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Jurassic Park Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready for a prehistoric adventure with these 22 Jurassic Park coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These printables are perfect for fans of the iconic movie franchise and kids who love dinosaurs and all things prehistoric!

With these illustrations, kids can unleash their creativity and explore the world of dinosaurs in a fun and engaging way. They can color in their favorite dinosaurs, like the fearsome T-Rex or the gentle Brachiosaurus, or create their own unique creatures using their imagination.

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To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Jurassic Park Coloring Pages

Jurassic Park is that iconic movie-turned-phenomena with which all children are fascinated. 

Here are 10 simple and affordable ways to recycle all those cute coloring pages.

1. A Funny Dinosaur Statue

For this craft, use a simple styrofoam ball, which the youngster can laminate with a finished dinosaur coloring page. Depending on the size, two pages might be necessary.

Empty bathroom tissue rolls are perfect for the legs and the neck. Simply push them into the styrofoam and add a little glue around the base.

Foil can be used to fashion a funny head and tail, and the child has a unique Jurassic Park creation!

2. Watch Those Dinosaur Teeth!

Begin this craft by gluing the dinosaur page to thin cardboard and cutting it out into three parts: the top of the head, the bottom jaw, and the body.

The youngster can then make “teeth” for the dinosaur from a strip of white construction paper cut in a zigzag pattern.

The three parts are then reattached with paper fasteners and a piece of thread attached to the bottom jaw.

The child can have fun pulling the string to make it look like the dinosaur’s mouth is opening and closing.

3. A Unique Classroom Craft

For this original activity, have the youngsters make a giant volcano by wrapping ordinary brown craft paper around an empty wrapping paper cardboard roll.

Red puffy paint can be used to create “lava,” and the volcano can be placed on a piece of green felt or poster board.

Once the children have colored their dinosaurs, they can be cut out and glued around the volcano’s base for an outstanding classroom monument to Jurassic Park!

4. Dinosaur Crossing Door Sign

To make this fun door sign for a children’s bedroom, all that’s necessary is a poster board, the coloring page, and a few craft sticks.

Once the dinosaur is colored, it should be cut out and pasted to the posterboard’s left side; an X should be made with popsicle sticks on the right side.

Puffy paint is ideal for writing “Dinosaur Crossing” on the X, and the ensemble can be sealed with glassine for an adorable door sign.

5. Make a Cute Initialed Ornament

For this cute desktop ornament, the child should color and cut out a dinosaur, and glue it to a colorful piece of poster board, leaving a nice border around the edges.

On the middle three “spikes” of the dinosaur’s back, the child can write his or her initials in bright puffy paint.

An empty cardboard roll–sprayed with craft paint–is an excellent base for the artwork: cut a slit in the roll, lay it down horizontally, and slide the bottom of the poster board inside so it will stand on its own.

6. Chasing the Jeep

Youngsters love to color vehicles, so for this fun classroom activity, have each child draw that famous Jurassic Park jeep.

The jeep should be drawn on the right side of a poster board, which should be turned horizontally.

On the left side, the children can glue their dinosaurs once they’re colored and cut from the page.

Next, small pom-poms can be glued along the dinosaur’s back, wiggle eyes added to his face, and green or gold glitter added to its body for a fancy touch, and the chase is on!

7. Hatching Dinosaur

Everyone remembers that petri dish scene from Jurassic Park, and children will love this craft.

Have your child trace and cut out two halves of an egg from a colorful piece of construction paper. It can be decorated however he or she wants.

Once the dinosaur is colored and cut from the page, the two halves of the “egg” can be attached on one side as if it is breaking open.

When the dinosaur is glued behind these two pieces, it looks like he’s making his first entrance into the world!

8. Make a Comical Milk Pitcher

Give your child a Jurassic Park coloring page featuring a dinosaur in full roar to make a hilarious milk pitcher.

Using an ordinary milk picture from a discount store, let your youngster color, cut out the dinosaur, and carefully glue it to the pitcher’s outer surface.

Ensure the dinosaur’s mouth is close to the spout to make it appear like the milk is coming from his mouth. 

Make sure to spray it once with acrylic spray to seal in your child’s hard work!

9. Create Jurassic Park

Start this fun classroom activity by having the students work together to draw their own version of Jurassic Park.

Each child can contribute with animals, scenery, dinosaurs, and the jeep!

When each youngster has finished a Jurassic Park coloring page and carefully cut out his or her character, it can be added to the poster.

On the back, the children can all write a line or two about their favorite scene or character from the movie.

10. Escaping the Park

Everyone remembers that famous escape scene when the dinosaurs run rampant and the humans must depart. Let your child make that scene come alive with some flying dinosaurs!

This craft is fun for a group or just one child and only requires some balloons and the coloring pages.

Once the dinosaurs or other characters are colored, they can be cut from the pages and carefully glued to the balloons as decals.

If helium balloons are used, though, make sure to stay indoors!

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