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10,000 Coloring Pages For All Ages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready for endless fun with this ultimate list of 10,000 coloring pages for kids & adults that are all free to download and print! And when we say ultimate, we mean it! This page includes all the coloring sheets found on this website in one place that is easy to navigate and will suit the interests of any child!

Included is a wide variety of coloring pages organized by topics, including animals, Disney movies and characters, popular video games, movies and TV shows, vehicles, dinosaurs, educational, nature, books, princesses, toys, and so much more!

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20 Craft Ideas To Do With These Coloring Pages

Do you have finished coloring pages piling up, or looking for a creative spin on how to use these pages?

Here are 20 fun and creative ways in which you can bring these printables to life!

20. Fact Booklets

When you’re learning about science, books can be a bit dry and boring.

Whatever is applicable, be it the solar system, frogs, vegetables, or even spiders, my kids sheets cover a wide range of animals, plants, and more.

Encourage children to look up facts about their topic and write them down on the page; have them color it in and then bind the pages together.

About five pages are ideal, and at the end, they’ll have a cute little fact booklet that they can trade with their siblings or other students!

19. Wrapping Paper

My coloring pages for kids print out just large enough to serve as wrapping paper for little boxes; or conversely, if you have access to a fancy printer, you could print out the sheets larger.

Whatever the case, get the children to color in the page of their choice and then teach them how to wrap a gift.

Also, if the recipient opens it carefully enough, they’ll have a bit of handmade art to hold onto!

18. Dioramas

For a fun craft that involves cutting with scissors and gluing, as well as the need for some shoe boxes, have your children or students make dioramas out of the coloring sheets.

You’ll need at least two sheets of the same page – one for coloring in the background and one for covering in the foreground objects.

Then you’ll have the children glue the background into the shoebox. After that, they’ll cut out the foreground objects, leaving about a half-inch of paper underneath each object.

That half an inch of paper is to fold back and create a “stand” for the object. Glue the “stands” into the shoebox, and voilà – you have a nifty diorama to show off.


My kids coloring pages feature all kinds of animals, plants and food, and some sheets feature illustrations that would make perfect bookmarks.

Encourage children to color in the object they want to turn into a bookmark and then have them cut it out.

You’ll need access to a laminator for best results – otherwise, the paper is too flimsy to withstand much use.

After the objects are laminated, take a hole punch to the top, about a half-inch in. Then string yarn through to complete the bookmark!

Also, they can make great Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts or birthday presents.

16. Face Masks

For a fun craft that is perfect for a birthday party, choose an animal coloring page where the animal’s face is large enough to cover a kid’s face.

Have the children color in the animal’s face, and then carefully, leaving a bit of white space around the outline, cut it out of the page.

From there, you, the parent/teacher/adult, will take a hole punch – or a pencil or pen – and put holes in the sides.

String twine or yarn through the holes; you can tie them up to create a closed loop, leaving an approximate amount of space for the children’s heads.

Or you can tie the twine or yarn to the hole and leave the ends dangling so that you can tie the mask onto the children for a more individualized fit.

15. Decorative Trays

For this craft, your kid/kids can turn a standard serving tray into a tray with their favorite thing!

First, have the children pick a page they want to color in.

You should be able to find small wooden trays at the dollar store for cheap (or one lying around the house), as well as Mod Podge and applicators.

Depending on the size of the trays, you might have to cut out a specific object; or, if you can, shrink the illustration down to fit.

After the picture is colored in, you’ll Mod Podge it to the tray. 

You also provide puffy paints or acrylics so that the children can also decorate the handles or the ridges of the tray.

14. Journal Covers

You can find inexpensive journals or notebooks at the dollar store, so this craft won’t cost a lot to make, and it’s perfect for gifting.

Let the young ones pick out one of our kids coloring pages (you might have to shrink it a bit to fit the journal) and shade it in.

Then, using Mod Podge or even just glue, affix the illustration to the front of the journal.

It’s perfect for a homemade birthday present for grandma or for the kids to keep themselves and write down their thoughts and feelings.

13. Keychains

Now, this craft suits older children in the eight to 12 age range, so if you have younger kids, this might not be the best activity for them.

You’re going to have the kids pick out a coloring page that they like (or choose for them if it’s part of a lesson) and then print it onto shrinking paper, which you can find on Amazon.

Have the kids color in the object they want to turn into a keychain and then cut it out. You’ll also punch the hole for the ring attachments.

The amount of shrinkage depends on what sheets you buy, so you’ll want to pay close attention to that. As the adult, you’ll arrange the objects on a pan and bake them.

Once the items have completely cooled, have the kids affix O-rings or whatever attachments you’re choosing to use to make the keychains.

12. Magnets

You can have children make magnets from my coloring pages in two ways.

First, you can print out the page they want to color in, cut out the objects on the sheet, laminate them, and hot glue magnets to the back.

Or you can print out the sheet of your choice at a lesser size and have the children color in the objects they want to cut out.

After they’re colored and cut, you can then Mod Podge them to the underside of glass stones, such as you’ll find in a craft store or dollar store.

Then, you’ll glue a magnet to the back. Voilà! You now have a custom fridge magnet!

11. Coasters

For a cute craft that encourages children not to put drinks on table surfaces (haha), you can start by purchasing ceramic tiles (or wooden ones, if you can’t find ceramic at the store).

Have the children pick out a coloring page with an object or design that they like and shade it in; then, have them cut out a square with the object or design being centered.

You can use spray mount to stick the tile to the square and then have the kids paint over a few coats of Mod Podge to seal the illustration and make it waterproof.

10. Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can turn any of my above coloring pages for kids into beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. This is a perfect craft to send home with students for Christmas break or to do with kids the weekend before.

Simply take the kids coloring page of choice – perhaps a cross or a Jesus illustration? But you could do fruit or even one of the Marvel sheets – and have the children color it in.

Then the kids will carefully cut out the main figure; after they do that, you’ll also want to write their name and the date on the back (the date is for posterity!). 

You’ll then have to laminate the cut-outs, then punch holes near the top. String ribbon through and tie it off, and you have yourself an easy but cute ornament for the Christmas tree!

9. Greeting Cards

You’ll first have to do a little magic on the computer to turn these coloring pages for kids into greeting cards.

Shrink the illustration of your choosing down to one-fourth of the page and put it in the bottom right corner.

After you print it, you’ll fold it in half short-end to short-end, then again, so that the illustration is on the front “page.”

Have your child (or children) color in the illustration(s), and make sure to write a message on the inside, whether it’s Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, or simply “Thinking of You”!

8. Gift Tags

Another cute use for my coloring pages for kids is as gift tags!

You can print off the illustrations you wish to use, get the children to color in the main figure and then have them cut the main figure out.

If there is room, they can write To: and From: on the front, where they colored; if there isn’t, they can write it on the back.

Depending on the size of the main figure, you might want to shrink it a bit before printing if the gift you’re giving is smaller.

7. Postcards

To use my kids coloring pages as postcards, you’ll need to do some magic on the computer before printing, namely, shrinking the illustration down to the right size.

You will also need a postcard-sized piece of posterboard – a rectangle about 4×6”. The illustration should also be about 4×6” (so you will likely have to cut it down).

Instruct the children to glue the illustration onto the posterboard. You’ll want a really tight adhesion, because if you’re sending it through the mail, it’s got to withstand some abuse.

Get the children to color in the illustration, and then you, as the adult, will draw in a few lines on the back, including one to separate the message section from the address section.

You’ll also want to draw a few horizontal lines in the address section.

After the children are done coloring and the lines are drawn in, pick a recipient, have the children write in a little note, address the postcard and put a stamp on it for mailing.

6. Plant Pot Decorations

To spruce up a smaller potted plant, you can get the children to color in the illustration of their choice – something with fruit or flowers would be ideal.

Then once they’re done, have them place the pot in the middle of the face-down page they just colored.

Instruct them to pull the paper upward, pleating as they go around the pot until all the paper is collected, then affix it with a rubber band or glue.

5. Dry Erase Boards

This is a fun and easy craft that also produces something usable!

Purchase an 8.5 x 11” vertical picture frame and dispose of the liner sheet.

Print off the illustration of your (or your students’) choice and have them color it in.

Then, you’ll put the illustration inside the picture frame as the background, and using dry-erase markers, you can write on the glass!

4. Mosaics

A pretty craft that is sure to delight is, instead of having the children color in the illustrations, have them fill in the illustrations with little bits of construction paper.

For smaller kids, you can use bigger pieces, and for older children, smaller pieces. Use rubber cement or Elmer’s Glue.

3. Gift Bags

Another cute craft for kids is to use my coloring pages for gift bag decoration.

You can have the children color in the illustration and then paste the whole page – or cutouts – into a gift bag.

It adds a nice, personalized touch to an otherwise blah bag.

2. Puzzles

Here’s a fun craft idea for kids – turn my coloring pages for kids into puzzles!

After children have colored in the illustrations, have them – or you – draw puzzle shapes directly on top in a thick black marker.

For younger kids, you can make the pieces bigger, and for older ones, you can make the pieces smaller. Have the children cut out the pieces and keep them in a plastic baggy.

1. Wall Art

This craft is simple and straightforward – and exactly what coloring pages were made for.

After children have colored in the illustration of their choice, mount it onto a slightly larger piece of construction paper to form the frame.

Then, prick two little holes near the top, thread string through, and tie off.

You’ve got a cute piece of wall art that is Louvre-ready!

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