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Train Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 39 original train coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These printables are great for youngsters of all ages who are interested in trains and want something creative to do. Also, these sheets are great for a fun and educational activity in the classroom!

For this series, I illustrated a wide variety of trains, including steam trains, Japanese bullet trains, passenger trains, freight trains, The Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter (how could I not!), Christmas-themed trains, Thomas The Train, plus many others!

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While these printables make for a fun and relaxing rainy afternoon, they can also double as birthday party decorations, cutouts for a train set, DIY greeting cards, DIY bookmarks, scrapbooking cutouts, banners, book covers, plus tons of other creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Train Coloring Pages 

Here are 10 creative, fun, and crafty activities that you can do with your completed pictures!

1. Make a Decorative Ornament

Your youngster can make terrific ornaments with their finished train coloring pages. 

Use a page that features a train with several boxcars. You can also use several trains to make the ornament longer.

Cut the trains out and fold the cutouts into squares, accordion style. Attach an elastic string to each end.

The train “accordion” can then be placed around the top of a lamp, a cookie jar, a basket,  a wide vase, or any circular object for a fun decoration.

2. Make a Homemade Train Toy

For this interesting craft, use an empty tissue box and laminate it with the finished pages, positioning the open part at the bottom.

Use an empty toilet paper roll for a smokestack, and add craft wheels to the base. 

Attach a piece of string or yarn to pull it along, or just sit it on a shelf or desk in your child’s room for fun knickknack.

3. Trains to Carry Your Favorite Things

For this fun classroom craft, have each child cut out a train engine and a caboose. 

Next, from construction paper, have them cut out “boxcars” and then string them together in between the engine and the caboose.

The youngsters can use crayons or markers to make labels indicating what’s “inside” the boxcars. The idea is that the train is carrying all their favorite things!

4. Make Unique Bookmarks

Give each child a large craft stick, and have them color a train engine and a caboose, gluing the engine to one end of the craft stick and the caboose to the other. It will be the perfect size for a children’s book.

When placed between the pages, the engine comes out the top, and the caboose, the bottom, creating a fun way for children to mark their favorite pages in a book.

5. Create a Storage Train

If the arts and crafts area of the classroom has gotten messy, what better way to store supplies than in boxcars?

Tissue boxes, shoe boxes, or any small-size cardboard box works great for this craft. 

Put together a big train by carving small holes in all the boxes and roping them together with thick string or yarn.

Use the finished train coloring pages to laminate the boxes inside and out. Once they are sprayed with acrylic spray, this handy storage train will last a long time.

6. Be the Little Engine that Could

This is another great classroom activity, where each child colors a train and staples it to a plain, white sheet of paper.

The front can be decorated with embellishments such as glitter or puffy paint, although the colored page by itself is enough.

On the blank page underneath, the children should write out a goal that someone told them could never be reached. These crafts then become reminders of “The Little Engine that Could!”

7. Make a Train Track Crown

This craft is perfect for youngsters who like to make paper hats or crowns. Begin with a long piece of cardboard on which to draw a train track with black markers or crayons.

Have the youngsters bend the “train track” to make the ends meet, and staple them together.

Next, have the children color and cut out a train–or two–which can then be glued above the tracks so that the tracks can be seen.

Once this is finished, it becomes a cute hat that any kid would love.

8. Design a Gingerbread Train Holiday Ornament

This easy craft requires only some imagination. Once the train is colored and cut out, it should be pasted to a thin corkboard and trimmed.

Next, it’s decorated with red and green glitter, white puffy paint for icing, and even craft eyes to make it come alive.

Two small holes can be punched on either end of the train for red or green yarn, and then it can be hung in a doorway or window, or even on a Christmas tree.

9. A Classroom Signature Banner

On a long sheet of craft paper, have the children draw train tracks, using a ruler to keep them straight.

Once they have finished the coloring pages, the trains should be cut out, and each youngster should sign his or her name somewhere on the cutout with bright-colored puffy paint.

Each train should then be pasted to the “tracks,” which can then be hung across a wall in the classroom as a decorative banner with all the children’s signatures.

10. Design a Makeshift Train

Save up some empty toilet paper rolls for your youngster, and he or she can make a terrific makeshift train.

Line up the empty roles and thread a piece of string through all of them. At one end, use a small box and have the child decorate this as the engine.

At the other end, a similar object can be used for a caboose.

Have your youngster laminate the empty rolls with colored trains from his or her finished pages, and this will become an adorable makeshift train to display anywhere.

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