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Tractor Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 20 original tractor coloring pages that are all free to download or print! When my youngest boy was a toddler, he was fanatical about all things tractors. He just couldn’t get enough of them! This meant pulling over and making detours whenever he saw one outside the car window.

I had this in mind while illustrating this series and was sure to include various tractors, including big and small ones, very simple and more detailed tractors, famous tractor brands, different types of tractors, tractors in various settings, and many more!

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These printables can make a great activity to do alongside a YouTube video of tractors in the field or just a stand-alone craft project. Once the coloring pages are complete, they can be hung on the wall as art, turned into placemats, book covers, plus many more uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Tractor Coloring Pages

Tractors are a fun type of coloring page for kids of all ages, and the possibilities are endless. The following are the top 10 craft ideas to make with finished tractor coloring pages.

1. Make a Clever Paper Weight       

This fun craft is completed by finishing a coloring page and using it to embellish a rock for a fancy paperweight. It’s okay if it gets crinkly, that makes it more fun.

Ideally, find a smooth, medium-size rock, and use rubber cement to wrap the coloring page around it. Laminate it with acrylic spray and let it dry.

It’s also fun to make two to use as bookends for paperback or hardcover books.

2. Make a Unique Fly Catcher

Any child who wants to put a tractor coloring page to good use will love this craft. This is completed by cutting the tractor out and mounting it on a piece of corkboard.

Next, punch a hole through the corkboard and thread a piece of colorful yarn through so you can hang up the finished craft.

Get approximately 6 inches of sticky paper, and attach it to the bottom of the tractor cutout. Once the tractor has caught a fair amount of flies, your child can start again and make another.

3. Never Lose the Tractor Key

A finished tractor coloring page can be used to create an interesting key ring. Don’t be afraid to make a giant one!

Color the tractor in nontraditional colors, such as neon. Cut it out and affix it to a piece of stiff cardboard, then laminate it with clear laminate paper.

Punch a hole in the top with a hole punch and use a piece of yarn, or a one-inch split round craft keychain, and no more searching for the riding mower key!

4. Laminate a Favorite Insulated Drink Container 

Anyone who spends time on a tractor probably does it outdoors. Why not take that finished tractor coloring page and use it to decorate an insulated mug?

All you need to do is measure the circumference of the mug and cut the finished coloring page accordingly.

A simple glue stick is all that’s needed to affix it to the cup. Add a coat of acrylic spray, and you have a great decorative cup.

5. Make a Homemade Visor

Visors are fun to wear, especially when they’re made from an original coloring page. Use a visor template to trace the appropriate shape, and cut out the finished page.

Mount it to a thin piece of cardboard, from something like a used cereal or cracker box.

Use pipe cleaners for the arms, and this fun visor can be worn just like one from the store. Dad or mom might even use it when mowing the lawn.

6. Help the Parents Get Organized

Any child will have a good time with this fun craft. Use an old shoebox and decorate it on all four sides with one or more finished coloring pages. 

The top of the shoe box can be decorated as well! Use one final coloring page and laminate the inside.

The shoebox has now become a perfect gift for anyone who needs to keep track of nuts, bolts, or other small items.

7. Design Colorful Party Hats

Tractor coloring pages make fun party hats. Use large-sized coloring pages for this craft to make sure the hats fit everyone.

Color the tractors in bright shades of yellow or green to make them stand out, and follow the classic party hat template. (These are easy enough for any child.)

For extra fun, have each child write his or her name on the front of the hat!

8. Decorate the Inner Lid of a Toolbox

A finished tractor coloring page is great for decorating the inside lid of a toolbox. Most toolboxes are the perfect size for this craft.

The tractor can be cut out, or the entire page can be used for this craft.

Use all-purpose glue to attach the coloring page, but make sure to laminate it with acrylic spray to keep it nice.

9. Make a Homemade Welcome Mat

It’s easy to make a welcome mat with a finished tractor coloring page. 

Use a piece of corkboard, vinyl, or engineered wood and laminate the coloring page on both sides, using two layers of laminating paper on the bottom.

Use rubber cement or carpenters glue to attach the laminated coloring page to the corkboard. If you don’t use it too hard, your welcome mat will last for a long time!

10. Design an Original Hanging Decoration

To make this great craft, a giant piece of black poster board should be used to fashion a tire. A child can decorate the tire with black glitter, shiny black paint, or anything similar.

The colored tractor can be cut out and attached to the tire’s center. Next, make a hole at the top of the black circle.

Use colorful yarn or ribbon to create a way to hang it and attach it to a rafter, hook, or even a ceiling fan chain for a fun decoration in a shed or garage.

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