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Moana Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 39 original Moana coloring pages that are all free to download and print! I was spoilt for choice while creating these drawings, as there are so many great characters, scenes, and meaningful moments from this iconic Disney movie to choose from!

While I illustrated Princess Moana and Maui for this series, I also included other fan favorites, including Hei Hei the chicken, Pua the Pig, Mother Nature, the coconut pirates, baby Moana, Tamatoa the crab, plus many others, which you can see below.

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These Moana printables are sure to provide hours of fun entertainment, whether you are stuck inside during a snowy day, looking for a relaxing afternoon activity, or even for creating some fun party decorations!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Moana Coloring Pages

Moana is an enduring favorite among youngsters, so it’s no surprise that Moana coloring pages are popular.

Here are some outstanding ways to put those pages to good use.

1. Moana Sails Away

All kids love making paper boats, so have them create one with the template of their choice and place Moana inside! This coincides with her theme, and it’s also incredibly fun. 

Once Moana is colored, it’s easy to put her inside the boat by cutting the figure out and gluing it to a piece of cardboard.

Next, glue the cardboard to a medium-size craft stick, cut the stick down to size, and glue it to the inside of the boat for an adorable craft.

2. A Beautiful 3D Hanging Ornament

For this craft, Moana should be colored and carefully cut out, with cardboard attached to the back of the cutout to make it sturdy. Then it should be glued to a large craft stick.

Brown or black yarn works great for hair, green tissue or crêpe paper for a grass skirt, and craft eyes to make a cute expression.

When finished, a string can be attached to create an awesome hanging ornament.

3. Tamatoa Comes to Life

This craft is easy for any age child and results in a funny piece of art. First, carefully trim the edges of the coloring page to create a circle.

Glue the circle to the back of a large paper plate. Red or purple construction paper can be used to design Tamatoa’s legs, which are then attached to the plate’s underside.

This makes the crab look very lifelike. Use funny wiggle eyes so Tamatoa can see, and paint a mouth with puffy paint to complete this hilarious craft.

4. Pua Piggy Bank

Any novelty store piggy bank works for this craft! Moana’s favorite pig is Pua, so why not turn him into a bank? Two identical coloring pages will be needed.

Once Pua is colored, have the youngster carefully cut it out and glue it to one side of the piggy bank, repeating the steps on the other side.

It’s important to laminate the piggy bank with acrylic spray, however, so it lasts for as long as your child wants to save money!

5. Design a Moana Necklace

This craft is a big hit with little girls who are anxious to start wearing jewelry. The best Moana coloring page for this craft is one where she is holding her oar behind her head.

Once Moana is finished, she should be cut out and laminated with contact paper or glassine. 

Colorful embroidery thread or yarn can be threaded through the spaces created by the oar. 

Tie the string in a double knot to secure it, and your child has an adorable Moana necklace.

6. Make a Moana Tiki Torch

All you need is a cardboard or paper-mâché Tiki torch, easily found online or in a craft store.

Laminate the Tiki torch with the finished Moana coloring page. If it’s a large one, color other characters from the Moana story to laminate the other sides.

Place a tea light inside the torch instead of using fire, and the youngsters can light their way through the jungle on their missions with Moana!

7. Moana Paper Doll

Find a full-length version of Moana for this coloring page, where she’s standing rather than sitting.

Once she’s finished, she can be cut out and attached to stiff cardboard or poster board.

Construction paper or other coloring pages can be used to create different outfits based on the story. 

Youngsters can make anything from grass skirts to modern outfits and give Moana a different look every day!

8. Create a Cute Headband

This craft is easily completed with a simple plastic headband from any discount store. 

The Moana character should be cut out from the finished coloring page, leaving approximately one inch of extra paper at the bottom.

Krazy glue should then be used to glue the cutout to thick cardboard. 

The extra piece at the bottom can then be glued around the underside of the headband for a Moana tiara. For extra fun, color two of Moana’s pets and add one to each side!

9. Make a 3D Display

To begin, fold a green piece of construction paper into a fan, then lay it flat on a desk. 

Glue its base to a plain square of paper on which youngsters can color any scene they like from the story. 

Next, color and cut out Moana, Pua, Heihei, or any other characters from the tale and glue them into the fan’s creases.

When finished, it looks like a tiny 3D theater with characters performing parts of the story. 

10. Design a Flower Crown

Moana is often seen wearing a flower head wreath, and this is the inspiration for your youngster to make a Moana flower crown.

Cut a piece of poster board into a long strip, glue the ends together, and you have the base of the “crown.”

The child can then trace and cut out flowers from construction paper in various colors. 

Once the characters from the Moana page are colored and cut out, they can be glued to the individual flowers for a beautiful crown.

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