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Wonder Woman Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 24 original Wonder Woman coloring pages that are entirely free to download or print! I included many versions and styles of Wonder Woman, from the iconic classic look, fierce warrior stance, cute kawaii Wonder Woman, Lego Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman with fellow superheroes, and many more!

These printables are perfect for young ones (and adults, too, of course!) who are big fans of Wonder Woman and the DC Universe. Whether you are looking for an artsy activity, party decorations, or a lazy afternoon craft project, these coloring pages will cover all the bases!

Wonder Woman Coloring Pages Featured Image

To print or download any of these coloring templates, click any of the below images or links, which will open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. For tips on coloring these Wonder Woman-themed printables and more craft tips, make sure to see my list further below!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Wonder Woman

Coloring the iconic superhero Wonder Woman is exciting for any child.

You can use the 10 affordable and fun craft ideas below to preserve all your child’s hard work on those pages.

1. Easy Abstract Artwork

For some abstract artwork, the youngster should finish the coloring page and cut out the head separately from the body.

When glued to the craft stick, leave an inch of space in between the head and the body for the child’s initials in puffy red paint.

Next, black yarn, arranged like hair, should be glued to a blue poster board, and the craft stick glued on top, creating a cohesive design.

Add red and white stars in the background, and this unique, abstract piece of art is ready to frame and enjoy!

2. Becoming Wonder Woman

This fun craft will make any little girl smile. Once the youngster has finished the coloring page, she should cut out the face area and then glue the page to a plain piece of poster board.

The youngster can then draw her own face inside the empty space. Depending on the child’s preferences, it can be drawn in a funny, serious, or abstract style.

Then, underneath the figure, she can write, “(Name) is a Wonder!” And tell a heroic deed she plans to do now that she has superpowers!

3. One-of-a-Kind Bedroom Decoration

This unique craft is perfect if your child has a bed with posts!

The youngster can start by making a paper chain from some of the finished coloring pages and hooking one end to each post at the foot or the head of the bed.

When Wonder Woman is colored, she should be sealed in glassine and cut out.

The cutout can then be glued or taped to the center of the paper chain for a one-of-a-kind Wonder Woman decoration.

4. Wonder Woman Paper Doll

Wonder Woman is perfect for making a paper doll. The youngster should choose one page for the doll and the other pages for the “clothes.”

The primary character should be glued to cardboard after it’s colored and cut out.

Then, the child can use other coloring pages to change Wonder Woman’s outfits.

All the youngster needs to do is make a few small squares when cutting out the clothes so that the tabs can be folded around the cutout for a terrific paper doll!

5. Create a Wonder Woman Comic Book Page

All kids love comic books, so why not let your youngster make a Wonder Woman comic book page?

Start this craft by letting the youngster color a simple freehand scene. Next, from the white poster board, cut out “text bubbles.” 

Once Wonder Woman is colored and cut from the page, she can be glued to the scene wherever the child chooses.

Add the text bubbles, and let the youngster create some fun dialogue!

6. Make a Diary Cover

Many little girls keep diaries; nothing can make the diary more fun than a Wonder Woman cover.

Once Wonder Woman is colored, the page can be trimmed to the size of the diary’s cover. Craft glue works best to attach the trimmed page.

The youngster can then embellish the cover with glitter, craft jewels, and even black puffy paint for hair.

Finally, seal the entire ensemble in a carefully trimmed piece of contact paper, and your child will have a shiny new cover for her diary!

7. Make a Fun Desktop Decoration

Cut an empty paper towel roll down to about two-thirds, and carefully cut Wonder Woman from the finished coloring page.

Invisible glue can be used to glue the cutout to the cardboard roll. Next, cut several long strips from black construction paper, curling them up at the ends.

These can be glued all around the top of the roll to create a fancy fringe. Add red and yellow pom-poms around the bottom, and your youngster has a colorful decoration.

8. Make Wonder Woman’s Famous Bracelets

All youngsters know about Wonder Woman’s magical bracelets, and making them from coloring pages is loads of fun.

All you need for this craft is an empty wrapping paper cardboard, some glue, and the coloring page.

The ends should be cut off the cardboard roll and then cut completely across to create a cuff bracelet.

It can be decorated however the youngster wants with characters and logos from the finished pages. Be sure to seal the artwork with acrylic spray!

9. Easy Wonder Woman Centerpiece

For this easy craft, Wonder Woman should be colored, carefully cut out, and glued to the front of an inexpensive vase. A coat of acrylic spray is ideal for sealing the artwork.

Next, from yellow and red construction paper, let the youngster trace, cut out stars, and staple them to green pipe cleaners.

When the pipe cleaners are placed inside the vase, your child has a unique Wonder Woman centerpiece to enjoy!

10.  Make a Sparkling Wonder Woman Shield

A dazzling Wonder Woman shield is an easy craft for any child and begins with tracing a shield on a piece of white poster board using a black permanent marker. 

Decorating the shield is the best part since it’s limited only by the child’s imagination.

Several Wonder Woman pages can be used, featuring the superhero herself, logos, or her famous bracelets. Add these in a specific pattern or simply at random!

A piece of twine stapled to the back is a perfect handle, and the shield is ready to go.

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