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Velociraptor Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Velociraptors are thought to be one of the most intelligent, cunning, and successful predators in the dinosaur kingdom. If you are a parent who has children that are fans of these dinosaurs, or you are an educator that is teaching a lesson about them, then this is the page for you!

Below, you will find 24 velociraptor coloring sheets that are all free to download and print! All you need is some paper, a printer, markers or coloring pencils, and a dash of imagination to bring these dinosaurs to life!

Velociraptor Coloring Pages Featured Image

For this series of printables, I illustrated a little something for everyone! Included are velociraptors with both scales and feathers, baby raptors, easy-to-color velociraptors for young children, realistic-looking velociraptors, plus many more.

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Velociraptor Coloring Pages

Although not as fierce as the T-Rex, Velociraptors are formidable dinosaurs. Here’s what to do with some of those adorable Velociraptor coloring pages:

1. Make a Velociraptor Crown 

All kids love to be king or queen for a day, and a Velociraptor coloring page is a terrific choice from which to make a paper crown.

Your youngster can even color two Velociraptor pages and fashion a crown in such a way that their hands are positioned in the front as if the two Velociraptors are reaching for each other.

This creates a funny scene where it looks like the two dinosaurs are fighting!

2. Hilarious Valentine’s Day Card

This fun craft requires a red or pink piece of construction paper folded in half, with a heart-shaped hole cut in the front cover.

A small piece of the paper should be left connected so that the heart can open and close like a window.

On the bottom page, the finished Velociraptor page should be attached so that the dinosaur’s face can be seen looking through the heart.

This creates a comical card in which your child can write the message of his or her choice.

3. Fire Breathing Velociraptor

For a fun gag, have your child leave his or her finished Velociraptor coloring page intact, cutting a small slit where the dinosaur’s mouth opens.

A party blowout is needed next, and this must be red!

The child can put the mouthpiece of the blowout through the slit from the front.

Then, when the page is held in front of his or her face, and the blowout extended, it looks as if the Velociraptor is breathing fire.

4. Pin the Tail on The Velociraptor

For this amusing craft, have your child complete a Velociraptor coloring page and cut out the character.

Next, the Velociraptor cutout should be glued to a thick piece of corkboard and a separate piece of paper used to create a dinosaur “tail.” 

With novelty store darts or darts from another game, your youngster and his or her friends can play “Pin the Tail on Velo,” at a party or any other time they want to have some fun.

5. A Prehistoric Craft

This interesting classroom or at-home craft is both fun and educational. Have the youngsters use Q-tips or similar craft items to create a Velociraptor skeleton. (This is surprisingly easy.)

Simply use glue to fasten the Q-tips onto the outline of the skeleton, and it will bring it to life.

Next, they should use staples or tape to attach their Velociraptor coloring page over the “skeleton” to give it a book cover.

A backpage can be added to write interesting facts about prehistoric times, Velociraptors, or other ancient trivia.

6. Funny Velociraptor Fans

This easy craft can be done in a jiffy. Once the Velociraptor page is colored, it should be folded accordion style, from left to right, or from top to bottom.

The flat side of each end should be glued to a craft stick. The craft sticks should be long enough so that there is an inch or two left over for the “handle.”

When the craft sticks are pushed together, nothing can be seen, but when they are separated and pulled back in a circle, the Velociraptor emerges!

7. Classroom Project Box Tower

For this fun classroom project, build a medieval tower out of boxes, and decorate it by having the youngsters paint on gray stones and ancient windows.

Next, they should finish their Velociraptor page and find strategic places to attach their dinosaurs to the tower once they have been cut out.

They can glue them on in funny ways, such as looking out of the windows, climbing the side of the tower, or standing on its roof!

8. Velociraptors Balloons

Helium balloons in different colors, scotch tape, and coloring pages are all you need for this engaging craft.

Give the youngsters helium balloons, and have them color and cut out one or more Velociraptors.

The key is separating the parts of the Velociraptor with scissors so that they can be attached to the balloon in different places.

Think of the balloon as the Velociraptor’s body: place one leg on either side, the tail coming from behind, and the head at the top. It looks surprisingly real when finished!

9. A Hungry Velociraptor Snack Plate

Making crafts works up an appetite, so let your youngster create a fun snack plate from a Velociraptor coloring page.

A large, plastic plate or square snack tray with a clear bottom and some invisible glue is all you need to make this adorable snack tray.

The page should be colored and left intact, then glued to the bottom of the plate, face up, using glue only around the outer edges of the page for a comical hungry dinosaur snack plate.

10. Have Velo Eat Up The Trash

A Velociraptor can be used to add a comical touch to a trash can. When your child is finished coloring the page, it should be left in its entirety, but laminated with glassine.

Next, use krazy glue to affix it to the outer surface of a small garbage can.

Coloring pages with the Velociraptor looking upwards work perfectly for this craft: it makes it appear as if the trash is being eaten by the Velociraptor when it’s tossed into the can!

Bob Borah

Saturday 20th of January 2024

There are wonderful artwork for my grandkids!

Monday Mandala Team

Monday 22nd of January 2024

So happy to hear that your grandkids enjoy the pages Bob! If they ever have any ideas for new pages, please reach out to us via our request page.

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