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Alien Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

UFOs and cosmic secrets come together in these 20 alien coloring pages, available for you to download and print at no cost. This out-of-this-world collection celebrates the extraterrestrial beings that spark wonder and imagination!

For this series, we illustrated a variety of aliens, including iconic aliens from pop culture, including Yoda, E.T., the Xenomorph alien, the aliens from Toy Story, and who can forget Kodos from the Simpsons! Also included are little grey men to color for kids, UFOs, plus tons more!

Aliens Coloring Pages Featured Image

While these printable aliens make for a great wind-down art activity for kids (and adults, too!), they also double as fun party decorations, banners, art to add to a bedroom or classroom, book covers, plus many other creative uses!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Alien Coloring Pages

Alien coloring pages are popular with all kids, which means kids color lots of them! 

If you’re wondering how to use all those finished pages, just try some of the ideas outlined below: 

1. Whose Eyes Are Those?

Use a coloring page with a head close-up, color it and carefully cut it out.

From plain paper, trace a similar cutout and make holes for only the eyes and staple it over the alien face so that it can be folded away like the cover of a book.

This makes a fun guessing game where someone else has to guess “what’s behind those eyes.” When you open the cover, the picture of the alien appears!

2. Hidden Alien

For this fun craft, all you need are the coloring pages, some pipe cleaners, and two paper bowls fastened together to open like a clam.

The child can decorate the clamshell to look like a flying saucer, complete with pipe cleaners or cotton swabs stuck in the bottom as the flying saucer’s landing gear.

When opened, it will reveal the alien coloring page, which is laminated on the inside!

3. An Otherworldly Poster

For this fun craft, start with a large piece of poster board on which the youngsters can color planets, stars, and other celestial objects.

They can then create unique planets of their own and add a flying saucer or two for fun.

The “aliens” from the finished coloring pages can then be used as the center of attraction on this terrific otherworldly poster.

4. A Unique Paper Doll

This engaging craft takes paper dolls to the next level. Color and cut out the alien, and then on plain paper, create and cut out a paper doll.

Tape or glue the two pieces together with a craft stick in between that will later serve as a handle.

Now, you have a regular paper doll featuring a boy or girl of the youngster’s choosing, but when it’s turned to the other side, the person becomes an alien!

5. Celestial Party Bags

All kids love making party bags for holidays or birthday parties, but nothing is quite as entertaining as alien party bags.

Plain brown bags are perfect for creating these fun party favors, and the finished alien coloring pages can be used to decorate both sides.

Put the alien on one side, as if it is climbing in or out of the bag, and if there are other accompanying objects to color, such as stars or planets, UFOs, use these to decorate the bag’s opposite side.

6. Sci-Fi Scrapbook

This craft works individually or for groups of children. Most youngsters have a favorite alien or sci-fi movie, and the coloring pages can be used to make great scrapbooks.

Have the children color a fancy page for both the front and back of the scrapbook, embellished with glitter or puffy paint.

Blank pages can be added in between to serve as the scrapbook pages on which memorabilia can be taped or glued.

These can include movie ticket stubs, clippings from magazines, or the children’s own freestyle art depicting favorite sci-fi trivia.

7. Give an Old Comic Book a New Cover

Almost all kids have comic books or storybooks with covers that have gotten worn.

Alien coloring sheets that are laminated with glassine make perfect covers for such books.

The front cover only can be added with double-faced tape or craft glue, or the child can color two pages, and give the comic book a new look from front to back!

8. Create an Alien Night Light

Making an alien night light from a finished coloring page is a fun and exciting way to preserve your child’s artwork.

All that’s needed is some glue and a plain nightlight with no embellishments. Once the page is colored, cut out the alien or as much of it as you need.

Glue it to the night light’s flat covering with invisible glue. Once the lights are turned off, the alien becomes an illuminating figure in your child’s room. 

9. Make a Flying Saucer Desk Ornament

For this enjoyable craft, give your youngster a small foil pie plate and have him or her glue pom-poms around the rim.

When it’s flipped over, it will look like a spaceship. Next, cut out the alien figure and laminate it to the top of the “spaceship.”

Cut a slit in the top of the pie plate and slide the alien down approximately half an inch. The finished craft will look as if the alien is climbing out of the spacecraft.

10. A Hilarious Door Sign

If your child likes keeping people out of his or her room, an alien coloring page is perfect for this craft.

Color and cut out the alien, then cut a large circle out of bright poster paper. Alternatively, a cardboard circle can be cut out and laminated with tin foil.

The alien can then be glued to the middle, and puffy paint can be used to write “Alien Zone: Keep Out” on this sign! 

It can be hung with string and a pushpin or affixed to the door with non-damaging wall putty.

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