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Boba Tea Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to slurp up some creativity with our 20 boba tea coloring pages that are yours to freely download and print! Boba tea (also known as bubble tea), renowned for its rich colors, chewy pearls, and refreshing taste, offers a visual treat that perfectly translates to the realm of coloring pages.

For this collection, you will be spoilt for choice of illustrations, with some including Starbucks boba, cute Kawaii boba tea pages, Chibi animal-themed boba bubble tea, various flavored boba tea, simple to color boba tea drawings for kids, plus many more that you can see below!

boba tea coloring pages featured image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Boba Tea Coloring Pages

Bubble tea, also called Boba tea, is very popular, and so are coloring pages featuring this fun treat.

Here are ten terrific craft ideas to do with those finished pages.

1. Have a Bubble Tea Toast

This unusual 3D art is easy and begins with cutting a hole in a square piece of cardstock.

Then, glue two bubble tea cutouts side-by-side onto a piece of construction paper, with a layer of cotton balls in between to create a 3D effect.

Next, have the youngster make a handprint on the side of each cup with finger paint to make it appear as if two people are toasting.

Place the cardstock cutout over the artwork, centering the bubble tea in the middle. This interesting 3D art is a big hit wherever it’s displayed.

2. Create Funny Classroom Art

This fun craft begins with the youngsters coloring and cutting out boba tea beverages. Next, popsicle sticks should be glued lengthways across the top of the tea glasses.

Ordinary straws can be cut down to size, and each child can add a straw with krazy glue or staples.

The cutouts should be glued together in a big circle, which means some of the drinks will appear to be upside down.

When tufts of tissue paper are added to the upside-down cups, it looks like the tea is spilling out in this hilarious classroom decoration.

3. Make a Bubble Tea Mug

Spillproof cups are perfect for this enjoyable craft, and it begins with trimming a finished coloring page to the size of the mug.

The page should then be used to laminate the mug, carefully cutting around the handle. Craft glue works best for this. 

Seal the artwork with a few coats of acrylic spray. To make it extra fun, cut a circle from another coloring page and laminate the cup’s lid, leaving room for a straw.

Glue pom-poms up and down the handle to depict “bubbles,” and your child has the best spillproof mug in town.

4. A Funny Boba Tea Headband

For this comical craft, give the child a coloring page featuring the tea and some accompanying characters and designs.

Fashion a headband from a simple cardboard strip.

When the items are colored and cut out, glue the main piece to the headband’s center and use the smaller items to decorate the remainder.

Seal it in contact paper, and the youngster has a hilarious bubble tea headband.

5. Classroom Fun with Boba Tea

All youngsters enjoy this funny craft! All you need is a medium size, cylinder-shaped container. It can be a plastic garbage can that’s never been used or anything similar.

Using rubber cement or plain Elmer’s glue, have the youngsters decorate the can decal-style with cutouts from the finished pages.

Then, let them decorate an empty wrapping paper cardboard with pom-poms (bubbles) and place the roll inside the can as a straw. They now have a giant cup of bubble tea! 

6. Design Unusual Bookmarks

This exciting craft begins with trimming finished coloring pages into various shapes and sizes. This way, the children can make bookmarks for different types of books.

Once the cutouts are complete, seal them in contact paper. Next, give each child a tiny craft bag filled with seeds, pebbles, or even cotton.

Using ordinary string, staple one end to the bag and the other to the cutout.

Place the cutout inside the book, and let the string with the “teabag” dangle out for an unusual bookmark!

7. 3D Boba Tea

For this engaging craft, have the youngsters work together to fashion their coloring pages into circles that look like cups. For extra fun, tape straws on the inside.

Now, using one giant piece of poster board, have the children glue their cups of boba tea to the poster. They can be placed at any angle, even upside down!

The end result is a fun and exciting 3D poster for the classroom!

8. Tea is Served

All that’s needed for this craft is an empty shoe box and some ordinary styrofoam cups.

The cups should be laminated with cutouts from the finished coloring pages, and each youngster should add craft gems or tiny pom-poms to their cups.

The shoeboxes can be laminated as well. Colorful straws should be added to the cups, and the cups should be placed inside the shoebox.

Youngsters can take turns “serving” each other bubble tea. An old drink carrier from a fast food restaurant works great for this game too!

9. Boba Tea Pyramid

Try this classroom activity on a rainy day and see how much the youngsters enjoy it. 

Have each child fold his or her coloring page into the shape of a cup and staple it together at the top and bottom.

Fancy bottoms for the cups can be made by attaching coffee filters around their base with rubber bands.

Now, have the children work together to build a pyramid with the cups, seeing how high they can make it before it topples over!

10. An Inventive Boba Bouquet

This comical craft starts with an empty coffee can, soup can, or Pringles chip cylinder. 

The container should be laminated with the coloring page, and the artwork sealed in contact paper or glassine.

Then, staple small craft pom-poms to the ends of colorful pipe cleaners and put them inside the container the same way you place flowers in a vase.

The key is to bend them out and down like a ring of bubbles around the top of the cylinder. The end result is delightful, and the container can be used to store small objects.

Boba Tea Coloring Pages Featured Image

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