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Monster Truck Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 32 monster truck coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These illustrations were a blast to do, as I got a lot of help from my two young sons, who are fanatical about monster trucks and were able to share with me the most popular ones.

Included in this series is a wide range and styles of monster trucks, including simple ones to color for younger kids, detailed ones for older kids, and iconic monster trucks, such as Mohawk, Megalodon, Max-D, Grave Digger, Dragon Slayer, plus tons more!


These printables are great for kids (both girls and boys) who are interested in monster trucks and want something creative to do. Once the pages are completed, they can then be used as decorations, wall art, cutouts for scrapbooking, school projects, plus many other uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Monster Truck Coloring Pages

Here are 10 cheap, fun, and creative craft ideas you can do with your completed coloring page!

10. Play Props

To make some play props, print off whichever illustrations you’d like and have your child color in the trucks.

Then, paste the sheet onto posterboard and cut it out, carefully following along the outline (smaller kids might need help getting around the wheels).

You can either leave the monster trucks as-is or paste a craft stick onto the back for easier handling.

9. Finger Paintings

Since monster trucks are known for getting messy, what better way to color them in than with finger paints? 

Set up your table with a drop cloth or vinyl tablecloth – anything that you can throw away or easily wipe down after.

Set up the kids with my illustrations and acrylic paints or something like the Crayola washable kids paint.

And then let the kids go to town on the coloring pages! No doubt they will create some fridge-worthy art.

8. Trucks With Moveable Wheels

For this craft, you will need two of whatever illustration you’re using (I recommend one where the wheels are perfect circles).

Have the kids color in the truck and cut it out. Then have them color in just the wheels on the other page and cut those out, too.

Line up the four wheels over the four wheels of the first illustration and, using a grommet tool eyelet hole punch, punch a hole right in the middle.

Then, place a grommet in the middle of each hole.

You can mount the monster truck on a piece of construction paper for a hanging craft or leave it free if you’re using it for play.

7. Posters

The kids will love making posters dedicated to their favorite monster trucks – perhaps they could even make the poster before attending a monster truck rally and bring it with them?

Choose the monster truck coloring pages of their choice and have them color in the trucks. Cut out the trucks and then place them strategically on a big piece of posterboard.

Write slogans on the poster: “Monster Trucks Rule!” or “This Is How I Roll.”

6. Collages

In the same vein, kids can make collages of monster trucks with my coloring pages to hang up in their room.

Have them choose whichever trucks they want to color and cut out, and then they’ll paste them onto the posterboard.

They can then go through monster truck magazines and cut out whatever catches their eye.

You could also have them “write” out different things in magazine lettering!

5. Journal Covers

Another adorable craft that is great for all ages is journal covers.

You can find blank journals on the cheap in most dollar stores, as well as Mod Podge and foam brushes.

Have the children choose and color in my monster truck printable and then either cut them out (if the entire page doesn’t fit on the journal cover) or leave them whole (if they do fit).

You can glue or rubber cement the illustrations onto the front of the journal, but I would also recommend Mod Podge, as it provides a seal against moisture.

4. Greeting Cards

Any of the above coloring pictures are ideal as greeting cards, whether it’s for another kid’s birthday or just a note to say hello to friends or family.

However, it does require a bit of magic on the computer first; before printing off my illustrations, resize them so that they are one-fourth of their regular size.

Then place the resized illustration in the bottom right corner of the page and print. You should be able to fold the paper in half once, and then again, and end up with the picture on front.

Have your child color in the illustration and add Happy Birthday (or whatever message is appropriate) on the front or inside.

3. Gift Bag Decorations

Another terrific for these pages is for decorating gift bags (perhaps in conjunction with a monster truck card?).

If the bag is smaller, you might want to resize the illustration before printing it off.

Have your child color in the monster truck(s), cut them out, and then paste them to the front, back, or both sides of the gift bag.

If you want to get super creative, you could also draw in a background, including a muddy arena and stands with a crowd in them.

2. Keychains

For this craft, you’ll need shrink plastic sheets, markers, a keychain ring and connectors, and access to an oven.

You’re going to print my monster truck onto the shrink sheets and have your little ones color them in with markers, then cut out the trucks.

You’ll need to punch a hole in the top (or wherever you want to connect the keychain ring) and then arrange the monster trucks on a baking sheet.

Bake per the instructions, wait until they’re cooled, and then attach the keychain connectors!

1. Gift Tags

Shrink my monster truck coloring pages to about a sixth of their regular size (or so that they’ll fit onto index card-sized cardstock).

Have your kids color in the trucks and then cut them out. Paste them onto the cardstock and write in “To: (Name)” and “From: (Name)”.

Take a hole punch to the tag and string ribbon or yarn through it to attach the tag to the gift.



Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Hi! My daughter is super into monster trucks right now because of her big brother. She has a Unicorn monster truck called Sparkle Smash. Any way that you could add a coloring page for this to the collection? Thank you!!


Saturday 9th of March 2024

@Monday Mandala Team, just saw them, they look amazing! She is so excited :D thank you!!

Monday Mandala Team

Thursday 7th of March 2024

Hi Kelly, that's fantastic to hear your daughter is so into monster trucks! "Sparkle Smash" sounds like an awesome addition to our collection. We'll get to work on adding a Unicorn monster truck coloring page shortly. Keep an eye on our site for the new addition, and we hope your daughter loves it!

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