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Football Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 42 original NFL and football coloring pages that are all free to print or download! I illustrated many types and styles of football themes for this series, including football player positions, team logos, action-packed game moments, stadiums, football equipment, simple football elements for kids, and much more!

These printables are perfect for kids or adults who are interested in this exhilarating sport and are looking for something creative to do. Once the coloring pages are complete, you can then use them as party decorations, NFL/college football banners, wallpaper, placemats, stencils, and so much more!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do Football & NFL Coloring Pages

Sports are a big hit with virtually all youngsters, and football remains a popular favorite.

Here are 10 affordable, fun, and interesting craft ideas to make with those finished pages.

1. Make an NFL-Themed Decorative Wreath

Autumn is both football season and a time for decorating. That makes this craft perfect for any child who’s an NFL fan.

Easy to make, it begins with ordinary brown packing paper twisted into the shape of a wreath. 

It does not have to be smooth when complete. In fact, the bumpier, the better! Once those footballs are colored, they should be cut out and sealed in glassine.

Attach them to the wreath with Krazy glue in any desired pattern and display this great NFL wreath anywhere. 

2. Pass the Popcorn

This unique craft is fun as a classroom activity or when completed individually. Each child should be given a paper plate cut in equal halves.

The curved edges should be glued together, leaving the straight edge open. Each side should be laminated with cutouts from football coloring pages.

The youngsters can then have fun stuffing unbuttered popcorn into the opening, and the ensemble can be sealed with acrylic spray.

The finished crafts can then be hung from the ceiling to decorate the classroom for football season. 

3. Game Day Centerpiece

This unique craft is surprisingly simple. An empty paper towel roll should be pushed into an ordinary piece of styrofoam that’s been wrapped in green tissue paper.

Once the youngster has colored and cut out an array of footballs and NFL logos, they can be attached up and down to the roll with pipe cleaners. 

The effect is somewhat like a football “tree.” A pipe cleaner bent in the shape of goalposts can be added to the top for a fantastic game day centerpiece. 

4. Make a Football Windsock

Give your youngster a large empty can that’s clean and dry for a terrific outdoor ornament. 

The can should be laminated with the finished coloring pages and sealed with three to four coats of acrylic spray. 

When brown and white streamers are tied to the bottom, and a string is attached to the top, your child has a great football windsock to decorate the yard!

5. Super Bowl Crown

This enjoyable classroom activity is popular with all little football fans. Begin by giving each child a long, green strip of posterboard to fashion into a crown.

Next, have them laminate the footballs they color in glassine or paste them onto cardboard before cutting them out.

A black marker can then be used to write “Super Bowl” on the front of the football cutout, which can then be Krazy glued to the center for a cute crown.

6. A Homemade Super Bowl Snack Tray

Begin this fun craft with a rectangular piece of dark green poster board and some white tape or craft paint. The latter can be used to draw yard lines on green paper.

Next, give the youngster one of those football-shaped snack trays that are popular at Super Bowl time. 

The tray can be laminated with the child’s football coloring pages and sealed with acrylic spray, and the green poster board can be used as a mini table runner for game day!

7. The Game is On

This classroom activity is fun for any youngster who wants to celebrate football season. 

Give each child a football coloring page and a piece of construction paper in their favorite color.

When the football is colored and cut out, the child can then trace and cut out a football helmet from the construction paper.

With a hole punch, all the cutouts can be made into a banner, alternating the football helmets and the footballs, and the children’s hard work can be displayed in the classroom.

8. Football Pumpkin

Both football and pumpkins are iconic symbols of autumn, and this craft is a fun way to mesh these ideas.

Give the youngster a small pumpkin, which should be painted brown with craft paint. 

White paint, pipe cleaners, or white tape can be used to embellish the pumpkin to look like a football.

A toy football helmet can be placed on top of the pumpkin for an adorable fall decoration.

9. Make a Designer Helmet

If your child has a football helmet, it can be turned into a work of art with just a few coloring pages.

The youngster can color footballs, NFL logos, or anything he or she desires. 

Once these are cut out, they can be used as decals to decorate the helmet. Krazy glue works best for this.

One or two large cutouts can be used, or your child can make an intricate pattern with numerous cutouts. Just make sure to seal them in with several coats of acrylic spray!

10. Unique Game Day Snack Bags

Give each child two sturdy brown paper bags or two small cardboard boxes for this easy craft.

Next, have the youngster trace and cut out goalposts from black construction paper, taping them to the back of the bag.

When the coloring pages are finished, the child can cut out the items of his or her choice and glue them to the front of the bags.

The set of bags can then be filled with chips, pretzels, or any game-day snacks!

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Hi I work as a activity assistant for a nursing home. My resident enjoy coloring but they like pictures and crafts that are easy to do. So I enjoy copying and doings ur craft with them ty

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