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Anime Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Unleash your inner Otaku with these 54 visually striking anime coloring pages that are completely free to download and print! These sheets serve as your portal into the world of anime, spotlighting many beloved characters and iconic scenes from celebrated series and films.

Included below are a diverse collection of anime illustrations, including Yugi Mutou with Dark Magician, Tokyo Ghoul, Young Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Samurai Jack, Princess Mononoke, Togepi, Attack on Titan, Astro Boy, plus many others that you can see below!

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To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Anime Coloring Pages

Here are 10 inexpensive, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Paper Dolls

It’s the easiest thing in the world to make paper dolls out of my anime pictures.

You’ll just print the figures you want to use onto cardstock, have your kids (or yourself!) color them in and cut them out carefully.

How closely you adhere to their outline is entirely up to you – for example, if you have smaller kids doing this craft, they can float around the lines rather more amorphously.

If you want to turn the paper dolls into more puppet-like figures, you can also paste extra-large crafting sticks to the back.

9. Picture Frame Anime

For this craft, you will need inexpensive 8.5 x 11” picture frames, which you can find at any dollar store in the home goods aisle.

You’re going to take out the placeholder picture and set the frame aside.

Then, you’ll print out whichever anime pictures you want to use, except you’re going to print the same picture multiple times using different colored sheets of cardstock.

Each color will be used for a different component of the picture, so for example, on the white paper, you’ll color in and cut out the main figure.

Then for, say, the green color, you’ll cut out the grass, and for the red color, a temple, and the blue, mountains.

You’re going to pick a sheet for the background and then arrange the pieces on it, gluing them into place.

Once everything is where it should be, you can put the master sheet into the frame to create a shadowbox-type feel.

8. Keychains

To make keychains from my anime pictures, you will need shrink sheets, which you can find on Amazon for less than $10 per pack.

Print the figures you want to use onto the shrink sheets and have your kids color them in with markers, then cut them out.

They’ll want to punch holes where they’re going to attach the keychain hardware before they go into the oven to bake (and shrink!).

Once they’ve cooled, you can attach the keychain hardware and start showing off your cool new accessories!


Some of the figures in my anime pictures make great standalone bookmarks (which you can print off onto cardstock and have your kids color in and cut out).

For others, you’ll need to add the simple step of pasting them to a rectangle of cardstock or construction paper about four inches by eight or 10 inches.

To resize the illustrations to fit those dimensions, you can use the rectangular selector to copy and paste the figure into a word processor document, then play with the dimensions there.

6. Jewelry

You’ll need lots of jewelry findings for this craft, which you can get at your local craft store or order online at Amazon.

Print the figures you want to use onto shrink sheets, have your kid color them in with markers, and cut them out.

You’ll have to decide beforehand which figures are going to need pliers to attach the findings and which can be hot glued; the difference is that the former will also need holes punched.

Bake the cut-outs, and when they’re cooled, you can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets!

5. Posters/Wall Art

My anime illustrations are honestly so detailed, if they were carefully colored in with high-quality markers or colored pencils, they would make gorgeous wall art.

You can frame them according to whatever your budget is and hang them up in groupings, like a gallery wall.

4. Findable Rocks

To make findable rocks, you will have to resize most figures from my illustrations down to about two or three inches.

Print them out, have your kids color them in and cut them out, then Mod-Podge them to smooth-topped rocks.

Once they’ve dried, you can join the findable rock craze and leave them at parks, trails, beaches, etc., to give joy to others!

3. Decorative Pins

To make cute pins out of my anime pictures, you’ll print the figures you want to use onto shrink sheets and have your kids color them in with markers.

Cut them out carefully and bake per the instructions. Once they’ve cooled to the touch, you can hot glue pinbacks to them. 

Let the glue dry completely before attaching it to clothes, shoes, backpacks, etc.

2. Dioramas

Turn your living room into a scene from an anime comic book, TV show, or movie – all you need is a big cardboard box and a little imagination.

You’ll turn the cardboard box on its side, and for additional ease of access, you can cut the top off, too.

Print the figures you want to use onto cardstock, have your kids color them in, and cut them out, leaving about an inch of paper beneath them.

They’ll use that tab of paper to fold underneath the figure and then glue it into place.

Get really creative with the background, creating a three-wall panorama to complement the colorful main figures.

1. Stickers/Decals

To make stickers or decals, you will need a Cricut or similar machine.

You’re going to digitally color in the figures you want to use and then print them out onto sticker paper or self-adhesive vinyl.

Using Cricut’s print and cut feature, you’ll feed the sheet into the machine and let it do all the work.

When it’s done, you’ll have nifty stickers you can add to your laptop, water bottles, notebooks, etc.

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