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Ariel Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Dive deep into a world of creativity with these 28 enchanting Little Mermaid and Ariel coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These sheets are perfect for those who want to relive this Disney classic one page at a time!

For this series, we included many themes and characters from the movies, including Ariel (both in mermaid and human form), Ariel and her best friend Flounder, Triton’s Palace, Sebastian, Prince Eric, Ursula, Ariel with her sisters, plus many more!

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To start coloring any of these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF copy on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Little Mermaid & Ariel Coloring Pages

Mermaids fascinate youngsters, and Ariel is always a favorite.

Here are some engaging crafts to make from those mermaid coloring pages.

1. Under the Sea

For this fun craft, give the child an empty, clean jar to stuff with blue tissue paper.

After Ariel is colored, she should be glued to stiff cardboard and cut out. Puffy paint can be used to embellish her hair, and green glitter added to her tail is also a great touch.

The cutout should then be slid into the jar in front of the “water” and the lid replaced.

When the outside of the jar is decorated with pom-poms or tiny craft shells, you have a beautiful centerpiece that displays your child’s artwork.

2. Swinging Mermaid 

This cute craft begins with a popsicle stick and some ordinary twine, which are easily made into a “swing.”

Next, the mermaid should be colored and cut out, and the cutout should be reinforced with cardboard.

The cutout should be glued to the popsicle stick, making it look like the mermaid is sitting on a swing.

Next, tie the ends of the twine to a long craft stick, and hang it on a pushpin or thumbtack for a great mermaid decoration.

3. Ariel Paperweight

Ariel is often shown sitting on a rock or a seashell, so why not make her a paperweight?

The youngster can paint an ordinary rock, or use craft glass or a seashell as the paperweight’s base.

Next, when Ariel is colored, she should be glued to stiff cardboard and cut out. The cutout should be bent slightly in the middle to make it look like Ariel is perched on the rock.

A few dots of krazy glue will attach her to the rock or shell, and your child will have a delightful paperweight.

4. Unique Paper Dolls

Children who enjoy paper dolls will love this craft. Instead of changing outfits, the doll can change tails!

When the mermaid is colored, it should be glued to firm cardboard and cut out. The tail section should then be traced onto various pieces of construction paper and cut out.

These colorful “tails” can be embellished with glitter, puffy paint, tiny craft gems, or pom-poms. When cutting them out, be sure to leave extra paper for tabs.

Your youngster can enjoy changing the mermaid’s tail as often as desired!

5. Becoming Ariel

For this enjoyable craft, have the kids color and cut out their mermaids, then cut out the original face to leave an empty space.

The cutout should then be glued to the appropriate-colored construction paper so the youngsters can draw their own faces in the blank area.

The children can then add their names with puffy paint or markers, frame the artwork, and be the star of their own show!

6. Dancing Mermaid Decoration

To make this mobile-style craft, have the youngster color and cut out four to six mermaids. The tails and fins can all be colored in different shades for extra fun.

Using a homemade ring made from pipe cleaners or an old embroidery hoop, the mermaids should be hung from the circle with thread or yarn.

When spun like a mobile, it will look like the mermaids are “dancing” in a circle!

7. Mermaid Chain

This great classroom activity is fun for kids of all ages. Have the youngsters color Ariel or Prince Eric and cut them from the page.

With a hole punch, a small hole should be made on either side of each cutout, and colorful yarn or embroidery thread should be used to chain them together.

This bright artwork banner can be displayed in the classroom over the chalkboard or across a picture window.

8. Diving Mermaid

Begin this interesting craft with an ordinary paper plate cut in half, with the straight edge facing up.

It should be colored blue or sprayed blue with craft paint. This is the mermaid’s “water.” It can be embellished with blue glitter, or the child can draw tiny fish on the plate.

The finished mermaid should be cut out and glued to the plate, with the mermaid’s head and body under the “water” and her fins sticking out above the top edge like she’s diving.

This unique artwork can be sealed in glassine and framed.

9. Adorable Mermaid Dolls

To make these delightful mermaid dolls, give each child some empty paper towel cardboards, yarn, and several pieces of colored construction paper.

When the mermaids are colored and cut from pages, they should be wrapped around the cardboards and the yarn used for hair.

“Fins” can be cut from construction paper and slid into slits made on either side of the bottom of the cardboard. These adorable dolls will stand on their own!

10. Happy Birthday From Ariel

To make a cute and original birthday cake topper, have the youngster color Ariel and cut her out.

The cutout should be glued to a square of white poster board, leaving some blank areas around the edges. The child’s name can then be added in bright puffy paint.

Finally, the number corresponding to the youngster’s birthday can be traced, cut out, and glued on top. 

Once it’s sealed with acrylic spray and glued to a craft stick, the child has a great birthday cake topper.

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