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Bulbasaur Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Brace yourselves to plant some creativity with these 20 Bulbasaur coloring pages, which are completely free to download and print! These sheets dive deep into the captivating world of Pokemon, featuring Bulbasaur, the well-loved seed Pokemon with a plant bulb on its back.

This collection showcases various depictions of Bulbasaur, such as adorable chibi Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur and Ash, the evolutionary stages of Bulbasaur (including Ivysaur and Venusaur), Bulbasaur Pokemon cards, and plenty more that you can see further below!

Bulbasaur Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Bulbasaur Coloring Pages

If Bulbasaur is one of your child’s favorite characters to color, try some of these fantastic, affordable crafts to put those pages to good use.

1. Make a Funny Single Flower Vase

Bulbasaur is famous for the bud on his back that becomes a flower, so why not turn him into a comical vase?

Make sure to cut the bud out separately from the body, and use the body to laminate an empty tin can. Then, glue the bud to the can’s back near the top rim.

Use red pom-poms to embellish Bulbasaur’s eyes, and add red puffy paint to enhance his grimace.

Place a single flower in the can, and you have a hilarious centerpiece.

2. A Fun Score Tablet

Your child may have a lot of fun making an old-fashioned tablet on which to keep score when playing this and other video games.

Using an ordinary ring binder, laminate the front and back with Bulbasaur coloring pages and fill it with loose-leaf paper.

Make a separate coloring page for each player, and use a three-hole punch to add them as dividers. Each child then has a set number of pages for their score tallies.

This is a beautiful keepsake item long after the youngsters lose interest in the game.

3. A Bulbasaur Placemat Set

Bulbasaur is the perfect character to make a colorful set of placemats. 

Start with ordinary yellow placemats, and have the youngster choose the best Bulbasaur characters from their finished pages. 

These should be carefully cut out and sealed in glassine. Let the child place them on the mat in different patterns to decide which looks best before gluing them fast.

Then, using invisible glue, affix the cutouts to the mats, covering the entire surface carefully with a sheet of contact paper. Use them just like ordinary placemats!

4. Design a Bulbasaur Suncatcher

Using an old CD no one plays anymore, have the youngster laminate it with Bulbasaur when he’s cut from the finished page. 

Add a layer of both green and blue glitter to the cutout’s surface.

Use green pipe cleaners to depict Bulbasaur’s vine-like tentacles, attach them to the top of the cutout, and wind them around each end of a craft stick.

Tie a piece of yarn to the stick’s center and hang this great Bulbasaur suncatcher anywhere there’s light!

5. A Funny Bulbasaur Accordion

This activity is not only fun in a classroom but can also be completed individually. 

All the youngsters need are two finished Bulbasaur coloring pages and some long strips of green construction paper.

The construction paper should be folded into an accordion, with the Bulbasaur cutouts attached on either side. It’s best if they’re reinforced with cardboard.

When pulled apart, it becomes a hilarious accordion. For extra fun, add tufts of green tissue paper inside some of the folds to fluff out when the accordion is opened!

6. A Crescent Moon Mobile

To make a cute mobile for your child’s room, have the youngster cut out a crescent moon from yellow or gold cardstock.

This should be glued to black construction paper, trimming it in a circle when finished.

A Bulbasaur cutout from a finished coloring page should be glued to the crescent moon’s cradle and several holes punched underneath.

Other cutouts can then be strung onto the mobile for a fancy bedroom decoration.

7. Give Bulbasaur a Birth Certificate

This easy craft is perfect for any age child and begins with giving each youngster a plain, white piece of cardstock and a large, gold sticker to place at the top.

Two lines should be drawn at the bottom of the paper using a ruler. The youngster can decide on a birthday for Bulbasaur and then write his name and the date on the lines.

The Bulbasaur cutout from the finished coloring page should then be added to the middle, and Bulbasaur now has his own birth certificate!

8. Make a Gift for Mom or Dad

Youngsters who would like to make a birthday or Christmas gift for mom or dad will love this craft.

Give each child an empty coffee can, which they can laminate with finished Bulbasaur coloring pages.

Green tissue paper should be stuffed inside the can, and several red craft flowers should be glued to the lid.

The lucky parent can have this keepsake on hand to keep track of small items or just for decoration.

9. Spice Up a Flower Arrangement

Since Bulbasaur is famous for his own vines, buds, and flowers, he’s perfect for adding pizzazz to a flower arrangement.

When various Bulbasaur characters are colored and cut from the pages, they should be sealed in glassine and attached to long craft sticks.

These can be placed in flower arrangements, potted plants, or even in the ground to decorate a garden!

10. Decorate a Planter

For this terrific craft, use four finished coloring pages. They do not all have to be the same!

Cut them out and seal them in contact paper, and then glue them around all four sides of any planter that’s in need of a facelift.

Make sure Bulbasaur’s “buds” stick up over the planter’s rim to make the container really stand out! 

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