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Triceratops Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

If you are a teacher or parent who needs a crafty dinosaur activity for your students or kid/s, you’re in the right place! Below, you will find 20 unique triceratops coloring sheets that are all free to download and print. All that is needed is some paper, crayons/markers, and some imagination!

As for what you will find, I illustrated many styles and themes surrounding the triceratops, including easy-to-color triceratops for young kids, more detailed ones for older kids, a triceratops skeleton, and prehistoric backgrounds like volcanoes and jungles.

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While these printables make for a fun afternoon activity, they can also be used to help teach children about these gentle herbivorous dinosaurs that roamed over 68 million years ago. Also, since we don’t know for sure the color of these dinosaurs, kids can get as imaginative as they like with the colors!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Triceratops Coloring Pages

Here are 10 creative, fun, and cheap craft activities that you can do with the above coloring pages!

1. Create a Lifelike Triceratops

This fun craft starts with cutting a paper plate in half. Using it with the flat side down, take the finished Triceratops from the coloring page, and glue it to the plate.

With construction paper in a contrasting color, such as yellow or brown, cut a piece out in the shape of the Triceratops’ famous frill, and glue it behind the plate to stick up over the head.

Roll small pieces of white paper into cone shapes for the three horns, and you have a lifelike Triceratops.

2. Make a Triceratops Air Freshener

This project can be completed with one child or a group and is simple and easy.

Give each youngster a standard air freshener and have him or her color and cut out a favorite Triceratops.

Carefully laminate the air freshener with the coloring page using tiny spots of invisible glue.

Staple on three cone-shaped pieces of paper for horns and a makeshift frill made from construction paper. The children have now created interesting air fresheners for mom or dad!

3. Create a Colorful Whiteboard

Have your youngster create a Triceratops whiteboard or bulletin board. For this craft, use the page in its entirety.

If making a bulletin board, simply laminate the finished coloring page to a square of corkboard covered with a layer of glassine.

For a whiteboard, glue the Triceratops page to the left side of a small, standard whiteboard, and laminate it with acrylic spray, keeping the spray away from the other side.

On one side is the colorful Triceratops, and the other side can be used for erasable to-do lists!

4. Design an Ancient Civilization

Have the youngsters make a classroom poster of an ancient civilization.

The background should be drawn freehand, with each child contributing with scenery, animals, or even cavemen.

Next, each child should finish a Triceratops coloring sheet and carefully cut out his or her dinosaur, and add it to the poster.

On the back, youngsters can work together to log interesting facts about the period during which the triceratops lived!

5. Make a Hilarious Hanging Ornament

Two Triceratops coloring pages are needed for this craft: an adult and a baby Triceratops.

Both the adult and the baby Triceratops should be colored and cut out, and a small hole should be carefully punched in the bottom of the adult figure and in the top of the baby.

Craft eggs are then strung to a piece of colorful yarn, with the full-grown Triceratops at the top, and the baby at the bottom.

The dinosaur “eggs” in between can be colored or left white on this hilarious hanging ornament. 

6. Laminate Beach Shoes or Crocs

Crocs or beach shoes are the perfect surfaces to decorate with a Triceratops.

Youngsters with old shoes they want to fancy up should color two Triceratops pages and carefully cut the dinosaurs out.

Krazy glue should be used to glue one to each shoe, facing toward the child or the other way, depending on his or her preference.

Most importantly, though, make sure to laminate the surface with acrylic spray, and your youngster’s new beach shoes will last a long time!

7. Triceratops Treasure Box

Most children have at least a few toy dinosaurs, but if your child’s a real collector, show him or her how to make a Triceratops treasure box.

Using a shoebox, have your youngster color 3-4 Triceratops from various coloring pages, and use them to laminate all four sides of the box.

Next, use another Triceratops in its entirety to laminate the inside of the box.

Then use felts, pom-poms, wiggle eyes, glitter, and puffy paint to further deck out the box, making it a keepsake to remember.

8. Design a Square Puzzle

All youngsters love slider puzzles, and a Triceratops coloring page is perfect for a homemade version!

Use a smooth square to get started. A piece of corkboard laminated with plastic is perfect for creating the sliding surface. Make a cardboard border around the square to hold the pieces in.

The finished Triceratops page should be sealed in contact paper and cut into nine equal squares. 

When placed inside the square frame, the pieces will work just like the smaller versions of these puzzles!

9. Fun With Foam and Felt

For an engaging classroom craft with Triceratops coloring pictures, use a large piece of foam, and wrap it neatly in green felt, securing the felt at the bottom.

Have the children color their Triceratops and carefully cut them from the page.

A small piece of thick tape should be used to attach each Triceratops to a toothpick or straight pin and pushed into the felt structure.

The rest of the “landscape” can be decorated with craft flowers, plastic trees, and other items to create a realistic dinosaur-era scene.

10. Easy Triceratops Doll

Have your youngster make an adorable Triceratops doll with an empty toilet paper cardboard, some wiggle eyes, and a bit of glue.

Once the Triceratops coloring page is complete, the head and tail should be cut from the main body. The body should be used to laminate the cardboard roll, which is standing upright. 

Next, the head should be glued to the front of the cardboard roll at the top, and the tail glued to stick out at the back.

Complete this funny 3D doll with comical wiggle eyes.

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