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monday mandala’s good looks are thanks to Hamdi. He’s the brilliant mind behind the site design, and is also the artist behind most of the awesome animal mandalas.

  • Anoosha G.
  • Karachi, Pakistan

Anoosha’s a vector wizard, and she’s the creator of many of the geometric mandalas you see here. If you like straight lines, you’ll love Anoosha’s work.

Varda’s behind most of the complex patterns you see at monday mandala. Take a look at her profile because she does great work with bright colors too.

  • Sasha S.
  • New Mexico, United States
  • Website

Sasha has a rich background in both fine art and engineering. She has a love of vibrant texture that is evident in her oil paintings, and she translates that into her coloring books and drawings at monday mandala.

  • Murray W.
  • Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Website

Murray’s background is watercolour/acrylics, but he recently discovered mandalas while trying out pyrography and is now hooked. He creates his mandalas starting from the center, and then works outwards, letting the design create itself. Murray hails from Scotland and recently retired from NHS Scotland.

  • Angela F.
  • Northern Territory, Australia
  • Website

Angela finds creating mandalas relaxing and calming, and that hand-drawing them creates a rhythm and flow that’s beneficial to her personal wellness. When she’s not creating, she enjoys four-wheeling and camping.

  • Tabby B.
  • Kentucky, United States
  • Website

Tabby took every possible art class she could while she was growing up. She rediscovered drawing through zendoodles and now combines hand-drawing with digital to create her mandalas.

I discovered coloring while I was going through counseling for anxiety and depression. Intricate mandalas became my favorite things to color, but there weren’t many available for free. monday mandala is a labor of love for me.