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Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to unleash your Master Ball and catch ’em all with these 26 Legendary Pokemon coloring pages, yours to freely download and print! With these sheets, you can dive into the world of Legendary Pokemon, where myths, legends, and battles converge around these awe-inspiring Pokemon!

In this collection, we’ve illustrated a breathtaking selection of Legendary Pokemon, from the oceanic depths with Kyogre, to the skies with Ho-Oh, the dreamy realms with Cresselia, the very heart of time with Dialga, plus many others that you can see further down below!

Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages Featured Image

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Legendary Pokemon Coloring Pages

Legendary Pokemon characters are a favorite among many children.

Try these top ten crafts to put those finished color pages to good use.

1. Breathing Fire

Begin this fun craft by having the youngster cut out the character’s face and body separately from the finished coloring page.

The body should be glued around an empty bathroom tissue cardboard.

Next, glue one bubble from an empty egg carton to the front of the cardboard roll at the top, using krazy glue.

Glue the character’s face to this part for a crazy 3D effect. Polish it off with a swatch of red tissue paper as “fire” coming from the character’s mouth!

2. A One-of-a-Kind Classroom Craft

All Legendary Pokémon fans enjoy this craft. Give the youngsters ordinary paper plates halved, and let them color them any way they like.

When each child has colored two characters, one should be glued to each half. 

The pieces should then be glued to a giant poster board in a fanned-out fashion, resembling a long dragon-like body.

Finally, add a head and tail to the creature from similar pages, and you have a new Legendary Pokémon creature made entirely from other characters!

3. Design an Old-Fashioned Puppet

For this interesting group activity, have each youngster make five long “accordions” from colorful construction paper.

Then, using cutouts from their finished pages, have them laminate both an empty paper towel cardboard and an empty bathroom tissue cardboard.

Use the larger roll as the body and the smaller one as the head. One accordion can attach the head and body. Use the other four as legs.

When a puppet cross is made from craft sticks and yarn added to connect the creature, the youngsters now have original, old-fashioned puppets!

4. Make an Extraordinary Party Balloon

If your youngster is having a party, let the child color two favorite Legendary Pokémon characters and laminate them to either side of a balloon.

Then, have the youngster use other finished coloring pages to fashion a long paper chain as the balloon’s string.

Using other Legendary Pokémon pages, the paper chain can be decorated with mini cutouts for an extraordinary party balloon. Helium makes it even better!

5. Legendary Pokémon Trivia

A simple craft for any age child, this activity only requires some white cardstock, glue, and coloring pages.

Have the youngsters write out as many Pokémon trivia questions as they can think of, writing them on large squares of cardstock.

The back of the cards should be laminated from pieces of the finished coloring pages, however, the child desires.

When sealed in contact paper or glassine, this fun trivia game lasts a long time.

6. Make Use of an Old Hanger

To make adorable hanging window ornaments, give the youngsters old hangers that have outlived their usefulness.

Have the children color and cut out approximately four to five Legendary Pokémon characters, sealing them in contact paper.

Punch holes at the top of the cutouts and use five pieces of yarn in different colors to string them onto the hanger.

It can then be displayed anywhere as an unusual and inventive decoration.

7. Add a Splash of Color to the Kitchen

Zygarde or Moltres work great for this craft. Have the youngsters trace their hands on colorful construction paper, cut them out, and set them aside.

When the coloring page characters are finished and cut out, the hand cutouts should be used to elongate them, creating embellished tails or wings.

Decorate the craft with pom-poms and glitter for a 3D effect. Hang it on the kitchen door, or use craft magnets to display it on a refrigerator!

8. Scary Jaws

To make this fun craft, use an ordinary paper plate folded in half. Avoid making a deep crease, though.

Cut and tape small strips to the back for the youngsters to put their fingers through, with one for the thumb on the bottom side.

This allows them to open and close the plate like a puppet. When a formidable Legendary Pokémon is colored and cut out, glue it inside the fold.

When open, the character emerges unexpectedly. The outside of the plate can be decorated differently so that no one expects what’s inside!

9. Make a Legendary Pokémon Kite

This cute kite doesn’t have to be fancy. Instead, have the youngster use craft paper to fashion a simple shape using any ordinary kite template.

Decorate the four sections with four different Legendary Pokémon cutouts from the finished pages.

Give the youngster at least four paper streamers in various colors to attach to the end of the kite, and then add classic kite string to the finished craft.

It really flies, and it will definitely be the most colorful kite at the beach!

10. Design a Funny Cake Topper

A Legendary Pokémon coloring page makes a great cake topper, especially if it’s made this way. Cut out the head, tail, wings, and legs of the character separately.

Next, have the child color an ordinary piece of cardstock with finger paint in any preferred shade. 

Use this to make each section of the cutout bigger, simply by tracing around its shape on the cardstock, only larger than the original section.

Reassemble these bigger sections and glue them to thin cardboard. Seal the craft in contact paper and add a popsicle stick for an unusual cake topper.

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