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How to Spot a Good Pencil Sharpener

You’ve done your research and finally got your brand new set of colored pencils, make the best of them by making sure you have a pencil sharpener that will maximize your coloring time.

  1. Unless you have a physical need for it, don’t get an electric pencil sharpener. Too often you’ll sharpen more than you need to, wasting precious color.
  2. Can you see how much pencil is being sharpened? Ideally you have a clear view of the blade doing the sharpening so you can see just how much of the color and point of the pencil is available. Also, you can adjust the sharpness if you can see the tip — do you prefer super sharp or slightly blunt?
  3. Hole size. Different pencils have different sizes, make sure you’re using as close to the correct size as possible to prevent breaking the lead/wax.
  4. Consider a sharpener specifically made for colored pencils. The colorant inside colored pencils is more delicate than lead, so regular pencil sharpeners can be rough and cause breakage.

My favorite sharpener is just an eyeliner sharpener, believe it or not! It’s not great for being on the go because it doesn’t have a cover to catch the mess, but you can find sharpeners that do.

This kind of sharpener is cheap, not super fancy, but does the job wonderfully.