’s raking leaves or playing a game of football, the fresh air will do everyone good.

9. Thanksgiving Decorations
Every day, add a new decoration to your home. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, your home will be a welcoming and festive environment.

10. Write Letters
For every day of the countdown, write a letter to someone you appreciate. Not only does this serve as a reminder of what you’re grateful for, it also spreads joy and positivity to others.

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