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50 Winter Party Themes For All Ages & Occasions

Wondering what to do this winter? Parties are a great way to gather friends and beat the winter blues.

If you are in need of some cracker winter party themes, you’re in luck! This article has several ideas to celebrate the season– whether you’re among adults, kids, college students, or coworkers.

Winter Party Themes For Adults

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Looking for unique ways to celebrate this season? This list contains creative ways for adults to party during those cold winter months.

1. Apres Ski Party

Are those ski resorts calling? Even if you can’t make it to the slopes, you can have the afterparty! Luckily, it’ll only be a fraction of what an actual ski holiday would cost.

Dress in your cheesiest apres ski attire– bonus points for those flashy 80s onesies. White balloons of varying sizes can create that snow-filled feeling.

Skiers get hungry so go for hearty and hot food like fondue or chili. Hot cider and mulled wine can be served in mugs– and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. To tie it all together, decorate the table with a wooden candle centerpiece, pinecones, and fresh evergreen sprigs.

2. Winter Costume Party

What’s great about a winter costume theme is that it’s just specific enough but allows for creativity. Dress like a tree, skier, snowman, Santa, or the Grinch!

Since you won’t need to do more than decorate for the holidays, a costume party can have a smaller budget. Adding some candles, poinsettias, and pinecones are just the finishing touches. Spiced drinks, egg nog, and hot cocoa keep guests warm as they nibble on ginger cookies.

If you’re already hanging up lights and wreaths this season, you may as well celebrate with an easy, built-in theme!

3. Black & White Ball

Black and White Ball

A black and white ball is a simple theme that creates an elegant ambiance. It’s usually a fancy affair, so let guests know to wear formal black and white attire. Once you account for dinner, decor, and party favors, a ball may require a high budget.

A sit-down dinner is a great way to start the evening– and you can’t have a ball without dancing. If you rent a space with catering and a DJ, it’ll be more expensive but take the pressure off hosting.

To cut costs, you can choose to host cocktails and dancing at home. Clear the living room furniture and hang streamers and balloons. Hand out white flowers and black masks as party favors.

4. Winter Solstice Dinner Party

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter. What better way to ring in a new season than with a ceremonious dinner?

This dinner is best with a group of 4-8, and each guest must have a lit candle on their place setting. Your budget will depend on how many guests you have and what type of food you opt for, but it can easily be inexpensive since it’s hosted at home.

Each guest can share their biggest challenge and hope throughout the dinner. After sharing the most challenging moment of the year, blow out your candle. Then share a hope or goal for the coming year, relighting the candle and beginning the new season afresh.

5. Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice combines opposing elements, light and dark, as well as cold and hot. Luckily, most items are already around your home or inexpensive to buy. Fire can be represented by candles, flames, and warm colors. For ice, use blue, white, and ice cubes– possibly even dry ice.

Have a contrast of hot and spicy food next to cold snacks and icy beverages. Fire foods can be fondue or spicy salsa, while ice foods can be cheese platters and white chocolate desserts.

Entertainment can include temperature-inspired karaoke. Get ready to rock out to Katy Pery’s “Hot N Cold” or Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

6. Hot Bevvies

Stay warm this winter with some hot bevvies! This theme is simple and easy to prepare. You’ll need to prep mugs and make sure there’s room for pots on the stove. This low-budget theme works well for groups of 6-12.

However, the guests are also doing some work. Have everyone bring their favorite hot winter drink: mulled wine, warmed eggnog, hot cocoa, tea, etc.

Once everyone’s grabbed a mug, cozy up on the couch for entertainment. Play a game of winter-themed Fish Bowl or Pictionary.

7. Casino Royale

Casino Royale

If it’s too cold to play outdoors, bring the games inside! A green tablecloth and black and red decor will set the scene for this night of bluffing and beverages.

Hire a dealer or learn the art yourself. Guests can play for money or glory but use poker chips either way. A casino party is usually in the medium-budget category, but if you rent or buy the equipment, expect to pay more.

What should you wear to a casino? Dresses, suit jackets, and maybe even a bowtie if you’re feeling fancy. Every casino has a bar, so prep those martinis… “shaken, not stirred.”

8. Speakeasy

A speakeasy theme is excellent for indoor parties. Make sure to include a secret password– and maybe have them enter through the backdoor to be safe. You wouldn’t want just anyone coming.

Light candles and brick wallpaper to create the right underground environment. Remove the labels from your alcohol or pour them into decorative pitchers like moonshine. Jazz music will help people travel back in time.

Bite-sized foods, cocktails, and champagne rule this party. Fancy alcohol and bubbly can increase costs, but hosting at home keeps this party in the medium-budget zone. So get ready for an intimate evening full of glitz and glam.

9. Wine Tasting

A wine tasting can be a stand-alone event or accompany another party theme.

This can be done in several ways. You can provide a selection, guests can each bring their favorite bottle, or you can hire a professional. Tell a story about each selected wine you or your friends are pouring.

However you choose, have the proper accouterments to cleanse the palate and soak up some alcohol. Cheese, olives, and fresh fruits pair nicely with wine.

10. Cocktail sampling party

For a cocktail sampling party, you’ll need to provide all the basics: glasses, ice, shakers, and garnishes. It also helps to have some bar staples like vermouth or bitters. Since guests are also bringing things, this party should be fairly inexpensive.

Each guest brings ingredients for their favorite cocktails– taking a stab at bartending. Sample the different flavors and pick a few favorites while catching up with your friends.

Include mocktail options for those driving or abstaining. Virgin peppermint white Russians are my favorites for the season.

11. Flannel & Fizz

Flannel and Fizz

Cozy up in warm flannel finds and defrost this winter! There’s only one simple rule at this party: everyone must wear flannel.

Think flannel for everything: printed napkins, tablecloths, and scarves as decor. Have some simple finger foods, flannel-frosted cake, and of course…bubbly! The cute theme carries this party, so you won’t need to break the bank.

A mix-and-mingle Bingo sheet helps get the party started. Create a black and red grid with silly targets to find someone who was “Born in December” or “Has an interesting winter hobby.”

12. Stocking Stuffers

This Christmas theme is less pressure than a secret Santa or White Elephant. Plus, the hard part is done if you’ve already decorated for the holidays!

You’ll need a Christmas stocking for each guest. Have everyone write their name on one as they enter and hang it by the fireplace.

Each person should also bring a small party favor they can put in each stocking stealthily. Cozy socks, holiday truffles, or candles work well. If you want to put something silly or risque– nobody will know it was you!

13. Winter Astrology

Instead of celebrating each winter birthday separately, enjoy astrology-themed parties! Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are the major signs of the season.

Hang planets, stars, and celestial-colored balloons to liven the party. Book a fortune teller or psychic, or try your hand at tarot card readings. While hiring people is costly, the novelty might be worth it.

A big galaxy-frosted birthday cake can be dedicated to all those born in winter. For out-of-this-world cocktails, infuse liquor with butterfly pea flowers. When mixed with super acidic juices like fresh-squeezed lemon, it’ll turn from blue to purple to pink.

14. Lunar New Year

Whether you are Chinese or just want to celebrate the culture, Lunar New Year is a fun way to go! The actual day is sometime in late January or early February, but the holiday is celebrated from the first new moon to the full moon during this period.

Lanterns, the zodiac animal of the current year, and a red theme are required. Guests should be encouraged to wear red as it symbolizes prosperity in the coming year.

Lunar New Year is a time of feasting, so provide plenty of food. Red velvet cake and red cocktails contribute to the overall theme. Although more American than Chinese, fortune cookies make a fun party favor.

15. Holiday Werewolf

Holiday Werewolf

This twist on the classic is great to play in groups. It’s easy to learn, moves fast, and gets the crowd interacting playfully. Holiday Werewolf is also great on a budget.

Gather elves, Santa, and an evil Grinch in this winter-themed Werewolf game. Pull from a regular card deck, assign each character a number, or print some from online art. Assign descriptions and abilities to each character.

As the host, you’ll need to craft a colorful story to move the game along. Will the Grinch steal Christmas? Or will the elves save the day?

16. The Nutcracker

People go nuts for this theme! Bring your favorite winter ballet into your home with a Nutcracker-themed party.

A big decorated tree sets the scene for the story. But if you only have a small one, just prop it up on a table. Play classical music softly in the background.

Display a few nutcrackers as the centerpiece and whole walnuts so party-goers can give ’em a crack! Sugar plum fairy cupcakes can dance around the cheese platter– a favorite of the infamous Mouse King.

17. Naughty or Nice Party

“He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…”

This naughty or nice winter theme is open to interpretation– just as the costumes should be. Go for classic Christmas decor, but play up good versus bad. Sprinkle a few devils and angels around the holly and candy canes.

Your guests can vote on who is actually naughty or nice, regardless of costume. The nicest wins a beautiful gift, while the naughtiest gets a large lump of coal.

18. Santa’s Workshop

Invite those busy parents struggling to find time this holiday season to Santa’s Workshop. It’s a time to sip on wine while wrapping the kids’ gifts. Plus, this party may actually save you money by sharing wrapping paper.

The main activity is already taken care of. Ask people to bring one roll of wrapping paper; everyone can mix and match for variety. Don’t forget a cheese board and your favorite wines to make gift wrapping more enjoyable.

This theme is excellent for parents who like to take care of business but also have fun!

19. Winter Woodland

Winter Woodland

Create a winter woodland right in your living room! Pull out all your wood displays, find some logs and pinecones, and hang cotton ball snow garlands. Bonus points if you have some deer antlers.

Little food descriptions can be written in chalk on white paper. Carrot and celery sticks with white dip are “deer food and snow,” and carefully shaped hummus with almonds can be fallen pinecones.

A winter woodland is inexpensive but may require more prep time and creativity.

20. See What You Snow Trivia!

This winter-themed trivia requires a hostmaster and 3-5 rounds of winter-related trivia. One category can be Winter Weather and include questions like “How many sides does a snowflake have?” or “What freezing temperature is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius?”

Party-goers can break off into teams of 3 or 4. Bonus points go to the best team name, so get punny with it!

This theme can play out like a real bar trivia, so have beer and drinks, finger foods, and a prize ready to go.

21. Santa’s Winter Brunch

Santa gets hungry this time of year– and so do all the parents! Everyone should bring their Santa hats and a big appetite for this indulgent party.

Feast on all the brunch favorites: pancakes, bacon, quiche, and fruit. Peppermint mochas or cranberry mimosas will pep up the party!

There’s usually lots to gab about over brunch. However, make some question cards to get new convos rolling. They can include questions like “What’s on your secret Santa wishlist?” or “What is your funniest holiday story?”

22. Introvert’s Party

Introvert Day is January 2nd, and what better way to celebrate than with a party? Invite all your favorite introverts, but let them know they’ll have to leave by 9 at the latest– you’ll need some alone time, after all.

Have some playfully decorated retreats, such as an introvert’s bubble or corner where they can seek refuge. Have some books, magazines, or coloring pages for people to explore solo or socially.

This party is a great way to celebrate everything that makes introverts the way they are– and it shouldn’t cost much, either. Plus, the disarming theme helps people have fun!

23. Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

If you’re not ready to let go of Halloween, here’s your chance to relive it! This spooky winter theme combines elements of both Christmas and Allhallows Eve.

Reuse that Halloween decor, but top those jack-o-lanterns with Santa hats. Purple and black-and-white stripes should dominate the decor. With a sharpie and white balloons, you can make your own skeleton friends.

Adults might be getting older, but we can still have fun! Get silly with some kids’ games like Pin-the-Tail on Jack, or set up a face-painting booth to create that skeleton-esque vibe.

24. Winter Queens & Kings

Think snow, silver, and everything white. Keep it classy, but don’t be afraid to add some glitter!

Some icy desserts include white meringue cookies, truffle snowballs, or nonpareil-coated pastries. Serve champagne flutes with rock candy, or add a sugar rim to cocktails.

Light dancing, mingling, and a DIY photo booth set the mood for this romantic, elegant theme. Who will be crowned the best queen and king of this icy ball? Wear your most regal white attire to find out!

25. Murder Mystery

Put on that detective hat and get ready to solve this season’s crime!

Murder mysteries have a plot line, character roles, clues, and a criminal. Online murder mystery packages are available with all the details and cost between $15 and $ 200. Choose a winter one and send out the roles ahead of time so guests can dress their parts.

The murder can take place over the dinner table or cocktails in the lounge. Wherever you choose, make sure everyone gets a turn in the hot seat so you can uncover the murderer among you!

Winter Party Themes For Kids

Are your children feeling cooped up this winter? Throw them a party with one of these fun, kid-friendly themes!

1. Snowman Competition

Do you live somewhere with snow? Then you know how much kids love playing in it! Plus, snow creates an easy, inexpensive way to have fun.

A snowman competition is an easy way to keep kids of all ages entertained. They can bring props to decorate their snowman, and they don’t even have to build a man. Encourage creativity by having them make funny characters or animals.

This activity takes a long time, and everyone should admire each other’s work or vote on their favorite afterward. Once the competition ends, participants will be ready to celebrate somewhere warm with hot cocoa and cookies.

2. Frozen Party

Frozen Party

Impress your kids with a Frozen-themed party. They will think it’s the coolest idea ever!

Kids can make Olaf from Ziploc sets of pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and a candy cane nose. If you want to play upon the story’s lesson, have kids share what makes them different and special.

Stick to blue and white for the color scheme and have white balloons with snowflakes hanging from the strings. Food can also follow the theme with popcorn balls and coconut-topped cupcakes. While these ideas do not require a high budget, they may take extra time.

3. Summer In January

Sometimes, you need a break from winter. Kids like playing makebelieve, so it shouldn’t be hard to get into the summer spirit! Crank up the heat and leave your coats at the door.

Clothing should reflect the season; the cheesier, the better…queue Hawaiian shirts. People can sip lemonade, eat ice cream, and snack on nachos.

However, the decor and music are what really set the vibe. Blow up that kiddie pool, add umbrellas to drinks, and go crazy with colorful balloons and flowers. Move furniture to create the perfect dance floor and let kids get down to hot summer hits.

4. Penguin Party

Do your kids love penguins? It’s no wonder. These sweet birds have unique features and an adorable waddle.

To create a penguin theme, use white and black colors with snow decor. Consider cutting out orange footprints and taping them from the street to your doorway. Use a white tablecloth with snow-like cotton balls and provide black, white, and orange food like Oreos and Goldfish.

Children can see how far they can waddle with a boiled egg balancing on their feet or try to find hidden fish around the home. If they need a rest, they can build an iceberg from marshmallows before they gobble it up.

5. Winter Snow Globe Party

Step into a snow globe to celebrate the holiday season. Turn your living room into the inside of one by hanging strings with cotton ball snowflakes and a picturesque tree in the middle. To further capture the magical mood, have kids make their own snowglobe!

Cut toilet paper rolls in half and decorate them with paint for the base. For the ball, you’ll need clear balloons, miniature styrofoam snowballs, and glitter. Half kids fill the balloons with snow and glitter, then blow up the balloon just enough to shape it into a sphere.

If making one isn’t enough, let them eat one too! Clear, sweetened gelatin cups can be filled with gummy bears and other edible treats. While all these materials are inexpensive, you’ll need time to prepare it all.

6. Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Christmas is the time to frost cookies!

You’ll need to make or buy many sugar cookies for this activity. You’ll also need piping bags and tips with different colored frosting. Some extra bits and bobs, like edible beads and glitter, add a nice touch.

Kids should get 5-10 cookies each and some extra snacks, so they’re not tempted to eat the art! Send the kids home with their masterpieces or have them divvy them out to the others on plates. Either way, everyone leaves with a plateful of beautiful sweets!

7. Snowflake Party

This winter crafting theme is a great way to kick off the cold season. Invite all the kids over to cut and decorate snowflakes. They can make their own designs from construction paper or use preprinted ones.

You’ll need a lot of paper and pairs of scissors. Consider asking a classroom teacher to borrow some kid-friendly scissors over the weekend. Show the kids a few samples and how to fold and cut properly before letting them explore independently.

When finished, have them hang some on windows or walls to show off their work. It’s a party idea that’s low-budget, calm, and great for indoors.

8. Write Letters to Santa

Do you remember writing letters to Santa? Create these beautiful memories with your kids by having a letter-writing party.

They can tell Santa why they’ve been good and bad this year, plus list the gifts they’d like. If kids are still developing their writing skills, adults can help. But make sure they sign it themselves, so it’s official!

Kids can enjoy Santa’s favorite snacks of milk and cookies, along with healthier reindeer favorites like veggies and dip. You can also consider a reindeer snack booth where kids can collect different cereals, nuts, and goodies in bags to prepare for Christmas Eve.

9. Snowball Carnival

Welcome to the snowball carnival! You’ll need a decent amount of prep for this theme and some supervision to make the kids play nice.

Set up pyramids out of plastic bottles and have kids knock them down or arrange buckets for a snowball toss. You can even have a snowball painting kiosk. White styrofoam balls will be essential for all these activities so order some online ahead of time.

Donut holes, cheese balls, and popcorn can keep those party-goers energized. But make sure they don’t mistake the yummy snacks for carnival activities!

10. Ice Age Party

Ice Age Party

It’s time to celebrate all your favorite sub-zero heroes!

You can find Ice Age backdrops and decorations online, or do it yourself for less! Blue, white, and icy elements take you back to the Ice Age. But don’t forget to include your favorite movie friends: a saber-toothed tiger, a wooly mammoth, a sloth, and a scrat.

Fill clear cups with blue jello, then top them with cream and a candy acorn to create a sweet treat. As a craft idea, have kids paint acorns and tie a string around them to make a necklace.

11. Winter Reindeer Party

At this party, the kids get to be reindeer! Start off making reindeer headbands by shaping brown pipe cleaner around the base.

Kids also love tying bells to strings to make jingle bell necklaces, but be aware these necklaces may be noisy!

Now that they’re ready to play, get started with some reindeer games. Play Pin-the-Nose on Rudolf or the

12. Freeze Dance game to Christmas music.

When it’s feeding time, the little ones can make reindeer snacks similar to ants on a log. Fill the celery sticks with peanut butter, and use raisins for the eyes, a grape for the nose, and broken pretzels as antlers. Enjoy!

13. Campfire

It might be cold out, but it’s hot by the fire! The campfire can be an outdoor firepit or an indoor fireplace. If you don’t have either, just create a ring of rocks with wood and pretend.

Set up a hot chocolate bar so kids can get creative with their cocoa. They can also roast marshmallows for smores. This can also be done in tinfoil packets in the oven if necessary!

Suggest the kids tell stories, sing songs, or play guessing games as a group as they cozy up by the campfire.

14. Decorate Christmas Stockings

Decorate Christmas Stockings

Do you remember how excited you were to pull out the Christmas stockings? Well, this year, help the kids make their own!

Buy simple red and white stockings for each child, and have lots of craft supplies. Glitter glue, markers, and fabric paint are great options. You can also provide cute holly or beads to glue on for a 3D effect.

Kids can create their stockings freely, but they must write their names on them first! We wouldn’t want Santa getting confused. Also, consider buying small stocking stuffers as parting gifts for each guest.

15. Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is a holiday tradition in which an elf figurine sits on the shelf or fireplace, observing the kids’ behavior during the day. It flies to the North Pole at night to tell Santa who’s been naughty or nice.

Tell the story of the Elf on the Shelf to hopefully inspire kids to behave well today. However, they should still have fun! Kids can cut elf ears from brown construction paper and glue them to a green headband.

As little helpers, they can team up to stuff stockings. One at a time, teammates can hold the stocking open while the other fills it with small items like beads and buttons using a spoon. The first team to fill theirs wins!

16. Three Kings Celebration

Three Kings Day is on January 6th and is a Christian holiday celebrating the Three Kings’ visit to baby Jesus.

Many families in Spain and Latin America have special traditions on this day. Children should leave their shoes at the door when entering. Fill them with toys and candy to be discovered upon exiting.

Three Kings Day is also a big reason to feast, so prepare lots of hearty food with Mexican hot chocolate and Rosca de Reyes bread for dessert. Consider making easy construction-paper crowns for kids to color and wear.

Office Winter Party Themes

Are you in charge of throwing the annual office party? Instead of throwing the same event every year, steal one of these fresh winter themes!

1. Christmas Karaoke

Bond with your coworkers over some good old-fashioned Karaoke. This theme requires a medium budget when done at home or a larger budget if you rent a space.

Depending on your group size, you may want to rent out a karaoke bar for the night. This way, all the drinks, and equipment will be ready to go. If you prefer to host it at the office, hook speakers up to a big TV and cast YouTube versions of karaoke songs for the crowd.

Make sure to provide a microphone and some props! Guests can sing classic Christmas carols but will fall off course as the night goes on.

2. Dunder Mifflin Christmas Party

Dunder Mifflin Christmas Party

If you’ve watched the office dynamics on the Office, you know just how awkward holiday parties can be. Embrace this with a Dunder Mifflin-themed Christmas party. It’s a low-budget theme that’s sure to get some laughs.

Barely blown-up balloons and sad-looking crepe paper give off those party-planning committee vibes. Include a sizeable yet simple banner with the words “IT IS THE HOLIDAYS” so everyone knows the occasion.

Snacks include vending machine favorites like chips, candy bars, and sodas. Micheal’s “homemade” potato salad, Dwight’s roasted beets, and Kevin’s jar of M&Ms are all staples. Host ridiculous office Olympics to see who can walk the furthest with a book on their head.

3. Re-gifting White Elephant

Not sure what to do with that ugly Christmas hat or infamous fruitcake? Here is your chance to offload some holiday undesirables! Save some money and get some laughs in return.

This twist on the white elephant requires employees to gift ONLY previously gifted items– even better if someone in the office gave it to you. If you want to keep all your past gifts, wrap up a hand-me-down or handmade gem, or head to the dollar store for something random.

Who knows… someone’s trash might be another’s treasure.

4. Winter Potluck

Keep it classy and simple with a winter potluck! Everyone from the office can bring their favorite seasonal dish or secret recipe. Buffet-style is always easy but supply enough plates, napkins, and silverware.

It’s also a good idea to divvy up the categories, so not everyone brings a casserole! Either the office can supply the beverages, or they can be assigned to employees. Winter classics include eggnog and mulled wine.

Potlucks are a great way to bring people together and share the cost of cooking. Combine a potluck with activities such as a white elephant, karaoke, or a talent show to make it a party.

5. Talent Show

Do you have a secret talent you’ve been dying to show off? Or do you just want an opportunity to laugh at your coworkers? An office talent show provides both!

Set the stage for the big production. Depending on the number of employees, you may need some lighting and a microphone. Provide seating so people can get cozy and pay attention to the show.

Coworkers can perform magic, comedy, or even a Tik Tok video. Maybe someone will build the highest Jenga tower or show off fancy bartending skills. The best in show can receive a fancy ribbon– and perhaps they deserve extra vacation time…

College Winter Party Themes

You’ve worked hard all semester and deserve to celebrate! These party themes are the perfect way to ring in the new year with friends.

1. Winter Scavenger Hunt

Winter Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an active party option. It’s best done in one area of town, so nobody has to drive, but make sure all teams are equipped with a smartphone camera and the list! You can hire a scavenger hunt company for a moderate price or create your own.

Have your guests bounce around searching for things or completing ridiculous tasks. They might need to take a picture on Santa’s lap, build a snowman, or find a functioning fireplace. But you’ll need picture evidence for points!

Teams should have a start and end time to make things fair. At the end, meet at a cafe or house to count points and celebrate the winners. These hunters might return hungry, so order some pizza or prep snacks for their return.

2. Winter Prom

Most people didn’t love their prom. So why not have a re-do? Give your friends enough notice to ask dates and find dresses.

Corsages and boutonnieres are great party gifts if you can get your hands on some. Finger foods and a punch bowl will bring you back in time. You can also set up a DIY photo booth with silver streamers for those classic prom portraits!

A cheesy DJ or playlist is an absolute must. Play high-school throwbacks and mix in some slow songs so people can awkwardly ask each other to dance.

3. Winter Olympics

Why watch the Winter Olympics when you can partake in your own? Ignite that competitive spirit with some silly, winter-themed games.

Each team can be a color of the Olympic banner. Colored headbands, bandanas, or ribbons can help build that team spirit.

Have a cross-country (or kitchen) skiing race on dishrags or appoint a panel of judges to rate ice skating imitations. For winter shotput, see how far everyone can throw a snowball. Keep track of scores and make sure they’re visible, so everyone knows how they stack up this season.

4. Snowman Party

This cute, wholesome winter college theme is a great way to host your friends during the holiday season. Plus, you won’t need to go out and buy a costume! Guests can come dressed like snowmen in all white, scarves, and anything else that inspires them.

You can also play a snowman game. Split the party into a few groups and give them a roll of toilet paper. Give them 5 minutes to wrap a member in paper and decorate them with anything they find lying about.

For hungry snowmen, noses and buttons should be served… I mean carrot slices and raisins, of course! If they get thirsty, have a pitcher of ice water labeled “melted snowmen” in honor of their fallen friends.

5. White Walkers

White Walkers are the zombies of winter, and guests should dress accordingly!

The decor should be all white and slightly spooky. Opt for skeletons and white ghouls over snowflakes! Consider playing the “ice cube” challenge to see who can hold an ice cube in their hand the longest.

A display of stacked brownies can be labeled “The Wall,” while deviled eggs can be “Dragon’s Eggs.” Add some blue-dyed ice cubes to a white Russian or milk to turn it into a White Walker cocktail.

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