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Yoshi Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 24 original Yoshi coloring pages that are entirely free to print or download! While Princess Peach is my all-time favorite Nintendo character, I also have a very big soft spot for Yoshi. I think he is by far the most adorable of all the Mario universe characters!

I illustrated many styles and types of Yoshi, from cute baby Yoshi, retro pixel Yoshi, Mario and Yoshi together, Yoshi hatching from his egg, Yoshi island, and tons more! These printables are great for kids (and adults!) who are looking to undertake a craft activity, rainy day project, or even for DIY decorations!

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To color any of these Yoshi pictures, click any of the below links or images to open the high-resolution PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely print or download as many times as you want!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas to Do With Yoshi Coloring Pages

Keep reading this article for tips on how to use my Yoshi coloring sheets, such as making paper craft projects, party decorations, stationery, and other fun and useful projects!

1. Make a Yoshi Coloring Book

If your kids love Nintendo, you can save some money purchasing new coloring books and make your own instead with my Yoshi coloring sheets!

With your kids, help them select which pictures they’d like to have in the book (I currently have 24 options, so you can print them all or double-up some other pictures), and print them.

Using a large piece of card stock or poster board, fold it in half to make a crease. This will act as the book covers.

Next, staple all the coloring pages together, and then staple the bunch into the crease of the book covers. I recommend printing out an extra sheet to act as the front cover image.

Have your kid color in the front cover, label it, and set it with their other activities to use at a later time.

2. Kids Stationery Set

If you’re teaching your kids how write letters and cards, you can make it fun by making them a stationery set with my Yoshi themed coloring pages.

After downloading the coloring pages, use a picture coloring app on your device to fill in the pictures (or have your kids do it). 

Once the pictures are colored in, print them out onto card stock (I recommend changing the dimensions of the sheets so that you can make the cards smaller).

In addition to these cards, you can also make envelopes with colored paper that matches the colors used by following this tutorial. 

3. Nintendo-Themed Party Decorations

Throwing parties can be quite expensive, so if you’re throwing a Nintendo party for your kid, try saving some funds by making your own decorations.

You can use my Yoshi coloring pages as posters, or you can cut the silhouettes of the coloring sheets out and pin them to the table cloth.

Another option is to make cake toppers by cutting out the Yoshi silhouettes, taping them to cake pop sticks/ popsicle sticks, and placing them along the cake perimeter or in cupcakes.

Further, you could use my above method for making stationery to send the party invitations!

4. Make a Yoshi Story Book

While Yoshi is an established character from a video game franchise, there’s no reason why our kids can’t delight in making up their own stories about this cute little toad!

To make the story book, follow the above instructions for the coloring book. However, get your kids to color it in ahead of time, and set aside a sheet for the book cover.

Next, get your kids to write their story down on index cards, and paste them to the bottom of the pages. Have them create a title, and the book is finished!

Not only is this a super fun project for your kids, but it will make a great keepsake.

5. Make a Yoshi Gallery Wall

Another great way to use these coloring sheets is to turn them into a gallery wall. This is a fantastic way to jazz up your kid’s gaming area!

All you have to do is purchase a gallery wall frame set, download the coloring pages, and either print them out and have the kids color them in, or get them to use a coloring app on your device.

After the coloring pages are finished, arrange the frames on the wall, and you’re done!

6. Use as Wrapping Paper and on Gift Bags/Boxes

Yet another great way to use my Yoshi coloring pages is to use them as wrapping paper.

If you or your kid are giving a small gift like a book, mobile device, or video game, these sheets are the perfect size, and they’ll reduce waste!

Simply print the sheets, color them in (or have your kids do it), and wrap the gift!

Also, you could paste the sheets onto a give box or the front of a gift bag for extra decoration.

7. Make Yoshi Wallpaper

Wallpapering a room is a great way to cover knicks in the paint or add a bit more individuality to the space. So, if your kid is a Yoshi fan, try using my coloring sheets as wallpaper!

However, I recommend doing just a single sheet papering across the wall perimeter due to the quality of the paper. 

I also recommend coloring in the pictures on a coloring app on your device to make the pages look higher quality.

8. Personalize a Sketchbook/Book Cover

If your kid has a book or sketchbook that needs a bit of sprucing up, you can use one of my Yoshi coloring sheets to adjust the cover.

Simply print the picture, have your kid color it in, and paste it to the front of the book. I recommend using washi tape or another decoration to jazz up the border!

9. Use for Scrapbooking

If you’re compiling a scrapbook of your family or your kids, you may be at a loss for which scrapbooking paper to use for your children’s pages. If so, try using Yoshi!

These coloring sheets would make a great background for the scrapbook layout, or you could cut out the silhouettes and use them like stickers or page boarders.

I also recommend locating Nintendo themed washi tape, stickers, and other paper craft that will fit with the coloring sheets.

10. Decorate Video Game Stash

Whether your kids store their video games on a shelf or in a box, you can definitely use my Yoshi coloring sheets to decorate the storage space!

You can either paper the shelf holding the games, or you can cover the box they’re stored in. I recommend coloring the sheets in on a coloring app to give it a higher quality appearance.

However, I recommend having your kids color in the sheets so that they can personalize the space to their liking. 

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