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Video Game Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Unlock your next level of artistic fun with these 900 video game coloring pages that are entirely free to download and print! With these sheets, both young and old can bring to life their favorite video game characters and titles and re-live that excitement and adventure, one page at a time!

For this collection, you will find all of the video game-themed illustrations that are currently available on our website! These include Nintendo favorites like Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Kirby, and notable titles such as Sonic, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Animal Crossing, Call Of Duty, plus many others!

video game coloring pages feature image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

Greninja Coloring Pages For Video Game

Greninja (20 Pages)

Smiling Critters Coloring Pages Featured Image

Smiling Critters (20 Pages)

Leafeon Coloring Pages Featured Image

Leafeon (20 Pages)

Garchomp Coloring Pages For Video Game

Garchomp (20 Pages)

Venusaur Coloring Pages For Video Game

Venusaur (20 Pages)

Psyduck Coloring Pages For Video Game

Psyduck (20 Pages)

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Video Game Coloring Pages

Nintendo games and coloring pages featuring various characters are a big hit with all children.

Below are 10 terrific, affordable crafts to do with all that finished artwork.

1. Make a Toy Netherite Axe

The Netherite Axe is the strongest weapon in the Minecraft game, and it’s easy for kids to make one of their own.

Pushing a large craft stick into a styrofoam square creates a handle, and the square can be decorated with items from the coloring pages.

The blade can then be traced, cut from a white poster board, and glued to the handle.

Before assembling it, though, the youngster can decorate the blade with those classic cubes, all of which can be cut from other Minecraft coloring pages!

2. Roblox Parachute

Children will enjoy creating their own “Jailbreak” scene with this fun craft.

Once the character from this newest addition to Roblox is colored and cut from the page, the child should then create a simple parachute.

This can be done by cutting a rectangle with rounded edges from another coloring page and gluing it to thin cardboard.

A hole can be punched in either end, and thread can be used to attach it to the Roblox character cutout. When dropped from the air, it will “float” to the ground!

3. Create a New Environment

This fun classroom activity will get every child’s attention and also encourage teamwork.

On a large section of paper from a craft paper roll, the youngsters should work together to create a unique universe, just like they do in the Roblox video game.

Once the universe is designed, the children can color various characters, such as Draco or Luna, and add them to the universe, creating a unique classroom mural.

4. A Frisbee Spaceship

Among Us players are typically joining efforts to repair a crumbling spaceship, and this scene is perfect for adding pizzazz to an old frisbee.

Once the child has colored the Among Us scene, complete with the imposter of his or her choice, it can be laminated onto the surface of the frisbee.

A few coats of acrylic spray will keep this great new design looking like new and maybe even renew the child’s interest in a game of frisbee!

5. A Unique Decoration

For an interesting and original piece of artwork, let your youngster color his or her favorite Fortnite character, cut it out, and glue it to the center of a poster board.

The surrounding area can then be decorated with cutouts of the various weapons and other items that each character races to collect.

With the character positioned in the middle, the child can create any pattern desired with the cutouts and then glue them in place for a unique piece of wall art.

6. Make a Hilarious Loot Llama

To make a hilarious Loot Llama desktop decoration, give your youngster a toilet paper roll from which to make the llama’s body. 

This should be positioned lengthwise and laminated with parts of the coloring page. 

A neck and head can be fashioned from another coloring page and placed into a slit cut on one end of the cardboard roll.

Wiggle eyes, paper ears, pom-pom feet, and purple glitter are perfect for completing  this comical desktop ornament.

7. Create a 3D Minecraft Sculpture

The 3D world in Minecraft fascinates youngsters, and they’ll love this easy and entertaining craft. 

The child should have a variety of tiny craft boxes; alternatively, the youngster can make these from thin cardboard.

These are then arranged in any formation the child chooses, which will probably be something from the youngster’s favorite game episode.

The Minecraft coloring pages are ideal for laminating this original structure, and they can be displayed wherever the child likes.

8. A Fun Turtle Craft

All Nintendo fans recognize that entertaining turtle from Mario Brothers.

Give each child an ordinary paper bowl turned upside down. This can then be laminated with a turtle cutout from the chosen coloring page.

Green construction paper is perfect for making feet and a tail, and the face can be drawn freestyle or cut from an additional coloring page.

This craft is complete when wiggling eyes and a big smile are added!

9. Pac-Man Lives On

This Nintendo classic refuses to fall into obscurity, and it’s a great choice for a craft.

When Pac-Man and the ghosts are colored and cut out, wiggle eyes should be added to the ghosts, and each one should be glued to a craft stick.

The Pac-Man cutout should be halved, and the halves glued to the top and bottom of a clothespin so that Pac-Man’s mouth opens to “eat” the ghosts when squeezed.

Youngsters can have fun with these tiny puppets, taking turns with who gets to be Pac-Man!

10. A Nintendo Pinwheel

To make this great pinwheel, follow an ordinary pinwheel template and glue the finished craft to a wooden knitting needle or an extra-long craft stick.

Using cutouts from finished Nintendo coloring pages, let the youngster decorate each of the four triangles of the pinwheel with a videogame character.

Alternatively, the child can choose four different characters from one game.

Either way, the finished pinwheel will be loads of fun for any child!


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Thx for this, my kids love them! <3

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Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

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Monday 29th of April 2024

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