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T-Rex Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 32 unique T-Rex coloring pages that are all free to download and print! If your students or young ones are intrigued by these prehistoric dinosaurs and want to bring one to life, they are in for a real treat! All that is needed are some markers and a dash of creativity!

For this series, I illustrated a wide range of Tyrannosaurus Rex pages, including easy-to-color ones for young children, some realistic-looking T-Rex, cute kawaii ones, Jurassic Park T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons, plus tons more!

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To start bringing any of these pages to life, simply click on any of the below links or images, which will open a high-resolution PDF on a new page. Once opened, you are then free to download and print!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With T-Rex Coloring Pages

Here are 10 creative, fun, and cheap craft activities that you can do with the above coloring pages!

1. Fancy T-Rex Straws

This fun craft requires only the coloring page, glue, and some thin cardboard.

Once the T-Rex is colored, it should be cut out and glued to a thin piece of cardboard with invisible glue.

Depending on the page colored, either the tail or an arm should be wrapped around the body of the straw in a spiral fashion, and affixed with a tiny spot of glue.

Make sure you attach the dinosaur high enough so that the cutout does not touch the liquid. Enjoy this amusing straw!

2. Laminate a Lamp

If you have an old lamp that is no longer attractive, let your youngster make it over, dinosaur style.

Once the T-Rex is colored, the page can be left intact, or the T-Rex can be cut out. 

Craft glue should be used to attach the T-Rex to the base of the lamp, after which it should be coated with a few layers of acrylic spray.

For extra fun, pinholes can be made in the bottom of the lampshade, and extra T-Rex cutouts are attached as fringes!

3. Make a Colorful T-Rex Envelope Inside and Out

It’s easy to fold a coloring page into an envelope, and there are two different ways to do this craft.

The coloring page can be used in its entirety and folded into the shape of a traditional envelope.

Alternatively, give your child a manila envelope to decorate and let him or her color and cut out various T-Rex characters to decorate it.

Youngsters will also have fun decorating the inside of packing envelopes for a funny surprise at the recipient’s end.

4. T-Rex Lemonade Pitcher

For a hilarious beverage pitcher, have your youngster color a T-Rex page featuring this impressive dinosaur bearing his teeth.

Get a clear, plastic lemonade picture from a discount store, and glue the T-Rex to the outside surface.

The key is to glue the cutout in such a way that when the picture is tipped to pour a beverage, it appears to be coming from the T-Rex’s mouth!

5. Embellish a T-Rex Sticker Book

Lots of youngsters like to collect dinosaur stickers, and the T-Rex is always a favorite.

To make this activity even more fun, have your child color two T-Rex coloring pages and use them to laminate the front and back covers of his or her sticker book to create a fun puffy cover. 

This can be done by adding felt, glitter-coated cotton, puffy paint, or anything to add texture to the dinosaurs.

A layer of glassine or contact paper will keep the sticker book looking nice for years.

6. T-Rex Garland

Kids hate boring classrooms, so have them create their own T-Rex garland to add some pizzazz to the room.

First, let them have some fun making a long chain out of pieces of colorful yarn knotted together.

Next, have each child color and cut out his or her favorite T-Rex. A hole punch should be used at the top so the dinosaurs can be strung onto the yarn.

The finished result is an adorable T-Rex garland!

7. A Hilarious T-Rex Bracelet

A cuff bracelet is easy to make from a T-Rex coloring page, and all you need is the end of a wrapping paper cardboard.

One side of the cardboard circle should be cut completely through to create a “cuff” bracelet.

The head of the T-Rex should be placed at the top of the “bracelet.”

To make the bracelet hilarious, use two T-Rex heads as the clasp. It will look as if they are biting onto each other to hold the bracelet closed.

8. Give T-Rex a Comical Home

Youngsters will have a ball giving their T-Rex a great dinosaur home. On a plain piece of construction paper, let your child draw a giant house or cave with doors and windows.

The windows and doors should be cut out of the paper.

Have your child cut the T-Rex out and place it behind the house or cave in such a way that his head pops out one of the windows or doors and his tail another!

9. Don’t Feed the Dinosaurs

A T-Rex coloring page can be used to make a funny door sign for your child’s bedroom.

Corkboard or even wood is a good choice for this craft. The coloring page should be finished and left in its entirety and then glued to the wood or corkboard with rubber cement.

Your child can add a comical saying with puffy paint, such as “Dinosaur Crossing, Enter at Your Own Risk,” or “Please Don’t Feed the Dinosaurs.”

10. Laminate a Craft Drawer

If your child has a craft station with plastic drawers in which art supplies are kept, put those T-Rex coloring pages to good use by using them to laminate the drawers.

Your youngster can use the T-Rex coloring pages to organize his or her supplies.

For instance, a green T-Rex coloring page can be used for crayons and markers, one featuring a red T-Rex for glue and craft adhesives, and a blue one for paper supplies. 

These fun drawer liners may even keep your child organized!

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