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Skeleton Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Rattle your bones and dive into the mesmerizing world of wonders with these 20 skeleton coloring pages that are yours to freely download and print! Skeletons offer a perfect blend of science, art, and myth, making them a fascinating subject for both budding scientists and art enthusiasts.

For this series, you will find a massive range of spooky skeleton illustrations, including detailed anatomically correct skeletons, Halloween-themed skeletons, cute Chibi skeletons for kids, skull and bones, detailed skeleton coloring pages for adults, plus many others that you can see below!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Skeleton Coloring Pages

Skeletons can be spooky, scary, or funny, making them perfect for crafts.

If your child has lots of finished coloring pages, try these fun, affordable activities.

1. Skeletons Come to Call

This hilarious craft only requires a piece of posterboard and a coloring page. 

The youngster should use a ruler to make lines depicting a shutter or a Venetian blind. The lines should then be cut through with scissors.

Once the finished skeleton is cut out, it should be placed behind the posterboard, and its head, arms, and feet pulled through the various slits.

This makes it look like the skeleton is climbing through the window!

2. A Funny Poster

To make this comical poster, have the youngster create a “balance beam” by gluing popsicle sticks to a piece of cardstock.

When the skeleton is finished and cut out, his legs should be cut separately from the body and then reattached with paper fasteners.

Then, he can be glued onto the popsicle stick balance beam as if he’s a gymnast doing a split.

This funny creation can be a “Happy Halloween” decoration or just a hilarious poster for the child’s room.

3. Sugar Skull Skeleton

Many youngsters are fascinated with sugar skulls, so why not an entire sugar skeleton?

Use a full-length skeleton coloring page and cut out each part separately so that the youngster is left with the arms, legs, head, and torso.

These can be decorated with ordinary markers, but puffy paint makes them especially fancy. The children can use classic sugar skull patterns or make up their own.

Once it’s finished, a grimace can be added with a black marker, and funny or scary wiggle eyes surrounded by red puffy paint can be added for the perfect finishing touch!

4. A One-of-a-kind Decoration

This surprisingly easy craft requires only some Q-tips, glue, and a fake spider.

The skeleton should be cut from the page and pasted to a black piece of construction paper or cardstock.

The limbs and the rib cage should be enhanced by gluing Q-tips to each section. The ends of the Q-tips are perfect as bone joints!

Then, attach a fake plastic spider to a white pipe cleaner or white piece of yarn and dangle it from the skeleton’s hand for a hilarious decoration.

5. Design a Unique 3D Skeleton

Start this craft by giving each youngster a Dixie cup and 3-4 thin strips of sturdy white paper.

Once the skeleton is cut out, glue it to dark-colored cardstock. The white strips can be used to create “ribs” by taping them to the skeleton in a circular fashion.

Use the white Dixie cup to enhance the skeleton’s head, making sure it’s positioned upside down. A funny face can be drawn on with a black marker.

Bend approximately an inch of the bottom of the cardstock forward to make a ridge at the base, and place a craft flower through the “rib cage” for a decorative 3D skeleton.

6. Make Party Skeletons

This easy craft is terrific for young children. Have the youngsters cut out brightly colored squares from ordinary construction paper and set them aside.

Next, when they’ve finished their skeleton pages, the skeleton should be cut out and glued to the center of a black posterboard.

The multicolored squares should be glued around the skeleton cutout like a frame.

The children can then add glitter or confetti to the background and give the skeletons hats, bowties, or jewelry for adorable party skeletons to display anywhere.

7. Design a Sugar Skull Mask

All youngsters enjoy this fun craft, and it’s perfect for Halloween or any other time of the year.

Give the child a coloring page featuring a full skeleton face, and glue it to thick cardboard or cardstock when finished.

Craft flowers and craft gems can be used to transform it into a sugar skull, after which the eyes should be cut out.

When attached to a long craft stick, it becomes an original sugar skull mask.

8. Create Fun Household Labels

A skull and crossbones have long been the symbol of something dangerous, so let your child make some fun labels for such products from the finished coloring pages.

Any skeleton design works for this craft, and it can be colored however the child desires.

When finished, the artwork should be sealed in glassine or contact paper, and the child can have fun helping you glue the “warning labels” to various bottles and containers in the home.

9. R.I.P Paperweight

Use an ordinary rock to make this funny paperweight. It can be sprayed a different color or simply left as is.

With craft paint, the letters “R.I.P.” can be added to the rock as if it’s a headstone.

When the coloring page is finished, it should be glued to cardboard and cut out.

The skeleton’s legs should be bent at the knee, and the cutout should be glued to the paperweight as if it’s sitting on its own grave! Use this funny paperweight anywhere.

10. X-Ray Fun

This craft is great for a classroom activity, and each child should use a full skeleton coloring page.

The page should be laminated to the right side of a posterboard, with the left side folded over to open like a card.

With a black marker, the youngster can draw a jagged line on one of the bones, and on the front of the card, an “x-ray report” can be written.

When opened, it shows the broken bone just like a medical chart. Youngsters will have a ball with this!

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