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Turkey Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Feast your eyes on these free printable and downloadable turkey coloring pages, which are sure to bring an explosion of color to your holiday celebrations! These sheets capture the spirit of Thanksgiving in its full glory, making the classic centerpiece of this holiday, the turkey, the star of the show.

For this series, you will find a wide range of turkey illustrations for all ages and skill levels, including cute turkeys for young kids, kawaii-themed turkeys, Thanksgiving-themed turkeys, turkey mandalas, and some Pilgrim and Native American-themed turkeys to name a few!

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To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Turkey Coloring Pages

Turkeys are fun, and turkey crafts can be quite hilarious.

Try these enjoyable activities to put your child’s turkey coloring pages to good use.

1. Abstract Turkey Art

Start this fun, decorative craft with an empty bathroom tissue cardboard, laminating it with a finished turkey coloring page.

Add big funny wiggle eyes, an orange construction paper triangle as a nose, and a tuft of red tissue paper as a funny tongue.

Next, using other turkey coloring pages, trace and cut out five or six feathers, and glue them to the back of the cardboard roll in a fan shape.

The youngster can use this fun turkey ornament at the Thanksgiving table and may even decide to make one for everyone in the family!

2. A Colorful Turkey Headdress

To make this hilarious headdress, start with a strip of black poster board fashioned into a band to fit the child’s head.

An orange paper triangle turned upside down is an ideal nose, and two white circles with the middles cut out make perfect eyes.

Decorate the rest of the band with cutouts from the finished coloring pages.

“Feathers” should be cut from other pages, their bases stapled together, and finally, the entire bunch glued to the back of the headband for a comical hat.

3. Make a Fun Turkey Centerpiece 

This easy, fun craft starts with cutting the end from wrapping paper cardboard and another from an empty paper towel cardboard.

When these are glued one on top of the other, it creates a perfect turkey head and body.

The turkey coloring page should then be trimmed in a fan-like pattern to look like a turkey spreading out its feathers. It should all be kept in one piece, though!

When this is glued behind the turkey’s “body,” and wiggle eyes and big pom-pom feet are added, it becomes a hilarious Thanksgiving centerpiece. 

4. Put on a Turkey Puppet Show 

To create this comical turkey puppet, have each child color two turkey pages.

From one, a turkey face should be cut out and glued to the paper bag’s bottom, which will ultimately be the puppet’s head.

Have the child glue the body to the section underneath and staple a large, empty red balloon in the crease of the bag.

When the child inserts his or her hand to make the puppet “talk,” the balloon tongue will flop around hilariously!

5. Turkey Party Hats

All the children need for this engaging classroom activity are turkey coloring pages, ordinary party hats, and some pipe cleaners.

When the coloring pages are finished, they should be glued to the outer surface of the party hats. They can be trimmed however necessary to make them fit.

Two giant wiggle eyes should be glued toward the top peak, and yellow pom-pom feet glued near the hat’s rim.

Finally, pipe cleaners can be bent to resemble feathers, which should be stapled to the back for silly party hats!

6. Thankful Turkey Craft

For this fun and meaningful craft, give each child a paper plate, and have them cut the fringed edge off, leaving just a plain circle.

When the page is finished, cut the picture into a circle about the size of the trimmed paper plate and use invisible glue to attach it.

Makeshift feathers can be cut from construction paper and glued behind the turkey’s body, and on each feather, the youngsters should write something for which they are grateful.

7. Hand Over the Turkey

All youngsters love this craft, and it starts by completing very colorful turkey pages and gluing them to thin cardboard.

The turkeys should then be cut out and glued to craft stick handles.

Using two or three different colors of construction paper, the youngsters should trace and cut out their hands and glue the cutouts in a circular fashion behind the turkey.

The hand cutouts make perfect feathers, and these cute turkeys can be taken anywhere.

8. Make an Accordion Tail Turkey

For this unique craft, have the youngsters color and cut out a turkey with their feathers fanned out.

Next, have them cut strips of orange, yellow, and red construction paper, and fold them up, accordion style, vertically.

When they’re stretched back out, glue them behind the turkey cutout, and mount the entire ensemble on a bright piece of poster board.

Small dots of glue will keep the accordion “feathers” in place, and the youngster has adorable, framable art.

9. Make a Turkey Style Autumn Flower Vase

This adorable craft starts with an ordinary paper cup turned upside down, which the child should laminate with orange construction paper.

Next, the turkey should be colored, cut out, and glued to the very front of the paper cup. It’s not necessary to fold it around the cup.

Feathers should be made and taped to the cup’s back from brown construction paper or poster board.

Cut a small hole in the cup, and flowers can be displayed in this cute turkey vase.

10. Turkey Takes a Walk

This enjoyable craft is surprisingly easy and starts with the youngsters cutting strips of brown construction paper and folding them accordion style to create bouncy turkey legs.

When their turkeys are colored, glued to cardboard, and cut out, the bouncy legs should be attached to the bottom of the cutouts.

When a hole is punched at the top and string added, the youngsters can make the turkeys “bounce” along on their accordion-style legs.

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