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Captain America Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Whether you’re a die-hard comic book enthusiast or simply a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, get ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of these Captain America coloring pages! On this page, you will find 20 coloring sheets that are all free to download and print!

For this series, I illustrated many versions and themes surrounding Captain America, including Captain America holding his iconic shield, Captain America wielding Thor’s hammer, Captain America with the Avengers, Captain America as Pete Rogers, Captain America’s shield, and even a Lego-themed Captain America!

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To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Captain America Coloring Pages

Captain America is an enduring favorite because he’s exciting and fascinating for children of all ages.

Try these 10 terrific, inexpensive craft ideas if you’re looking for ways to use those finished coloring pages.

1. Make Outstanding Wall Art

For this craft, your child will need two paper plates, one larger than the other, and a styrofoam bowl.

The large plate should be painted red with craft paint and the other left white. The bowl should be laminated with the coloring page’s blue circle and white star.

When they are stacked from biggest to smallest, it creates the classic Captain America shield design.

The rest of it can be decorated with cutouts from other Captain America pages, and you can preserve your child’s creativity as wall art!

2. Add Pizzazz to a Helmet

If your child uses a bicycle helmet, plays football, or wears any type of headgear, it can be made into a Captain America original!

This craft is beyond simple and requires only coloring pages, Krazy glue, and some acrylic spray.

Have your youngster color several pages and cut out figures from the pages to use as helmet decals.

Krazy glue works best to attach the cutouts, and the artwork is easily preserved with a few coats of acrylic spray.

3. Create a Favorite Captain America Scene

All children love this craft, and it’s suitable for kids of all ages. Have your little Captain America fans draw their favorite scene on poster board.

Next, they can cut out Captain America from the colored pages and place him wherever they like in the scene.

For extra fun, they can add shiny craft paint for his helmet, a makeshift shield made from blue felt and a white pom-pom, and their initials in puffy paint.

4. Make an Original Captain America Shield

Shields can easily be made from cardboard by tracing the desired shape and cutting it out. The classic circular shield from the comic is super easy, but the youngster can choose any shape.

Craft paint or markers can then be used to draw Captain America’s famous circles and silver wings, and white stars cut from construction paper can be added to the shield’s center.

Make a handle for the back with twine and cut the characters from the finished coloring pages to decorate this fun and original shield.

5. Design a Captain America Mask

Using a coloring page featuring that renowned blue mask, the youngsters should color it, glue it to thick cardboard, and cut it out.

Silver glitter works great to embellish the head wings; for extra fun, the children can change the “A” on the forehead section to their initials.

Finally, using the wooden knitting needle, a handle can be attached on the left or right side so that the child can raise the mask whenever desired!

6. I Now Crown You Captain America

A coloring page featuring the Captain America logo is perfect for this craft. It should be colored, pasted to thin cardboard, and carefully cut out.

Next, cut a thick strip of paper from the white poster board and staple the ends to create a “crown.” 

Color the crown red, white and blue, and embellish it with glitter, Captain America stickers, or simple, freehand artwork.

The Captain America logo is then glued to the front, giving your child a great crown.

7. Create a Unique Captain America Decoration

This mobile-style decoration is fun for any age child. Let the youngsters cut out 4-6 letters, Cs and As, of course,  from blue and red poster boards.

When the Captain America coloring pages are finished, the characters should be cut out and laminated collage-style onto the letters.

If you’re on a budget, an embroidery hoop–or a ring made from pipe cleaners–is perfect for hanging these colorful letters to display the unique craft from anywhere.

8. Captain America Stick Puppets

If you’re looking for an easy craft for a group of youngsters, this is the one. Begin with one medium craft stick for each puppet. 

Once the youngsters have colored their figures, they should be glued to cardboard and cut out. Sealing them in glassine is a good idea because it makes the puppets last longer.

Each child should glue the craft stick to the lower half of the cutout.

The youngsters can then personalize their puppets by writing their first initial on Captain America’s star in red or blue puffy paint.

9. Design a Unique Party Decoration

This original ornament is perfect for your child’s Captain America-themed birthday party.

The finished coloring page should be trimmed into a circle and glued to the underside of an ordinary paper plate.

Red and blue streamers attached to the bottom of the plate and red and blue pom-poms glued in a semicircle at the top complete this adorable ornament.

This decoration is perfect for hanging in the doorway or anywhere the streamers will catch a breeze.

10. Make a Homemade Dartboard

A coloring page featuring Captain America’s shield is perfect for this craft, requiring only some corkboard and acrylic spray.

When your youngster has finished coloring the shield in red, white, and blue, it should be trimmed circularly. 

Rubber cement should then be used to glue it to a piece of corkboard, and 2-3 coats of the acrylic spray should be added to the surface.

The red, white, and blue areas can be given numerical values for a fun, homemade game of darts.

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