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Mewtwo Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Prepare to tap into your psychic powers with our 20 Mewtwo coloring pages that are yours to freely download and print! These sheets offer a thrilling journey for anyone eager to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring world of Mewtwo, one of the most legendary Pokémon in the franchise.

In this series, you will find various illustrations of Mewtwo, including its awe-striking Mega Evolutions – Mega Mewtwo X and Y, Mewtwo Pokemon cards to color, the armored Mewtwo, its primal form, and even Mewtwo’s intense battle scenes, to name a few!

Mewtwo Coloring Pages Featured Image

To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Mewtwo Coloring Pages

That formidable feline, Mewtwo, is an exciting character to color.

 If those pages have piled up, try these easy, inexpensive crafts.

1. Put That Long Tail to Use

Mewtwo is famous for its long tail, so why not put it to good use? For this comical craft, have the youngsters finish a coloring page that showcases Mewtwo’s tail.

Reinforce the page with cardstock and then cut Mewtwo out. 

Next, cut a rectangle from thick paper and bend the bottom third back to make a homemade stand for the cutout. 

The cutout can then be glued to the front, and it will stand on its own. Use that giant tail to hang hair scrunchies, rubber bands, bracelets, or anything the child wants!

2. A Funny Organizer

This craft is fun and easy, and all the youngster needs is an empty soup can or coffee can. It should be colored with craft paint in the child’s favorite shade.

Once Mewtwo is colored and cut out, the character should be glued to the can, making sure that the tail sticks up over the top rim.

Whatever the child decides to store inside the can can be written on the tail, such as “Put Crayons Here” or anything he or she would like to keep organized.

3. An Adorable Bedpost Decoration

If your child has a bed with posts, this craft will be lots of fun. When Mewtwo is finished and cut out, the cutout should be sealed in glassine.

A Velcro kit is the perfect way to attach the cutout to the bedpost.

The key is to position it in such a way that it looks as if Mewtwo is hanging onto the bedpost by its tail!

4. Make Homemade Water Guns

For this fun craft, have the youngsters color and cut out two Mewtwo characters and laminate each one to an empty spray bottle. 

These are very affordable at any discount store.

A few coats of acrylic spray should be used to seal in the artwork, and when filled with water, the youngsters can have a water gunfight with their Mewtwo bottles.

5. Playing With Yarn

This excellent classroom activity is easy for any age child. Once the Mewtwo characters are finished, they should be cut out, leaving about an inch of extra paper at the base.

This should be folded over so that the cutouts can be glued upright. A large piece of poster board is perfect for this, and the characters can be glued on in a random pattern.

Then, give each youngster a length of yarn to wind in, out, and over the cutouts as if the cats are playing with the yarn. 

This cute craft will brighten up any classroom.

6. Design a Cuff Bracelet

Ferocious feline Mewtwo is perfect for a cuff bracelet. This is easily made by cutting the end from an ordinary wrapping paper cardboard.

The cutout from the finished page should then be carefully glued around the cardboard.

When cut completely across, it can be “opened” like a traditional cuff bracelet. 

When laminated correctly, it will look like Mewtwo’s tail is wrapped around the youngster’s wrist!

7. Tangled in his Tail

To make this cute piece of artwork, have the youngster laminate the finished coloring page onto a piece of cardstock.

The background can be decorated however the child desires. Using yarn and cotton balls, the youngster can enhance and embellish Mewtwo’s tail.

When this is done in a spiral fashion, it will look like Mewtwo is tangled up in his own tail.

This adorable artwork can be framed and displayed anywhere.

8. Funny Mewtwo Puppets

Any child will love making these adorable stick puppets, and they are easy for all ages.

When Mewtwo is finished, the tail and body should be cut out separately, and then the tail should be reattached with a paper fastener.

The cutout can be sealed in contact paper, except for the tail, and a craft stick attached to the back with krazy glue.

The youngster can have fun playing with this cute stick puppet, especially since the tail can move!

9. Unique Paper Plate Craft

All youngsters enjoy this fun craft, and it begins with coloring and cutting out Mewtwo in three sections: head, tail, and body.

A paper plate should then be fashioned into a spiral by cutting in a circular fashion from the outside to the inside.

Mewtwo’s head should be glued to the top of the spiral, and the body glued to the largest part of the curve.

The tail should be placed at the very bottom so that it dangles down, and the youngster has a hilarious Mewtwo ornament to hang anywhere.

10. Make a Mewtwo Centerpiece

Start this craft with a classic party hat in any color. When Mewtwo is finished, it should be cut from the page with the head, body, and tail in three separate parts.

Laminate the middle section of the party hat with Mewtwo’s body, and glue the face to the front, top peak.

Once the tail is glued to the bottom of the back side, this terrific Mewtwo centerpiece will stand on its own! 

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