Good Vibes

Our take on the world of coloring and mandalas.

Field of Feathers

This was particularly fun to color. I'm quite a fan of using splashes of rainbows on my mandalas...

Bardo Journey

I love the combinations of colors on this mandala. The wavy lines throughout the mandala allowed for some fun creativity...

Bohdi Tree

I didn't get time this Sunday to sit down and color, so I actually colored this one today.

Blue Monday

I decided to make my Monday Mandala for today a happy one. I used blue as a main color but added some bright accent colors to make it seem a lot lighter and happier.

Temple of Fire

This is one of the more complex mandalas I have on file to color, which made for a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon binge watching Netflix and coloring.

Deer Park

Lately I've been enamoured with mono-chromatic coloring, but for this mandala, I wanted a varied splash of color.

Path to Gati

I normally start coloring from the center and go out, mostly so I can keep my colors in order. That might be a little evident here...

Naga of the Seas

I was super excited about coloring this and I knew exactly what color scheme I wanted to use before I even printed it out.

My First Color Mandala

I picked this design out of a book I had on hand. It reminded me of a coat of arms, and I wanted to reflect that in the colors I chose.