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My First Color Mandala

I picked this design out of a book I had on hand. It reminded me of a coat of arms, and I wanted to reflect that in the colors I chose. Still inspired by then new markers I just picked up, I opted for red and yellow since it’s the closest thing I had to red and gold.

Red and yellow are not normally colors I would use, which is another reason why I chose them. 🙂 While I was coloring this, I was reminded of the Jack Whyte series “Camulod Chronicals” I read quite a few years ago. It’s a great collection of books about King Arthur and all of the people around him. Some of the books barely have anything to do with Arthur, detailing the adventures of Merlin and the like.

Medium: Prismacolor Premiere Markers

Source: Arabic Floral Patterns Coloring book, Nick Crossing