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Cat Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to pounce into the whimsical world of furry felines with these 56 cat coloring pages that are all free to download and print! With these sheets, kids (and adults, too!) can immerse themselves in the fascinating realm of cats with their various patterns, types, and personalities.

For this series, we illustrated a wide array of cats that will appeal to all ages and skill levels, including simple outlines of cats for toddlers, realistic-looking cats for adults, cute kawaii cats, cats playing, different cat breeds, plus many more that you can see below!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Cat Coloring Pages

Cats can be fascinating, unpredictable, and fun!

If your youngster has gone on a cat coloring frenzy and those pages have accumulated, try these terrific crafts.

1. A Funny Smiling Cat

Begin this adorable craft by spraying a few ordinary paper plates gray with craft paint.

Use one as the cat’s face, and cut the tail, paws, and ears from the scalloped edges of the other plate to create texture.

When the cat’s face is colored and cut out, glue it to the paper plate’s center.

A pink pom-pom nose, white pipe cleaner whiskers,  a red felt tongue,  and funny wiggle eyes perfectly complete this craft!

2. Fan Style Feline

Create this funny feline by choosing a coloring page featuring a cat with giant eyes. Cut the head and body out separately.

Reattach the head and body with the paper fasteners so that they can move up and down.

Next, make four legs from long strips of construction paper, folded vertically, accordion-style, and attach pink pom-poms at the ends.

When these are stapled to the cat’s body and the ensemble hung up, the legs and head will bounce up and down, creating a comical motion.

3. Hilarious Cat-Hats

Have your child laminate empty bathroom tissue rolls with cat faces from the finished coloring pages, ensuring the ears stick up over the top. 

Note: the rolls should be positioned horizontally.

Next, small holes should be cut at the base of the cardboard rolls so they can be perched on the pointy tops of ordinary party hats. Tape will secure them in place.

When tails are cut from construction paper and taped to the back, the youngsters have hilarious cat hats!

4. Desktop Companion

Start this fun craft by cutting a mirror image U-shape from black construction paper.

This is the cat’s body, and when cut out and folded, it will stand on its own. 

The cat’s face, cut out separately, should be positioned at an angle at one end of the “U” and secured with glue to appear as if the cat’s tipping its head. 

Add a big construction paper tail to the other side, and watch this funny cat stand on its own.

5. Make a Cat Clock

Felix the Cat and many other famous felines have been used for clock-themed novelty items, and it’s fun to do with coloring pages too.

Using a page featuring a giant cat face, have your youngster color it and glue it to stiff cardboard, trimming it into a circle.

Add cat whiskers made from pipe cleaners, but make sure two are a different color so they can be the clock’s hands.

The child can choose the time and position the whiskers and then embellish the cat with pom-poms, wiggle eyes, and other craft items.

6. An Original Cat Tree Ornament

This original cat ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree or anywhere you like. It’s particularly ideal as a Halloween ornament!

Begin by tracing multiple circles on a cat coloring page and cutting them out with scalloped-edge scissors or pinking shears.

When glued together in a small stack, they can be fanned back out for a three-dimensional ornament.

Another cat face and tail can be colored and cut from an additional page and glued to the top and bottom of the ornament for a unique, funny decoration.

7. Cat Phantom of the Opera

This craft is easy for children of all ages and begins with tracing and cutting out a simple eye mask from poster paper.

The cat coloring page can then be used to laminate the mask, making sure the ears stick up over the top. Remember to cut cat-shaped eye holes.

When a craft stick is glued to one side, your child has an adorable opera-style mask to hold up whenever desired!

8. Crazy 8’s Cat

This hilarious, super easy craft requires only coloring pages, ordinary paper plates, and glue or staples.

Once finished, the coloring page should be glued to a paper plate and cut into a spiral by cutting inward in a circular fashion from top to bottom.

From another finished page, the youngster should cut a cat’s head and tail and glue these to the top and bottom of the spiral.

When finished, punch a hole at the top for the string to hang and display this crazy cat decoration.

9. Paper Bag Puppet

To make an easy cat puppet, use an ordinary brown paper bag, and cut the cat from the finished coloring page into three parts; the face, tail, and body.

The face should be glued to the bottom of the paper bag–which is actually the top of the puppet–and the body glued to the larger section.

The tail is glued on the opposite side as if it’s coming out from behind the cat.

Pink felt ears, wiggle eyes, a cotton ball nose, and pipe cleaner whiskers complete this adorable puppet!

10. Unique Handprint Cat Craft

This delightful craft is fun for any child and begins with a coloring page, some finger paint, and a piece of light-colored construction paper.

Have the youngsters dip their hands in finger paint and make upside-down handprints at the bottom of pastel-colored pieces of construction paper.

Next, when their cats are colored and cut out, they should be glued above the handprints.

The fingers from the handprint become the cat’s legs with this unique piece of artwork!

Cats Coloring Pages Featured Image

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