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Zelda Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 original Zelda coloring pages (illustrated by me) that are all free to download and print! Growing up, I was lucky enough to have an N64 in our household, which got me hooked on the Nintendo universe, and, more specifically, Zelda!

For this series, I drew many characters, scenes, and styles of Link from Zelda, including cute baby Link, Link from various Zelda games, Funko Pop Link, Princess Zelda, Epona (Link’s horse), Ganon, and many more!

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These printables are great for kids and adults who are looking for something artsy to do, while also coloring in one of their favorite video game characters. Also, these sheets can make for great party decorations, banners for a Zelda-themed birthday, scrapbooking, plus many more activities!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to do with Zelda Coloring Pages

There is a reason Zelda’s a popular character among many children.

If you’re wondering what to do with Zelda coloring pages, the possibilities are endless! Choose from some of these great ideas below:

1. Create a Zelda Bracelet

Although it may not last forever if your youngster actually wears it, one fun way to use a Zelda coloring page is to cut it into the pattern of the iconic Zelda bracelet.

However, keeping the paper bracelet as a novelty is almost as fun as wearing it. It can be hung on fairy lights or placed on a gaming desk or bureau.

2. Make the Page Pop

To turn a Zelda coloring page into a true craft, don’t just color it! Give children extra items to make their pages pop.

This includes silver glitter that can be used to embellish Zelda’s sword, and stickers in the shape of stars to place on her shield.

The youngsters may even want to add some colored yarn for hair or tiny wiggle eyes to make Zelda look as if she’s come to life. 

3. Give Zelda Whole New World

For a fun craft with Zelda coloring pages, pass out some cardstock or poster board in bright colors that children can cut into a large circle.

The circle is an imaginary planet of the child’s making. Zelda can be cut out of the finished coloring page and pasted onto the planet.

The “planet” can be made as fancy or ordinary as each child wants, depending on how artistic he or she wants to get.

4. A Framed Picture for a Gaming Desk

To make a Zelda coloring page that will last a long time, use colored pencils instead of crayons for deeper color. Paste the coloring page onto a thin piece of cardboard.

Next, have the children choose bright colored paper frames for the coloring pages, to which embellishments can be added. 

The frames can be decorated with sword and shield stickers and a sheet of clear plastic is perfect to keep the coloring page in the frame on a gaming desk. 

5. Make Zelda Potion Bottles

To make a desk or bureau centerpiece with Zelda coloring pages, get some small clear plastic or glass candle holders and fill them with colored sand in the Zelda potion colors.

Cut the finished coloring page into the appropriate length strips and wrap the candle holders halfway up from the bottom.

This way, the colored sand is seen to indicate it’s a potion bottle, while the coloring page creates a cute border on the bottom half!

6. Design a Zelda Fan

For a super simple craft that’s a great classroom project choice, have the children take the finished coloring pages and fold them into the shape of an accordion to make a fan.

Attach the fan to a handle by simply squeezing the two ends together and gluing a craft stick to each side. Then use yarn or tape to wrap the ends together, and the fan has an instant holder.

7. Make Zelda Glow in the Dark

To make a Zelda coloring page extra special, have the children use glow-in-the-dark paint to complete the page instead of crayons.

Once completed, the page can be framed and hung on the wall in the child’s room. This is especially fun at night, when it will seem like Zelda has come to life and is “flying” around the room.

8. Craft a Zelda Shield

All a child needs for this fun craft is a large piece of poster board that can be cut into the shape of a shield. 

Markers or paints can be used to create a border, and the Zelda coloring page can be attached as the centerpiece of the shield.

A strip of stiff cardboard, with a square bent on each and can be glued to the back of the shield as a handle and a fun plaything has been created!

9. Line a Jewelry Box

A fun way to use a finished Zelda coloring page is as a jewelry box liner. Pick up a jewelry box or treasure box at a craft shop or discount store and trim the edges of the finished coloring page.

Use a small amount of glue to affix the page to the bottom of the box. Consider adding a clear, laminating sheet to the top of the coloring page to preserve it.

10. Write a Story With Pictures

For a fun classroom project, give each child a white, poster size paper and have him or her draw a monster or villian on the right half of the page. 

The kids can get as creative as they want when designing this “foe.” After they’ve created their monster, have them take the finished Zelda coloring page and glue it to the left half of the page.

Have them write one line describing who the monster was and how Zelda defeated it!

Zelda Coloring Pages Featured Image

Emma Lay

Saturday 30th of December 2023

Thank you for the coloring pages, I loved them (:

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Thursday 11th of January 2024

Thanks Emma! Be sure to check out our other Nintendo themed pages too :)


Wednesday 30th of August 2023

Thank you

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Wednesday 30th of August 2023

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