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Toy Story Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 34 original Toy Story coloring pages that are all free to download and print! When I watched the first Toy Story movie as a child, it encapsulated me as I had never seen anything like it. Fast forward a few decades, and this same marvel still continues with my and many other kids.

For this series, I created a wide range of Pixar Toy Story illustrations, including iconic characters, popular scenes from the various movies, plus many other Toy Story-inspired coloring pages!

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These printables are great to color in while watching a Toy Story movie or even just for a standalone craft activity. Also, these pages can double as free party decorations, wall art, placemats, plus many other creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Toy Story Coloring Pages

An all-time favorite movie, youngsters everywhere love Toy Story. Here are some great ways to use your finished Toy Story coloring pages that kids will love:

1. Make Original Paper Dolls

Why pick just one favorite character from Toy Story? Print several coloring pages to create paper dolls.

Have the youngsters color and cut out their characters, and laminate them or attach them to stiff cardboard. Sheriff and Bo Peep are excellent choices for this craft.

With other finished coloring pages, outfits can be cut out to place on the different characters. 

The sky’s the limit with this craft, since the children can create any kind of outfits they want.

2. Bring the Toy Story Aliens to Life

Most youngsters love the little green men from Toy Story, so they will definitely enjoy giving them their own planet. 

After coloring their little green friends, the characters should be cut out and set aside. Next, have youngsters draw an imaginary planet on a piece of poster paper.

The little green men cutouts can then be glued to the planet where they will feel right at home!

3. Give Rex a Big Roar

Youngsters will enjoy helping Rex to achieve that loud roar he always wanted in a Toy Story.

For this easy craft, a finished Rex coloring page can be cut out and pasted onto a poster board. 

The youngsters should decorate the background of the poster board with freestyle art.

After Rex is affixed to the poster, cotton balls covered with red glitter or red felt can be used to create the illusion of Rex loudly roaring or even breathing fire!

4. Make a Funny Crown

Billy, Goat and Gruff, those three billy goats that share the same body, are a terrific choice to make a hilarious paper crown.

After the three characters are colored, the page should be cut in such a way that Billy, Goat, and Gruff are front and center. The surrounding paper can be used for the sides and back.

Gluing the crown to construction paper in advance is a good idea, since this will give it the perfect stiffness for a crown.

5. Design a Bunny Toy

If your child’s Toy Story fav is Bunny, grab an empty toilet paper roll and green pom-poms, and you have a great craft idea. 

Use the Bunny coloring page to laminate an empty toilet paper roll. Use the leftover paper from the page to create rabbit ears.

Staple these to one end of the roll and underneath. Then, glue on wiggle eyes, and a green pom pom for Bunny’s nose.

This cute craft can be placed on any flat surface, where it will stand on its own.

6. Make a Hilarious Poster

For this fun classroom activity, separate the children into groups of eight and have them work together to color a giant purple octopus on a posterboard.

Next, have each child color his or her favorite Toy Story character and cut it out.

One or two cutouts can be glued onto the end of each octopus tentacle, making it look like the big purple fellow is holding all the different characters.

These make hilarious posters for a classroom or for the kids to take home.

7. Design a Unique Sheriff’s Badge

All kids want to be the sheriff when playing a game, so why not let them all make a sheriff star out of a Woody coloring page?

This craft is as easy as tracing a star onto the coloring page, and carefully cutting the page out. For extra fun, make sure Woody’s face ends up right in the middle of the star.

The star can then be laminated, and a tiny safety pin can be used as a way to wear the badge anytime!

8. Have Ducky Do Some Dusting

For a super-fun craft, use a Toy Story coloring page to make a Ducky feather duster.

Take the finished coloring page and wrap it around the cardboard from an empty roll of paper towels.

Then, take a generous amount of yellow craft feathers and staple them inside at the top of the roll.

Use wiggle eyes and an orange pom-pom to give Ducky a face, and use a long craft stick, wooden knitting needle, or even a chopstick to give the duster a handle.

9. Make a Slinky Dog Ornament

It’s easy to make an ornament from a Slinky dog coloring page. But first, make a paper chain from brown construction paper.

Then, cut out Slinky’s head and arms, and back legs and tail from a finished coloring page, and attach them with tape or staples to the ends of the paper chain.

Attach one end of a new string to Slinky’s head, and the other to his tail. The string can then be used to hang him on a wall, a door, or even a Christmas tree.

10. Create a 3D Toy Story World

Children can work in groups or individually to create a fun 3D world with their finished coloring pages. Construction paper, poster board, or anything similar can be used as a base.

Youngsters can cut out various characters from finished Toy Story coloring pages and paste them to this background.

They can then be decorated with pom-poms, wiggle eyes, glitter, puffy paint, and various other craft items to make them “come alive.” 

As many or as few characters can be used as desired and this craft is limited only by the children’s imagination.

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