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NHL & Hockey Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to hit the ice with these 22 hockey coloring pages that are totally free to download or print! Ice hockey, known for its fast pace, intense action, and passionate players, has become a popular sport worldwide, which makes it a great creative outlet for kids of all ages to color in!

For this series, you will find illustrations featuring players in action, powerful slap shots, thrilling saves, popular NHL team logos, ice-hokey equipment, and many more action-packed printables. So, lace up your skates and grab your markers and crayons to bring the excitement of hockey to life, one exhilarating page at a time!

Ice Hockey Coloring Pages Featured Image

While these pages make for a fun and creative art activity, they can also be used during a lesson in the classroom, hung as art in a bedroom or doorway, printed decorations for a safari-themed birthday, used for a school project, and countless more uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Ice Hockey Coloring Pages

Ice hockey is one of the most exciting sports to watch and play.

If your youngster has colored lots of pages, preserve his or her work by making these adorable crafts.

1. Most Valuable Player Poster

To make this creative sign, trace and cut out a large yellow star and glue it to a blue posterboard square.

Color and cut out a hockey stick separately. Place several cotton balls in the center of the yellow star and glue the hockey stick cutout on top.

 Follow the same pattern with the hockey puck for a layered, 3D design.  

“Most Valuable Player” and the youngster’s name can then be written in puffy paint and the artwork sealed in glassine!

2. Make a Unique Hockey-Themed Decoration

Ice skaters sometimes hang skates around their necks, and this cute craft can be used to depict that.

Begin by tracing and cutting out two ice skates from white construction paper, adding giant paper clips at the bottom as the “blades.”

These can be laminated with cutouts from the coloring pages and sealed in glassine.

The youngsters can then use thick yarn to connect the tops of the skates and hang them up or even wear them around their necks!

3. Laminate a Real Hockey Stick

If your child has a hockey stick and wants to make it fancy, this is easily accomplished with those finished coloring pages.

Different characters can be cut out and added to the hockey stick decal style, or the pages can be cut in strips and added in an abstract fashion.

The child can get as creative as he or she wants with this craft, and a few coats of acrylic spray we’ll keep it nice for a long time.

4. Hitting the Goal

This great classroom activity is motivational. Let each child trace and cut out a hockey stick from a large piece of poster board.

Next, using characters from the finished pages, they can add different scenes to the stick in a vertical fashion.

Under each one, the youngster can draw a tiny hockey puck on which to write a specific goal.

Star stickers can be used when the youngsters reach each goal along the way for a fancy memento of their achievements.

5. Make a Hockey Themed Bank

Children love making banks to save coins, and ice hockey coloring pages are perfect for this.

Using an ordinary cardboard box, have the youngsters cut a slot for coins on one side of the box near the top.

Three sides can be laminated with figures from the finished coloring pages, and the youngsters can add a Goalie cutout on either side of the coin slot.

The idea is that the coins are pucks that made it through the goalie!

6. Make a Comical Poster

Ice hockey isn’t a gentle sport; this funny craft will get everyone laughing. When the children have colored their characters, it’s time to add the battle scars!

The youngsters can use band-aids, cotton balls, and gauze to bandage up the players after their tough games. A grimacing smile with a missing tooth can even be added.

Crossed wiggle eyes are the perfect finishing touch, and the background can be decorated with celestial art to depict “seeing stars.” 

The ensemble can then be sealed in glassine to preserve it.

7. A Fun Classroom Craft

Begin this engaging classroom craft by having the youngsters work together to draw a giant ice ring on a jumbo roll of craft paper that can be hung up later.

Once they have colored and cut out their hockey players, they can line up teams at either end of the “ice rink.” 

Black yarn can be used to create a border around the skating rink, and black construction paper and white puffy paint make a perfect scoreboard!

8. Make a Decorative Hockey Stick

For this craft, have the youngster trace and cut out a big hockey stick from cardboard.

This should be laminated on one side with numerous hockey figure cutouts. This will probably depend on how many coloring pages have piled up!

On the other side, the youngster can write his or her name in block letters.

Between the hockey stick’s heel and toe, the youngster can write a number to depict how many “goals” he or she got. Display this cute craft anywhere.

9. Designed a Desktop Buddy

For this adorable craft, use a finished coloring page to laminate an empty bathroom tissue roll. The figure should be cut out first.

Then, from a separate coloring page, have the youngster cut out a hockey stick in a similar size. Using a permanent marker, the youngster can write “pencils” on the stick.

This should be glued lengthwise across the figure like the player is “holding” the stick.

The child now has a cute place to store pencils or markers on a desk.

10. Hockey Gear Collage

The idea for this craft is to color and cut out as many different hockey-themed items as possible, such as skates, sticks, pucks, scoreboards, and gloves.

Each child should have a large piece of poster board in his or her favorite color, and the cutouts should be glued to the poster in an abstract fashion.

The youngster can complete the poster collage style, make a random pattern, or do a confetti-style design with all the cutouts. 

The result is a poster that is entirely unique!

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