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Lion King Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 32 original Lion King coloring pages that are all free to download and print! This post was incredibly fun to create as I had a lot of input from my two young boys (and even my husband!), who absolutely love Lion King.

For this series, I illustrated a wide range of characters and iconic scenes from the Lion King franchise, including Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, Rafiki, Scar, Nala, Zazu, Pride Rock, plus many others!

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To start coloring these pages, click on any of the below pictures or links to open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download or print the high-resolution pages as many times as you please!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Lion King Coloring Pages

One thing is for sure, the Lion King has endured, and youngsters love to color these adorable characters.

Here are some terrific ideas for crafts they can complete with the finished pages!

1. Make a Homemade Paper Lantern

Paper lantern templates can be found and made with ease, but the twist on this craft is that it can be used in two ways. 

Once the lantern is made, the characters from the coloring page should be cut out and affixed to all four sides of the square.

When the lights are on, you can clearly see the characters, but when a tea light is placed in the middle, and the lights are turned off, all the characters show up in silhouette!

2. Lion King Paper Weight

For this easy craft, have each child find a large stone or piece of sea glass. Once the Lion King character is colored, it should be carefully cut out of the page.

It can then be attached to the rock’s surface with rubber cement and laminated with acrylic spray. 

A layer of silver glitter should then be added to the surface, and another thin coating of acrylic spray to seal it in. 

This will make a beautiful paperweight that will last for years.

3. Make a Simba Paddle Ball

What could be better than a Lion King paddle ball set? The paddles can be made from scratch, with wood or corkboard, or they can be purchased. 

Either way, their surface can be adorned with a finished Lion King coloring sheet, cut to the appropriate size, and laminated with acrylic spray or laminating paper.

Don’t forget to have the youngsters draw a lion face on the paddle ball for extra fun!

4. Create a Lion King Hanging Birthday Ornament

For this adorable birthday ornament, start with a piece of green construction paper as a background.

Use pieces of green streamers to create grass, tearing them in a random fashion for that 3D look. 

The lion can then be cut from the coloring page and glued to the “grass” in whichever location the child desires.

For the funnest part of all, have the child cut out the appropriate number from construction paper in his or her favorite color and glue the happy birthday number to Simba’s paw.

5. Fashion a Lion Crown

The above coloring pages are terrific choices for making a paper crown. Choose a coloring page where the lion is in “full roar!” Make sure this part shows in the front.

The entire page can be used to make the crown, but it’s more fun if the crown is made from plain poster paper.

This way, youngsters can affix the cut out of the lion to the center of the crown and truly become kings of the jungle.

6. Create a Cute Name Plate

For this craft, laminate the entire coloring page onto a piece of cardboard or poster board. Have the children carefully trace the letters in their name and cut them out.

The letters can then be attached to individual toy blocks, mounted on a piece of corkboard, or even just glued to another piece of cardboard.

This craft can be as simple or fancy as you choose!

7. Circle of Life

This craft is easy to complete with several layers of construction paper. Brown, yellow and green are ideal.

Cut out three circles, using yellow for the smallest, brown for the middle, and green for the largest.

Using the green one as the base, glue the circles one on top of each other, and cut out Simba and place him in the middle. 

Use pieces of green ribbon, felt, or green puffy glue to create grass, and colorful craft pom-poms to use as flowers to decorate Simba’s Circle of life.

8. Design a “King” Size Clock

For this great classroom activity, have the children work together to draw a giant clock on a piece of poster board. 

The numbers can be cut out of construction paper and glued to the poster, or they can simply be drawn on with markers.

When each child has completed his or her coloring page, the characters should be cut out, and each child gets to glue a character to a number on the clock. 

Arms can be crafted from green paper to look like jungle grass, with paper fasteners to make them “movable.”

9. Simba Surprise

For this fun activity, green craft paint is used to paint both sides of two popsicle sticks. 

Next, the lion should be cut out of the coloring page but folded up like an accordion from one side to the other.

The popsicle sticks should be attached on either side and pushed together so that the lion cannot be seen.

Youngsters can have fun parting the “grass” when they pull the green popsicle sticks apart, and the Lion suddenly appears!

10. An Original Story Book

Because the Lion King has so many characters, it’s easy to create a new story anytime. This is a fun group activity, or children can do this craft individually.

It’s best for the youngsters to come up with their story first and then choose coloring pages that match what they’ve created.

Blank pages are placed between the colored pages, on which the children can write lines to their stories.

The best part is these original storybooks can be as long or short as each child desires!

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