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Spider-Man Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 40 original Spider-Man coloring pages that are completely free to download or print! I illustrated many types of Spider-Man, from cute Kawaii, Venom, Peter Parker (played by all different actors), Spider-Verse, Spider-Man with The Avengers, Lego Spider-Man, plus many more!

These free printables are a great creative activity for young and old alike who love the quirky, talented, humble, and brave Spider-Man character. Also, these coloring pages make a great screen-free, rainy-day, or lazy afternoon project. Not to mention, they can also double as fun party decorations!

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To start your crafty project, click on any of the below pictures or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you are then free to download or print!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Spider-Man Coloring Pages

Keep reading this article for crafts you can do with this collection of Spider-Man coloring sheets, such as party decorations, DIY papercraft projects, home decor, and other fun ideas!

1. Superhero Party Decorations

If you’re throwing a party for your kids that’s superhero-themed, you can save some money by making your own party decorations!

Using coloring sheets is great for this project, as there’s a lot you can do with them. For instance, you can hang the pictures up like posters or make a hero-themed party banner.

As well, you can cut out the silhouettes of each Spider-Man character in the coloring sheet to make cake toppers, paste them onto cups and plates, or attach them to other items like stickers.

Additionally, if you’re handing out party favors to your kid’s guests, these coloring sheets will make a great addition to the gifts!

2. DIY Comic Book/ Graphic Novel

Another great way to use these Spider-Man coloring sheets is to make your own comic book or graphic novel! This is a great project for kids and families to do together.

To make the book, have your children select their favorite coloring sheets (I have 40 to choose from in this collection) and print them out.

If you’re making a traditional comic book, I recommend changing the page dimensions before printing to make them small enough to create panels.

Additionally, make sure to print out one regular-sized picture to make a book cover.

After printing the sheets, cut out the white space, have your kids color them in, paste them onto other sheets of paper to create panels, and write the dialogue/story.

Use a large piece of card stock or craft paper to make the front and back covers. Fold the paper in half to make a crease, and staple the coloring pages into the fold.

Create a fun title for the comic book, and you’re done!

3. Spider-Man/Hero Gallery Wall

If your kid is a Marvel or Spider-Man fan, a fun way to help decorate their bedroom is to make a gallery wall of their favorite superhero.

With your kid, go through my coloring pages and select which ones they’d like to hang on their wall. Next, have your kid color them in (or you can do it together), and arrange the display.

I recommend purchasing a gallery wall frame set for this project to prevent the wall paint from taring. Poster frames are also a good option!

4. Make Spider-Man Stickers

If you’re looking to amp up your kid’s school supplies, or you need stationery for scrapbooking, you can try making stickers with coloring sheets.

After printing out the pages, cut out the silhouettes of the characters and objects in the illustration, and make sticker paste using this method

Once the stickers are finished, you can apply them to skateboards, laptops, devices, and other items that need sprucing up!

5. Scrapbook Decorations

Scrapbook supplies can be expensive, so if you’re looking to save some money, you can use the above Spider-Man coloring sheets for this type of endeavor.

You can use the sheets as backgrounds for page layouts, or you can cut out the silhouettes of the characters and objects to use as stickers, page borders, or note papers.

6. Make Comic Book/Movie Slipcovers

Comics and DVDs are easily susceptible to damage, so a great way to keep them from getting wrecked is to make slipcovers, which can be done with coloring pages.

To make a slipcover for a comic book, print two coloring sheets, color them in, and staple the left, right, and bottom sides together, leaving the top side open.

To make a Spider-Man slipcover for a DVD, print and fill in one coloring sheet, and fold it using this method.

7. Personalize School Supplies/ Stationery

If you want to make your kid’s school supplies more fun and personalized, you can try using the above coloring sheets to decorate their items.

After printing and coloring the Spider-Man pages, you can paste them onto the covers of notebooks, sketchbooks, or folders using Modge Podge paste.

You can also cut out the silhouettes of the characters and objects in the illustration to paste on pencil cases, locker ornaments, and similar items, or make stickers using the above method.

8. Make a Spider-Man Coloring Book

To make a coloring book with this collection, use the above method for compiling a comic book, but don’t change the page dimensions. 

9. Decorate Storage Boxes

If you can’t find storage boxes that fit your kid’s bedroom style, you could try pasting coloring pages to the boxes in a collage style. 

Simply color in one of the Spider-Man pages (or have your kids do it), and layer them over the box with Modge Podge or another craft paste.

10. Use on Gift Bags/Boxes

Finding nice gift wrap can be difficult and expensive, but you can dress up plain bags, boxes, and paper with coloring pages.

After filling in the sheets, you can paste full pages to the front of gift bags or paper them over boxes (as mentioned above).

Further, you can cut out the silhouettes of the Spider-Man characters and objects in the coloring sheets and paste them onto the bags and boxes.

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