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Trolls Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 34 Trolls coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Trolls, known for their wild hair, cheery personalities, and infectious happiness, have not only been a popular toy line, but they’ve also danced their way into TV shows and movies, captivating children worldwide!

For this collection, you will find many of the fan-favorite Trolls characters, such as Poppy, Branch, DJ Suki, Bridget, Queen Barb, Karma, and Moxie, among others! So, unleash your creativity and prepare to fill the Trolls’ world with an explosion of colors. Time to let your true colors shine, one Troll at a time!

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To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF copy on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Trolls Coloring Pages

Trolls are unique and interesting, so those coloring pages may start piling up quickly.

Here are 10 fun, affordable, and creative craft ideas your youngster can do with the finished pages.

1. Make a Hilarious Troll Ornament

This comical ornament only requires some construction paper and a few craft sticks.

When the troll is colored and cut from the page, it should be glued to a large craft stick to serve as its body.

Four smaller craft sticks are perfect for arms and legs. For an even more hilarious result, use fancy toothpicks for arms.

Using the appropriate colored construction paper, cut long strips and glue them on as the troll’s hair, positioning them straight up. The result is a hilarious troll ornament.

2. Trolls and Cloud Guy Team Up for a Funny Craft

For this funny creation, the youngster should color two of the popular trolls, such as Poppy and Branch, and carefully cut them from the page.

A homemade Cloud Guy can quickly be created with construction paper, cotton balls, and wiggle eyes. Pipe cleaners work great as arms.

A troll cutout can then be glued to each of the pipe cleaner arms, and when hung up, it looks like Cloud Guy is carrying the trolls into the wild blue yonder! 

3. Dancing Trolls

The famous party scene from the Trolls movie makes a great craft for any age child. 

Begin by having the youngster draw a party scene on a poster, making cuts here and there so that a craft stick can be slid through.

Next, when several trolls are colored and cut from the pages, they can be glued to small craft sticks.

These can then be placed through the slits, and the youngster can move the troll back and forth from behind the poster, making it “dance.”

4. Create a Funny Troll Headband

It’s easy to turn a little girl’s plastic hair band into a designer Troll accessory.

When she’s colored her favorite Troll, it should be attached to thin cardboard with invisible glue.

When cutting it out, leave a large tab of cardboard on the left or right side. Then, use yarn to make the “hair” extra long.

The tab should then be used to glue the Troll to one side of the headband, and the yarn stretched around the rest of the hairband to create a comical Troll accessory.

5. Homemade Portraits

For this great classroom craft, give each child four medium-sized craft sticks with which to create a homemade picture frame.

They can be decorated with puffy paint, glitter, or stickers.

Once they have colored and cut out a Troll “family,” the coloring pages can be trimmed to be slid into the “frames.”

Cardboard strips can be used to prop the pictures up, and they can be displayed like family photos on a coffee table or the child’s bureau!

6. A New Spin on an Old Craft

Since Trolls are known for big ears, youngsters will enjoy this old craft reinvented. 

Each child should color and cut out two Trolls and glue each one to an empty soup can with craft glue or rubber cement.

Wiggle eyes and shredded tissue paper can be added to embellish the face and hair, and a long piece of yarn can be used to connect the cans.

Youngsters can now play “telephone” with the ends of this handmade toy and hope their hearing is as good as the Trolls.

7. Salt and Pepper Shaker Holders

To make this fun craft, use ordinary cardboard and fashion two rolls that will easily fit over a salt and pepper shaker set.

Next, two of the child‘s favorite Trolls should be colored, and the pages trimmed to fit the cardboard rolls.

Using tissue paper, tufts of “hair” should be added to the top of the rolls. The bigger, the better!

Wiggle eyes and giant construction paper ears are great finishing touches, and these adorable creations can be used as salt and pepper shaker covers.

8. Fingers In Your Hair

For this hilarious craft, the youngsters should color and cut out their favorite Trolls, and on a separate piece of paper, trace and cut out one of their hands.

The troll should then be glued to the handprint, with its head in the center of the “palm.”

Next, cut curved slits in the Troll’s “hair” and thread the “fingers” up through for a hilarious piece of framable artwork!

9. Make Homemade Troll Pencils

You can buy Troll pencils, but it’s so much more fun to make them! This great classroom activity only requires pencils, glue, and some inexpensive faux fur.

The youngster should color a Troll with a head and fuzzy hair. When this is cut from the page, invisible glue should be used to attach it to thick cardboard.

Tape or Krazy glue can then be used to glue the base of the head to the top of the pencil.

Finally, glue some craft fur to the top of the Troll’s head for a super-funny Troll pencil.

10. Design Funny Troll Bookmarks

Youngsters won’t lose their place in any book with a cute, homemade Troll bookmark. Once the Troll is colored, it should be sealed in glassine and cut out.

The Troll’s arms should be cut away from the body, allowing them to slide down over the appropriate page and mark the book.

Use felt or faux fur, and wiggle eyes, to make this adorable bookmark even funnier! 

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