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Kitten Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to whisk your creativity into a fur-tastic journey with these 30 kitten coloring pages that are all free to download and print! Whether you’re a fan of felines or an eager artist, these sheets offer a gateway to a world brimming with the cuddly charm of kittens and endless opportunities for creativity.

For this series, we have curated a variety of kitten illustrations, including the playful antics of kitten tabbies, the dignified Siamese, kittens playing in boxes and with balls of yarn, kawaii-themed kittens, plus many more cute pages that you can see below!

Kitten Coloring Pages Featured Image

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Kitten Coloring Pages

If your child enjoys coloring kittens and you’re looking for fun things to do with the finished pages, try these top 10 crafts.

1. Pop-Up Kitten

After a kitten is colored and cut out, have the youngster fold it, accordion style, from top to bottom.

Then, from construction paper or cardstock, have the child cut a thin strip of paper and fold it the same way. 

The top should be attached to the area just under the kitten’s head and the bottom to the base of the cutout.

When it is folded up on a desk or table, let go abruptly; it will appear as if the kitten is popping up from the surface!

2. Bird Chasing

Everyone knows kittens chase birds, and this fun craft depicts that in a comical way.

Several kittens should be colored and cut out, but make sure to choose ones with full tails.

Next, staple a string across the front of an ordinary piece of poster board. Have the youngster draw some birds on the poster to depict birds sitting on a phone wire.

Finally, glue on the kitten cutouts, upside down or sideways, as if they fell when chasing the birds and are hanging on by a paw or a tail!

3. Christmas Kitten Framed Art

Nothing is cuter than a kitty tangled up in Christmas lights, and since this is a popular coloring page, why not turn it into a fun craft?

Begin by having the youngster use sequins, craft gems, or puffy paint to embellish the Christmas lights on the finished page. 

Real mini candy canes can be taped to the ones on the page, and green glitter can be used to make the Christmas tree sparkle.

Add big wiggle eyes to the kitty’s face and display this unique framable art anywhere! 

4. Kitten in a Basket

Begin this craft by giving the youngsters construction paper and let them cut long and short strips in several different colors. These can be used to make a simple braided pattern.

Once the strips are glued together, the edges can be trimmed to resemble a basket. Glue this to a piece of construction paper, leaving space behind it.

When the kitten is colored and cut out, it can be slid down behind the “basket” for a cute piece of artwork for your refrigerator.

5. A Hilarious Paperclip Holder

To make this super-easy craft, cut the end from wrapping paper cardboard and shore it up by securing a coffee filter around its bottom rim with a rubber band.

Cut the kitten’s head and body out separately from the finished page, and glue the body to the roll and the head to the top rim. Make a small slit where the kitten’s mouth is.

Now, you can “feed” the kitten paperclips, and they will collect in the holder.

6. Pin the Kitty on the Tail

For a new twist on an old favorite, try this fun classroom activity.

Draw a long, curled-up cat tail on a piece of poster board and give different sections numerical values.

When the youngsters have finished coloring and cutting out their kittens, give them a push pin and see who can land on the highest number with a blindfold on.

Don’t forget to have them spin around first and get dizzy!

7. Kitten Box

For some animated fun, give your youngster a coloring page featuring a box of kittens. 

However, when the page is complete, cut the kittens out separately and attach them to popsicle sticks.

The child can have fun moving them up and down in the basket as if they are trying to get out.

For extra fun, add a text bubble that says “Pick me!” and assign it to the most unruly kitten!

8. Temper, Temper

Everyone knows that cats can be temperamental, so a Chibi kitten in the backyard is the perfect coloring page for this craft.

Have the child cut the tail from the finished page and reattach it with a paper fastener.

Then, behind the tail, draw an arc going from blue to red, and write the word “Calm” on the blue side and “Temper, Temper!” on the red side.

The youngster can have fun making the kitten’s mood change.

9. Kitten Valentine

To turn a kitten coloring page into an adorable Valentine’s Day card, cut out a few simple hearts in pink and red, making sure one is larger than the other.

Glue the smaller one inside the larger one, and when the kitten coloring page is finished, glue the heart ensemble between the kitten’s paws.

Add big happy wiggle eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers, and give the kitty a pink bow. 

Write “I love you” or “Be my Valentine” in the center of the hearts, and you have a delightful Valentine’s Day card.

10. Kitten in Hiding

For this cute piece of artwork, color and cut out a kitten, and use craft glue to attach it to a piece of felt or other fabric as a background.

Position the kitten diagonally on the fabric. Place the ensemble in the frame, and tie a piece of twine across the frame’s top.

Drape a small scrap of fabric over the twine and pull it to one side, tying it in the middle. It will look like a kitty is peeking out from behind the curtain!

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