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Wolverine Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Sharpen your pencils and unleash your creative claws with these 20 Wolverine coloring pages that are entirely free to download and print! With these sheets, kids and adults can dive into one of the most iconic and fascinating characters from the X-Men universe.

Included in this collection are a variety of Wolverine depictions, including classic Wolverine, Wolverine in action, Logan in civilian attire, Wolverine engaging his famous adversaries, a Lego Wolverine, and even an adorable chibi Wolverine, to name a few!

Wolverine Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Wolverine Coloring Pages

Wolverine is that fascinating and exciting Marvel character that virtually all children love.

Here are some terrific, inexpensive crafts to do with all those finished coloring pages.

1. Make Wolverine Claws

Making cardboard claws is easy, and that’s how this craft begins. Since Wolverine has three on each hand, the youngster should make six.

Simply cut thin cardboard into strips that can be folded down over the child’s fingers.

Anchor them to the end of wrapping paper cardboard, which can be used as a “cuff” bracelet.

When the claws are laminated with Wolverine coloring pages, your youngster can have fun imitating the superhero! 

2. Easy Wolverine Poster

Start this craft by tracing and cutting out six long claw-shaped strips from silver poster board.

Have the youngster position these on a bright piece of stock paper and glue them fast so that three claws go diagonally one way and the other three the other way.

When the Wolverine character is colored and cut out, he should be glued in the middle of the claw configuration.

When the artwork is sealed in glassine, it can be hung up as a poster or used as a fun door sign.

3. Wolverine Climbing Fun

Begin this interesting craft with an empty saltine cracker box, which can easily be made into a skyscraper by laminating it with black construction paper and cutting out windows.

When the Wolverine character is colored, he should be cut out and reinforced with cardboard. This is not absolutely necessary, but it’s best.

Invisible glue can then be used to attach the cutout to the building as if Wolverine is climbing to the top!

4. Laminate a Football Helmet

If your child has a football helmet that needs a facelift, a terrific design can be made from Wolverine coloring pages.

The youngster should color the character and six claws from additional pages. 

The Wolverine cutout should be glued to the back of the helmet with krazy glue and three claws glued on each side.

This design will look professional, and when sealed with a coat or two of acrylic spray, it will last a long time!

5. Hanging Around With Wolverine

To make this fun hanging decoration, have the youngster choose a Wolverine coloring page featuring the arms down at his side.

When it’s colored, glued to thin cardboard, and cut out, a hole should be punched at the top so that it can be hung up.

Then, the youngsters can have fun drawing and cutting out different characters or shapes from ordinary construction paper.

One can be hung from each of the six claws for a unique hanging ornament.

6. Make a Wolverine Clock

This easy craft is fun for any child and begins with the youngsters drawing an ordinary clock on a piece of white paper and cutting it out.

It should be laminated onto a piece of poster board in the child’s favorite color. When Wolverine is colored and cut out, he should be glued in the clock’s center.

Two extra claws should be cut from another coloring page or construction paper, which can be used as the clock’s “hands.”

When these are attached with paper fasteners, the youngsters can set any time they wish!

7. Create a Funny Drawer Decoration

All children love this fun craft, which can be used on any ordinary drawer, such as a desk drawer or bureau drawer.

Once the character is colored and cut out, it can be glued to the inside of a drawer, with the claws curled around the front of the drawer, sticking out as if Wolverine is trapped inside!

The drawer will open to reveal the rest of the cutout, which will be good for many laughs!

8. Make a Keyholder Organizer

To create this unique keychain holder, give the youngster a thin piece of corkboard onto which a Wolverine coloring page cutout can be glued.

When this is finished, tiny hooks can be screwed into the corkboard on which to hang keys.

Underneath, red or blue puffy paint can be used to write “Hang Keys Here” for a permanent key ring rack that your child will love.

9. Book of Powers

For this engaging classroom activity, give each child six pieces of ordinary paper.

Have them create a book using Wolverine coloring pages for the front and back covers. 

Ideally, the coloring pages should depict Wolverine doing something special.

On each page inside, the youngsters can write about one of his lesser-known superpowers and explain how it works.

This is a great project to save in a scrap box or preserve as a childhood keepsake!

10. Laminate a Thermal Jug

Since Wolverine can heat his claws now–one of his most recent superpowers–why not let him heat up a thermal jug?

If your child uses a thermos for hot chocolate or soup, Wolverine can be colored, cut out, and glued to the outside of the jug. Use rubber cement or invisible glue for this.

Make sure that the cutout is glued on so that it looks as if the claws are wrapped around the thermos.

Your youngster will be the envy of his or her friends at lunchtime!

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