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Godzilla Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Roar into action with these 20 ferocious Godzilla coloring pages that are yours to freely download and print! Perfect for both young and old, these sheets offer an exciting journey into the awe-inspiring universe of Godzilla, one of the most iconic and beloved monsters in cinema history!

In this collection, we’ve breathed life into a wide array of Godzilla-themed images, capturing the mighty beast in various forms and scenarios, including epic battles with Kaiju, different types of Godzilla (SpaceGodzilla, Mechagodzilla, and Super Gozilla), and Godzilla towering over cityscapes!

godzilla feature image coloring pages

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Godzilla Coloring Pages

Godzilla is an iconic character that all kids enjoy.

Try these fun, inexpensive crafts if those pages have begun piling up.

1. Make a Fancy, Sparkly Godzilla

This engaging craft delights children of all ages and is super-easy. A detailed Godzilla or a Godzilla page with helicopters works great for this activity.

First, instead of traditional crayons, have the youngsters decorate their Godzilla pages with fingerpaints. This is a fun and easy way to design a mosaic base for the rest of the craft.

Next, after the paints are dry, place a thin coat of invisible glue on top and add a layer of colorful confetti.

Finish with a thin layer of glitter and seal the work in glassine for sparkling, fancy Godzilla posters.

2. A Funny Desktop Organizer

Start this fun craft by cutting an empty toilet paper roll in half. 

Place tufts of blue or white tissue paper in the cardboard rolls so that it looks like something is spilling over the rim, and place a piece of a drinking straw in each one.

When Godzilla is colored and cut out, put his legs in the rolls, as if he stepped into the drinking glasses and the beverages are sloshing over the top.

Place Godzilla on the youngster’s desk, where markers and crayons can be stored in the cardboard rolls.

3. Walking in the Ocean

Godzilla is famous for easily walking through the ocean, and this fun craft showcases that impressive skill.

Give each child a large piece of blue craft paper, and let them draw waves at the bottom and clouds above. A long slit should be cut across the poster horizontally.

When Godzilla is colored and cut out, he should be attached to a craft stick, and when placed through the slit, Godzilla can be moved across the water!

4. Climbing Godzilla Craft

This craft is ideal for a classroom activity. Give the students several empty boxes of different sizes and let them glue them together to create a makeshift city.

They can decorate it any way they choose or simply draw on windows and doors.

When they have finished the characters from their Godzilla coloring pages, they can glue them to various areas of the “city” for a lifelike Godzilla scene.

5. Godzilla Takes the City

All that’s needed for this interesting craft is some black construction paper and a bit of white chalk.

Using several pieces of construction paper, the youngster can draw a simple city skyline, using white chalk to create windows. 

The city should be glued to thin cardboard and folded into a square around a piece of ordinary styrofoam. This way, it will stand upright.

Once Godzilla is colored and cut from the page, the base of the cutout should be stapled to a small craft stick and pushed into the styrofoam to place Godzilla in the middle of the city!

6. Make an Intricate Mobile

You can make this show-stopping mobile with several finished coloring pages, string, and an embroidery hoop.

Have the youngster color Godzilla pages featuring additional characters, such as Kong or King Ghidorah. Pages with helicopters are an excellent choice, too.

Once the characters are colored and cut out, they should be attached to a string and hung from a homemade pipe cleaner hoop or an old embroidery hoop.

On strings in between, add the side characters, as well as several helicopters and even a few buildings, for a creative, themed mobile.

7. Godzilla Comes to Life

To make this funny craft, have the child color his or her favorite Godzilla character and fold it accordion style, from top to bottom.

Glue the base of the cutout to the bottom of a shoebox and the top to the inside of its lid.

When the lid is slowly taken off the box, it appears that Godzilla is jumping out!

8. Caught in Godzilla’s Jaws

This craft will be popular with all youngsters and requires only a clothespin, a coloring page, and some invisible glue.

When Godzilla is colored, he should be glued to thin cardboard and cut out. His jaws should be cut away separately and then re-fastened with paper fasteners.

Next, glue a clothespin behind the jaw so that when it is squeezed, it appears as if his mouth is opening.

Glue the ensemble to a craft stick so that it can be held with one hand and the jaws operated with the other!

9. Godzilla on the Empire State Building

This craft is surprisingly easy, and any child can complete it. Start by giving the youngster an empty paper towel cardboard, painted black.

Small white squares can be cut from construction paper and glued on as “windows.”

An ordinary paper folded in the shape of a snow cone cup can be added as the building’s pointy top.

When Godzilla is finished and cut from the page, he can be glued to the side of the cardboard to create that classic Empire State Building scene.

10. Create a Godzilla Hanger

Begin this craft with a long piece of yarn, doubled, and tie a button or bead at the bottom.

Color and cut out various characters from Godzilla coloring pages, such as the creature himself, helicopters, firebolts, or even some of his enemy characters.

Laminate the cutouts in contact paper and punch a small hole at the top and bottom of each one.

Thread them through the piece of yarn vertically for a terrific, one-of-a-kind hanging ornament!

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